2018’s Best HCG Drops For Weight Loss On The Market (100% Real Reviews)

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best hcg dropsMy name is Gracy and I am a certified nutritionist. I’ve been working in the HCG drops industry for the last 8 years already, helping my readers and private clients to find the best HCG drops on the market.In my research, I discovered that the use of HCG diet drops is the ultimate solution for a quick, safe, and long-term weight loss.

Most of the time people ask me questions like “what are the best HCG Drops on the market”, “please suggest the best drops reviews”, “which are the best diet drops for women”, “can I use HCG Drops before the age of 30”, “Hormone free HCG drops”, “Where to buy HCG diet drops”, and many other questions related to the use of HCG products for weight loss.

To answer these questions, for the past 8 years I’ve been gathering solid data about the effects and safety of the available diet drops, and finally came up with the ultimate list of the TOP 10 options on the market. To take this one step further, I’ve also filtered the top three products to save my visitors’ time.

Check out the results of my research from here and make sure to contact me in case you still have any questions! 

Finally, Here Is The Comparison Between Top 3 HCG Brands

  • TOP rated weight loss product in US market. HCG Complex seen on CNN, BBC, CNBC, Reuters, CNBC and other Media network.
    Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer is going on.
  • $34/Bottle

  • Speed of Results : Fastest
  • Ingredients Quality : 5/5
  • Product Safety : 100% Safe
  • Customer Service : 4.85/5
  • Customer Satisfaction : 100%
  • Reorder Rate : Highest
  • Return Policy : Risk Free
  • Amazon Ratings : 98% Positve
  • Walmart : 94% Positive
  • Note: Based on Amazon, Ebay ratings, this brand ranks in Top #1. Out of every 1000 verified buyers, 970+ satisfied customers.
easy hcg review
  • There are many negative reviews on this product. This product also seen on CNN, BBC, CNBC and other Media network.
  • $99/2 Bottles

  • Speed of Results : very Fast
  • Ingredients Quality : 4.7/5
  • Has No side effects.
  • Customer Service : 4.21/5
  • Customer Satisfaction : 87%
  • Reorder Rate : Good
  • Return Policy : Risk Free
  • Amazon Ratings : 84% Positve
  • Walmart : 77% Positive
  • Note: Based on Amazon, Ebay ratings, this brand ranks in Top #2. Out of every 1000 verified buyers, 910+ satisfied customers.
hcg triumph
  • This product was scientifically approved but reorder rate is too low. Also, customer satisfaction rate is below 66%.
  • $57/Bottle

  • Speed of Results : Average
  • Ingredients Quality : 3/5
  • Product Safety : 100% Safe
  • Customer Service : 3.85/5
  • Customer Satisfaction : 66%
  • Reorder Rate : Average
  • Return Policy : Risk Free
  • Amazon Ratings : 51% Positve
  • Walmart : 68% Positive
  • Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 640 positive reviews..
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The 10 Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss are (2018 Updated) :

1. HCG Complex – Top Rated HCG Brand from Biosource Labs:

This product contains most powerful Ingredients like Panax Quinquefolius, Fucus Vesiculosus, Vitamin B12, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine etc (more information on ingredients). By far the best reviewed HCG brand available online, the HCG complex diet plan is 100% natural, making this product perfectly safe. From Amazon and Ebay data statistics, this product has received 96% positive ratings.The team behind this product offers excellent customer service that addresses consumers’ concerns quickly and professionally. Trustworthy television networks such as CNN, BBC, and CNBC have put it in the spotlight.


Click here to read full review

2. Easy HCG Homeopathy Drops – Best Drops for Weight loss

This option is currently one of the most cost-effective on the market, as the manufacturer often presents the buyer with huge amounts of free HCG drops . For example, you buy (for a tiny price) 2 oz of HCG drops and get 2 oz for free, and the same goes for 4 and 6 oz packs. But isn’t this a bit strange for a good HCG product? Well, it may be, but there’s no basis to complain for now. Most of verified customers said they were satisfied with the results, as well as with the additional information provided (recipe books, weight loss manuals, etc.) by the seller.

Click here to read full review on Easy HCG.

