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What are the Anumed Amino Drops?

WARNING! The Amino Drops and the e-Drops, although both were created by Anumed International, a health & nutrition worldwide company, are different products. It is important to be aware of this fact when making your purchase. Anumed Amino Drops Review is based on the customer reviews which are real.

Now back to the subject of this review. The Amino Drops, created by Anumed international, is a homeopathic weight management product in the form of oral drops. There is no list of ingredients on the official website, so we can only guess its mechanism of action or reasonableness of claimed health benefits.

Anumed Amino Drops

Benefits of Anumed Amino Drops Review for your health and weight loss

According to the information present on the official Anumed website, the Amino Drops is a product able to:

  • Inhibit (reduce) your cravings for food in general and sweets in particular
  • Suppress appetite
  • Boost metabolism & burn previously stored body fat
  • Prevent further accumulation and storage of fat
  • Provide you with extra energy, reduce weakness and fatigue
  • Enhance the functions of your gastrointestinal tract, thus supporting digestion.

And while everything sounds nice and sound, the way to the listed benefits is a mysterious and shady one. Why? Because the ingredients list is nowhere to be found on the official Anumed’s resources.

 Anumed Amino Drops Ingredients

Again, the official list of compounds present in Anumed’s Amino Drops is either unreachable or non-existent to begin with. However, we did some research on other websites that used to sell the Amino Drops and found this list on one of them:

  • Phytolacca Berry
  • a-Ketoglutaricum Acidum
  • Taraxacum Officinalis
  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Lophopytum Leandri
  • Graphites
  • L-Arginine
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Leucine 

The listed ingredients aren’t bad at all, but God only knows if they are correct and honest. This information isn’t listed on the official website, so it is impossible to be sure.

Another strange detail is that the website on which we have found this ingredient list has stopped selling Anumed’s Amino Drops. The question is: why? Is the product bad in general, or the present ingredients were a lie from the very beginning? The information surrounding the Amino Drops is strange, controversial, and highly questionable.  

How the Anumed Amino Drops product works

We cannot say how the Anumed Amino Drops work because there is no official list of ingredients to analyze. This is an extremely dangerous scenario, and we won’t take responsibility for any incorrect or imprecise information, because we value your health as our own.

This is the reason why we won’t describe the ingredients in the abovementioned list, because the source isn’t one of Anumed’s official ones, and we won’t take for granted what a reseller stated a while ago. By all means, this could be a label from another product, who knows.

Pros of Anumed Amino Drops Review

NONE. The price is low, but there is no chance to say WHAT will you be taking with each single drop. This could be extremely dangerous for your health, and the results could be absolutely unpredictable and unforeseen. Regardless of the number of positive reviews you might find on the internet, please remember: if you don’t know the ingredients, you shouldn’t take it. As a customer, you have the right to be aware of what you opt to put inside your body. For heaven’s sake, use it. You deserve something better than a bottle with tap water (at best) sold at a price of thirty bucks.

Cons of Anumed Amino Drops Review

  • Unknown and unconfirmed list of ingredients. When a product is good, everything about it is clear and transparent. The manufacturer has nothing to hide and gladly shares the knowledge with the customer: this is NOT the case with Amino Drops.
  • Charging $30 for a tiny bottle without as much as saying what ingredients are inside… It’s just a terrible thing. Absolute disrespect for the customer.

Where to buy Anumed Amino Drops

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying Anumed’s Amino Drops from whatever reseller or shop you might find, regardless of  Anumed Amino Drops reviews and ratings. If the official manufacturer does not have enough open-source information about their product, something about it is just not right.

Do not risk your health. Instead, opt for a safe and confirmed product which gives you all the information you need before persuading you into buying the stuff (even when it is super effective and has been previously verified by thousands of customers, like HCG Complex).

Doctor’s Conclusion on Anumed Amino Drops Review

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying Anumed’s Amino Drops if you value your health and respect your customer rights. The reason is simple and clear: we don’t know what’s inside the product. Taking such a thing is an absurd decision at all times, so why would you do that to yourself?

If you want proven and safe results from a trusted manufacturer, we recommend opting for HCG Complex. To the best of our knowledge (and we have been researching the niche for almost 10 years already), this is the most powerful, effective, cost-benefit friendly and customer supportive HCG product eve created. It comes for as much as $69.95 for a single bottle, but you always get an extra one for free. Buy one get one, buy four get four, and so on. Definitely worth the investment, as the customer rate of this product is more than 90% and so is the re-order rate to.

If you want your health to be in good and careful hands, HCG complex is always the best option to go with. Stay safe!

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