HCG Phase 4 Food list

Hcg phase 4 food list:

Congratulations for successfully completing the three earlier phases (1,2,3) of HCG diet plan. You have almost completed the treatment. By now you must have reduced significant amount of those dreaded weights which struck to your body. You are now smarter, lighter and energetic. Above all you have trained yourself to live with a meaningful healthy food habit and a constructive life style. This is the most precious gift you get from this magnificent weight loss program. You must pledge to continue this in the coming days also. This program must have changed your mind set by now. You will not feel that much of cravings for the sugary and fatty foods. Please do not reverse this well achieved food habit. You must understand that you invited those cursed weight due to your faulty food habits and life styles. Thank God that you have been able to get rid of the weights. But reverting back to those old habits for sustained period you can again disturb the working of the hypothalamus. The weights may come back.

Even before the advent of HCG diet plan there were numbers of weight loss regimes. But the problems with those diet plans were that as soon as the dieters came back to normal calorie intake, the weights used to gain again. Dr. Simeons started using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin along with very low calorie diet plan. This plan became astoundingly successful and the dieters could smoothly return to their optimum calorie intake without any gains in weight. Secondly the HCG hormone makes the dieting smooth and enjoying by suppressing the cravings for food and providing energy by boosting the metabolism. Lastly the HCG hormone remedies the faulty hypothalamus and in this way cures the dieter permanently. Hence the weight never gets back. The only condition is that the dieters must continue with the positive food habits and living styles as trained in the Phase 4 of the diet plan. The three weeks of this ultimate phase is to find the way you would spend the rest of your life, to find the optimum calorie for your body, to know the amount of exercises for you and so on. So Hcg phase 4 food list is your gate way for happiness and true emancipation from all types of bondages, the bondages of bad food habits, the bondages of attraction to sedentary living, the bondages of undisciplined life style etc.

Hcg phase 4 food list:

Proteins: All types of lean meats such as beef, turkey, chicken, pork etc. Sweet water fishes, prawns, shrimps, eggs.

Vegetables: Spinach, cabbage, radish, carrot, potato, peppers of all colors, cauliflower, broccoli, lentils, beans, chili, tomato, onion, garlic.

Fruits: Apple, oranges, kiwi, strawberry, black berry, blue berry, avocado, papaya, watermelon, Guava, pitch, pears, mango, pine apple, grapes, dates

Seasonings: Salt, pepper, sauces without sugar, mustard powder and starches and others without sugars.

Salad: Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, carrot, cabbage.

Yoghurt fat free or low fat variety

Drinks: plain or mineral water, coconut water, orange juice, lemon juice and other non-sugary juices.

The total calorie intake per day should be limited to 800 calories.

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