3. HCG Triumph – The company that produces these oral weight loss drops is Triu Naturals:

It contains several bio-active ingredients that work together to boost metabolism and burn fat, producing powerful results for some of its users. This product enjoys scientific approval, but does not have a very high re-order rate. In 2016 the conversion rate for HCG Triumph dropped by 8%, and many customers were not satisfied by the effect they got. This was rather strange, as HCG Triumph was one of the best option on the market for years straight. Now, months after their drop in popularity, things seem to be returning to their old ways, although it’s hard to tell for sure. Let’s hope that the company’s revised quality standards will help them to bring back one of the best HCG products ever.

Click here to read full review.

4. Nigen Biotech – The HCG Solution Diet Drops

Created in accordance with all modern Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), NiGen Biotech’s HCG oral drops are a strong challenger for the old-school HCG titans, but it has got many side-effects. The company decided to restrain from including shady components into their formula, or chasing the fancy “homeopathic” standards. NiGen Biotech claims their HCG Solution Diet Drops contains the full set of human chorionic gonadotropin amino acids, isolated from the purest ingredients available on the market. Their formula is constantly being revised and improved. But still negative reviews are significantly increasing at Amazon and Walmart.

Click here to read full review.

5. Aminodrops – Hormone Free HCG Amino Diet Drops

This homeopathic HCG oral drops, created by AminoDrops, are accompanied by a great set of extra products and information. Many customers reported that the official diet manual and cookbook that comes with the actual HCG drops are one of the most detailed out there. But, alas, this is not enough to compensate the rather medium effect that the drops actually have. Undoubtedly, they are much better than many fraudulent diet drops for weight loss sold over all around the internet (that’s why they are on this list, after all!) but still. For the price the company asks for their products, one usually expects a greater effect than most customers get in the end.

Click here to read full review.

6.Better Than HCG – Homeopathic Hcg Weight Loss Drops

The manufacturers of this miracle product affirm that they managed to create a formula that works faster and better than traditional HCG. Thus the name, actually. This statement might even be true, as their proprietary solution contains thyroidinum, a homeopathic component made from the dried thyroid gland of a sheep. It is believed that thyroidinum boosts metabolism, promotes breakdown of fats, and prevents their compensatory build-up.

Click here to read full review

7. HCG 1234 diet drops supplement Developed By Creative Bioscience:

The 1234 Diet Drops (formerly sold as HCG 1234) is another product which, for an unknown reason, experienced a significant drop in customers’ satisfaction last year. The product contains no HCG hormone. Instead, it contains an artificial approximation that achieves the same results.For some people, this product works magnificently. On Amazon, 1234 Diet Drops have garnered 50% 5-star reviews, with positive reviewers saying it “really works.” Some of the more common complaints in the negative reviews are the “bad taste” and “too much alcohol.” . Certain reports suggest that the formula was revised and improved since then, but we advise you to stay alert and be extra careful if you opt to drop weight using the 1234 Diet Drops.

Click here to read full review.

8. Maritzmayer Laboratories – Hcg Lean 4000 Plus Hormone Free Oral Drops With African Mango

After the initial success of their 2000 formula, MaritzMayer Laboratories are now back with an even more powerful solution: the 4000 homeopathic HCG weight loss drops. The primary difference between this version and the previous one resides in the power of effects and the presence of a unique ingredient: African mango. Numerous studies have confirmed that this component is able to reduce weight, waist and hip circumference, as well as metabolic parameters (blood cholesterol and triglycerides). The price is also rather democratic, often with special offers and discounts available.

Click here to read full review

9. Anumed – Weight Management HCG Homeopathic E-drops

AnuMed is an international company which develops and sells dietary supplements, weight management products, pain relievers, and sugar-free sweeteners (e.g. stevia) on a worldwide basis. Some time ago they decided to enter the HCG market with a proprietary formula which allegedly helps to release previously stored body fat in order to easily break it down for energy. As AnuMed’s HCG products are relatively younger than their competitor’s, they are now building their audience with tasty prices for rather consistent results!

Click here to read full review

10. Rejuvimedical – Oral HCG Troches

Although the traditional way of taking HCG is either through oral drops or injections, Rejuvimedical has allegedly come up with a way of administering HCG via oral troches (tablets). One of the company’s main benefits is that they offer a personal medical consultation for every customer, in order to make sure that HCG is the perfect weight loss option for each specific buyer. They check your medical history, answer all your questions, and sell you the actual product only if it will bring you the desired effect.

Click here to read full review

For in-detailed comparison between top three products, take a look at comprehensive analysis section. Out of 115 HCG Brands we have selected only world’s top 3 most selling brands which have highest ratings on Ebay and Amazon. Also We’ve rated these three HCG products according to price, product safety, speed of results, and average rates of customer satisfaction – and we’ve announced a clear winner, as well.

