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Obesity and overweight are the curses of the modern age. The medical science had diagnosed these as outcome of faulty food habits and living styles. It is possible to shed weight by restricting calorie intake as well as burning enough calories. The dietary experts found that the fats, starch and carbohydrates contribute to high calorie intake. In the changed food habits people are consuming high amount of junk foods and drinks containing fats and sugars. Most people are spending sedentary lives burning small amount of calories. In the light of these findings it was decided to prohibit high calorie foods and drinks. Also regular intense exercises were encouraged to burn excess calories. These measures started giving positive results. In course of time structured weight loss regimes have been designed to combat the menaces. Many diet plans appeared in the internet. In continuance of this trend Dr. T. W. Simeons came up with his novel diet plan using a naturally occurring human hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG. This diet plan is divided into four parts, Loading Phase, Working Phase, Stabilization Phase and Maintenance Phase. Our topic is about the food list of Phase 3, the stabilization phase.

After you complete the first two phases of HCG dietary plan, namely Loading Phase and Working Phase, you enter the ultimate phases, stabilization and maintenance phases. The phase 3, the stabilization phase is for 3 days. By this time the dieter has taken 26 HCG injections or 26 days HCG drops course. On the 27th day of the treatment HCG medication is stopped. Dr. Simeons recommended a period of 72 hours from the time the last HCG injection was pushed, as the stabilization period. The reason for this is that the HCG hormone remains in the body system for 3 more days after it is stopped. During these 72 hours after the last injection of HCG, the dieter has to continue with the 500 calorie dietary regime. However new foods can be introduced in order to make the diet enjoying. Sugar and starch continue to be strictly avoided.

During the stabilization period the body is prepared to accept calories without the administration of HCG medicine. The dieter will not feel much difference as the HCG hormone is still in the body system. The diet of 500 calories for phase 2 has already been discussed in our web page. The same is to be followed for phase 3 also.

Restriction regarding cosmetics and creams will continue. You have to avoid creams which have oils. The reason for this is that the skins absorb the oils and may disrupt the gains achieved in the preceding phases. Only powder and lotions are permitted.

HCG Phase 3 Food list:

Body massage is still to be discontinued. The massaging moves the fats from one place to the other. This disturbs the burning process of the abnormal fats. In a nut shell till the HCG hormone is present in the body all the instructions as given for the working phase are to be strictly complied with.

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