Here’s how we found the best HCG drops currently available on the market (out of HUNDREDS of products):

Step 1: We cross-checked all ingredients at least twice.

Making a weight loss supplement that works is incredibly hard, and it’s all reflected in its components. A truly effective and long-lasting formula approaches the problem of excess weight from all directions, namely:

  • Hunger suppression
  • Fat-burning
  • Immunity support
  • Cleansing (liver and kidney support)
  • Micronutritional value (vitamins, minerals, etc.) 

Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of HCG products available on the weight loss drops market only a few of them have enough natural ingredients with scientifically confirmed action to address all the points mentioned above. And those are the HCG drops that initially caught our eye – but this isn’t enough to pinpoint the absolute best options.

After all, what if those ingredients are fake or low-quality ones? You can’t rely JUST on the compounds, so we started digging deeper.

Step 2: We analyzed thousands of user reviews for each of the drops that caught our interest.

People buy stuff to achieve a certain effect, and no one likes to waste money on stuff that doesn’t work. When that’s the case, the customer is usually so disappointed and frustrated that leaving a negative review is just natural. We live in the era of ratings and reviews, the era of reputation.

The lion’s share of a brand’s reputation is based on its customers’ reviews, so that’s what we analyzed next.

  • The brands that had 100% positive reviews were excluded from the research, because that’s physically not possible. Most likely, the reviews were fake.
  • The brands that had less than 70% positive reviews were also thrown aside, as that indicates a fairly low quality of production.

As a result, we were left with seemingly decent options that people vouched for – at least verbally. They voted for these HCG drops with their words, their reviews, their opinions. But sometimes words aren’t enough, and we decided to check whether the wallets of these users lived up to their owners’ talk.

Step 3: We spent weeks researching the reorder rates of each product on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other platforms.

Let’s say that you try a certain product and end up absolutely satisfied with its action. Would you order it again, should the need arise? Of course you would, and that’s why reorder rates are such a solid reflection of a product’s quality.

Each customer “votes” with his or her wallet for the best product – the working ones are always the most sold and reordered, while the fakes and frauds are eventually exposed and dumped.

We found out that some of the seemingly great products (70% positive reviews and up) had actually low reorder rates, indicating that they were, in reality, quit mediocre. Not bad enough for a negative customer review, and yet not good enough for a repeat order.

Our goal is to give you a solid answer to the question of what HCG drops are truly the best, so the mediocre products were also excluded from our research. This has left us only with the great products, but there were a few more details to look into.

Step 4: We established the quality of customer support behind each of the top brands.

Having a top-quality product is just half of the story: there’s a lot of logistics behind the scenes, details that define each customer’s experience with this or that brand.

In other words: customer support.

Terrible customer support can totally ruin your experience with even the best of HCG drops. No one wants to deal with a rude, slow, or insensitive seller. No one wants to wait for months for their products to be delivered. No one wants to demand for their refund in case something goes wrong.

So we decided to make a small test: we contacted each brand’s customer support team at a random time of the working day. Some companies didn’t answer at all, some answered our call or email hours (even days!) later. Too bad for them, because we excluded these brands from our research as well.

Only those brands that answered within a time range of 10-30 minutes were included into our best HCG drops list.

Step 5: We looked into the small details – guarantee and quality certificates, production standards, safety reports

At this point of our research, the ultimate list of the best HCG drops ever has become more or less definitive, but we still wanted to narrow it further. We checked the guarantee periods, compared the return policies, dug into certificate databases… Everything that looked or felt second-grade was tossed aside and excluded from our list.

Other factors that we’ve weighed on this step included country of production (U.S. preferred) and international certifications of quality. 

Combined, the 5 steps described above have brought us to only those products that:

  • Contain natural ingredients that are scientifically confirmed to fight excess weight from all directions
  • Feature hundreds of confirmed positive reviews, along with some negative ones (this indicates that the product is real and of great quality)
  • Show consistently high reorder rates on all available selling platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.)
  • Have stellar customer support and a dedicated logistics team
  • Have all the documentation in order and of great level, including product guarantees, quality certificates, and so on  [/box]

This means that when you see a product on our website, you can be sure that it is one of the best HCG drops money can buy. No jokes, we’ve been meticulously researching this matter for a LOT of time.

Which brings us to the next question. As soon as you make your mind regarding a certain product, how do you use your HCG drops at all?

HCG Diet Drops for Weight Loss – A Brief Introduction

As anyone struggling with excess weight knows – weight loss trends come and go.

There is a huge demand for weight loss results, yet very few weight loss brands actually deliver with any sort of consistency.

If you’ve tried every new workout routine, fad diet, or superfood on the market and still haven’t gotten rid of those extra pounds and you are looking for BEST treatment, then HCG drops may be for you.

Unlike weight loss trends, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone that aids in the break down of fat. Pregnant women naturally generate this hormone to produce protein that feeds the unborn baby.

By focusing on the scientifically valid theories of Dr. Simeons, M.D., overweight people can supplement their body’s production of this hormone and burn fat without committing to fad diets and excessive, time-consuming workout routines.

Many people associate HCG drops with powerful daily injections that place the hormone directly into fat tissue. This is the way that Dr. Simeons originally formulated HCG treatment.

However, advances in modern medicine now allow for a much less invasive way to undergo HCG therapy – HCG diet drops.

By concentrating the hormone into small, eyedrop-sized doses you can place right under your tongue, doctors have eliminated the biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss results with homeopathic HCG drops.

Now, instead of undergoing daily injections, you can shave off pounds with a natural, affordable, and painless solution for weight loss – drops of HCG that enter the bloodstream sublingually. This allows the body to process the hormone naturally and generates weight loss results in a less demanding way.

There are two main types of HCG diet drops – homeopathic HCG drops and prescription HCG drops.

  • Homeopathic HCG Drops are available over-the-counter. They offer a natural, holistic approach to using HCG diet drops for weight loss using an HCG solution prepared through homeopathy. The science behind these products is called potentization, and it is unique to the homeopathic field of medicine, which is centuries old.
  • Prescription HCG Drops work much in the same way as over-the-counter varieties, but are significantly more potent. In order to use this, a doctor must write a prescription that states the exact recommended dosage. Doctors recommend these only for very obese individuals.

For most peoples’ weight loss needs, homeopathic products are sufficiently powerful to produce results. As an additional benefit, they are far more accessible than prescription HCG products – anyone who shops online regularly can gain access to these types of products and have them shipped directly to their home.

Because of the way this hormone works, medical professionals recommend that people who wish to lose less than 25 pounds focus on homeopathic HCG drops, while significantly obese individuals look towards the prescription variety.

How to use HCG drops the right way?

Imagine you’re thirsty and you have a glass of water: will you feel less thirsty if you pour it over your legs?

Of course you won’t. The idea here is that every product has an intended way of usage, and you can achieve the desired effect only if you do it right. HCG is not an exception.

To ensure that your HCG drops will work the right way, it is important to follow these simple steps.

  • Determine your goal. How much weight do you have or want to lose? How much is actually safe for you to lose fast (there is a limit for some people)? Consult your physician and discuss your excess weight problems with him or her. Then, you will know how long will your weight loss course be – and how much of HCG you’ll need for that.
  • Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your HCG goals. Contact the customer support team if you have any questions or doubts, but make sure you understand EVERYTHING that was written in the manual. HCG drops are a powerful thing, so it is extremely important to use them as recommended – and this varies depending on the ingredients present in the formula.
  • As a rule, according to the instructions of most manufacturers, you will have to take your drops 3 times per day in between meals. To do so, take your HCG drops bottle and hold it firmly in your hand. Using the provided dropper, put the recommended dosage (usually about 10 drops) under your tongue. Hold them under your tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing, as this will increase the effect.
  • Abstain from eating or drinking anything 15 minutes before and after you take your drops. This will ensure that the HCG will not interact with any other food or drink and your body will absorb everything to the last drop.
  • Make sure to closely follow all dietary recommendations included into your VLCD (very low calorie diet) course. HCG works synergistically with very specific, very strict dietary requirements, so it’s important to follow them at all times throughout your weight loss journey. 

IMPORTANT! The above works only for sublingual HCG drops. Other forms of HCG inslude HCG injections and HCG pallets, and those should be taken a bit differently. HCG drops, however, are the least expensive option and the safest one at the same time, while injections require the constant supervision of a trained physician and pellets are generally weaker – therefore, we stick to HCG drops only.

Tip : Complete article on : How to take HCG drops in the right way.

What do HCG drops do in your body?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – a hormone that’s produced in the female placenta during pregnancy. One of its major functions consists of providing the baby with enough nutrients in case the mother stops eating well. To do so, it induces lipolysis, which is the process of burning body fat for the sake of the energy stored in it.

In a non-pregnant woman (as well as in a man), exogenous HCG will initiate lipolysis as well – but you’ll decide yourself how you’ll use this energy since you don’t have a baby to nourish. 🙂

All in all, this results in more fat being burned, more energy being felt, and all systems in your body being supported. Extra ingredients in your chosen HCG formula will induce extra benefits for you, for example:

  • Enhanced building of muscle
  • Stroger immunity to fight back bacteria and viruses
  • Enhanced inner balance, better dealing with stress
  • Improved physical performance to enhance gym workout effectiveness
  • Better sleep and improved rest 

Basically, that’s it. The important thing here is to stay on the VLCD (very low calorie diet), specifically tailored to support the effect of HCG on the adult body. Remember that HCG induces its fat-burning effects only during calorie restriction.

How Do HCG Drops Work for Weight Loss?

HCG diet drops are a great supplement for overweight individuals who cannot exercise, and for whom diets don’t seem to work.

Obesity is, in many cases, a genetic or hereditary trait. Using natural human hormones to treat the condition can offer better results than trying to force the body to drop fat through diet and exercise. For people predisposed towards obesity, weight loss is not a matter of willpower, but of biology.

Real HCG drops generate a message that triggers a hormone called leptin to send messages to the brain. The most important of these messages is the one triggered when you are sated – when you feel full after a big meal, in everyday terms.

This biochemical message tells the brain that there is enough fat stored to burn for energy as needed. Increasing the power and frequency of this message increases the amount of fat burned and decreases the amount stored by eating, resulting in weight loss.

People who take HCG diet drops to lose weight often find that it is harder to lose a small amount of weight than it is to lose a large amount. This is because the body reacts to the weight loss by trying to store more fat – so while the initial weight loss benefits may be encouraging, patients will take more time to burn off those last few pounds. This is normal, and should be expected during the course of HCG drop therapy.

The HCG Drops Diet

In order to produce results using HCG diet drops, your body needs to have the right amount of nutrients available. This means changing the way you eat and using our weight loss drops to control your hunger. Unlike strict dieting with no hormonal adjustment or therapy, you won’t go throughout your day craving fatty foods and suffering from painful hunger pangs. You will be eating less – the recommended daily intake under the HCG drops diet is 800 calories – but the drops will trigger the feeling of fullness that you need to maintain that intake.

The HCG diet and its benefits

Here’s what you can expect from your HCG diet besides significant burning of fat (1-2 pounds per day):

  • Improved energy levels and stamina
  • Enhanced physical performance
  • Decreased appetite
  • A deep cleanse of all your body’s organs and systems
  • Some customers report enhanced cognitive performance. 

To learn the full list of benefits as well as all the details about the HCG diet itself (including food lists and recipe ideas), visit our in-depth HCG diet guide.

What’s the difference between homeopathic HCG and prescription HCG?

All HCG-containing products can be divided into two major groups:

  • Prescription HCG
  • Homeopathic HCG (non-prescription) 

Prescription HCG is pure hormone, extracted and concentrated from pregnant women. This is considered an extremely powerful medication intended to treat infertility, used under supervision of a fully-trained hospital staff. It’s not available in form of drops, pellets, or anything else: prescription HCG is bought and administered only through injections.

You cannot purchase prescription HCG without a prescription from a licensed healthcare practitioner. This kind of HCG is not recommended for weight loss for obvious reasons.

Homeopathic HCG, on the other hand, is prepared via extreme and controlled dilution of the concentrated HCG. Its action is boosted via specific homeopathic techniques, and yet it still is gentler on the body than prescription HCG. It does not have any serious or dangerous side effects, it doesn’t require a physician’s prescription, and it can be used in the comfort of your own home. It’s also MUCH more affordable and easy to take, because homeopathic HCG is available in form of oral sublingual drops (work best) or oral pellets (are somewhat weaker).

Here’s a quick recap:

Prescription HCGHomeopathic HCG
Not suitable, not recommended for weight lossSpecifically tailored to support weight loss
Cannot be bought without a physician’s prescriptionCan be bought without a prescription
Should be taken under qualified medical supervisionCan be taken at the comfort of your own home
Available only in form of injectionsAvailable in form of oral (sublingual) drops and pellets
Have dangerous side effectsHave no side effects
Can cost a lot (hundreds of dollars)Usually cost about $60-70

4 Things to consider before choosing the HCG drops that are right for you:

Follow this simple steps to pinpoint which of our recommended HCG products would be better for you.

Average speed of results. Some products work faster than others (even throughout our list), so make sure to check whether the HCG of your choice provides substantial effect throughout the first few weeks of intake. This is a matter of personal preference, of course, but most customers hate to wait a lot.

Added value. Weight loss is great, but how about some additional benefits? Some HCG drops provide fabulous support to the kidneys and liver, others improve your brain’s function, some others enhance your muscle-building effectiveness. Carefully read through the ingredients and pick the product that resonates with you the most.

Special offers and discounts. As a rule, one bottle of HCG lasts about 1 month, sometimes less (depending on the bottle’s size). If you have a lot of excess weight to shred, that might not be enough for you, so don’t forget to check whether the HCG product of your choice has special offers for bulk orders.

Return and refund policy. Although most of the HCG drops included into our website have worldwide customer support, accept returns and issue refunds regardless of your location, some of them work only with a specific list of countries. Check out the “Returns and refunds policy” on the official website of your HCG drops just to make sure you’re in the safe zone.

Potential Side Effects of Using HCG Drops for Weight Loss

Generally, HCG therapy is safe and side-effect free. For the most part, people who use high quality HCG products will not have to deal with potential side effects, which may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Light-headedness
  • Mild diarrhea or nausea
  • Food cravings  

Importantly, by only using real HCG – the best HCG drops on the market – reputable manufacturers help their customers mitigate the risk of experiencing any ill effects. The small percentage of individuals who do experience side effects typically report them lasting less than a week. This is because the body needs time to adjust to the new hormonal balance being created while cleansing itself of toxins and unneeded adipose tissue.

Where to Buy Real HCG Drops?

As mentioned above, using real HCG drops from highly reputable manufacturers is key to obtaining the results you desire from HCG therapy.

Most consumers buy homeopathic HCG drops online through popular retail platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. From all the literature on HCG drops available online, three products stand out among the rest.

People interested in using homeopathic HCG drops should begin researching these products to see how one product can represent such great value, and why customers award such high numbers of positive reviews to it.

Final Conclusion

As of 2018, homeopathic HCG oral drops combined with the classic HCG diet protocol are one of the safest and most effective weight loss approaches ever. If you follow all instructions and recommendations, you can expect to shred 1-2 pounds (up to 1 kg) of pure fat per day, without any detrimental effect on your muscles or other tissues.

However, it is extremely important to pick the right product, as there are hundreds of fraudulent copies available for purchase over the internet. But don’t worry, you won’t have to browse through all of them.

For your convenience, we’ve spent months making the research for you and were able to pinpoint the best HCG oral drops ever. All of them are manufactured by trusted companies in certified facilities, feature a fabulous list of healthy ingredients and – what’s also great – don’t have any serious side effects.

Check out our massive collection of articles and guides to aid you in your weight loss journey!

HCG Drops Reviews From Our Customers:

The best way to be sure that HCG really works is to look at some real-life success stories. And we’ve got plenty of them from our readers! Here are some of the ones we love most:

Alice, 25, London, UK

She used our hcg drops for weight loss

Alice is a medical student who dreams of becoming a nutritionist. She started gaining weight on her second year of college because of all the stress related to studying medicine. All those sleepless nights studying human anatomy and crunching on snacks took a visible toll on her figure, and she didn’t have enough time to visit the gym regularly. Moreover, all possible diets were too exhausting, they did not leave her any energy to study – and this was her most important goal. The situation seemed hopeless… Until Alice tried HCG!

This is Alice’s review for HCG Complex that she wrote exclusively for us: “HCG Complex literally changed my life. As a (future) doctor I was skeptical at first, because the solution seemed too simple. But trust me when I say that I’ve NEVER tried anything as effective and pleasant like this. Ladies, this is your time to shine!”

Kate, 27, Lansing, USA

ratings on popular diet drops

As far as Kate could remember, she was always curvy. Moreover, her whole family was just like that too! Her weight was never a big deal for the beautiful girl, but one day she decided to try out something new in life. Kate decided to slim down and see whether she would like her new body better than the usual one. Easier said than done: no matter what she tried, Kate just couldn’t lose more than a pound or two. Apparently, this was a family thing. And while people told her that “you can’t change your genes, girl” Kate proved them all wrong with the help of HCG!

We found Kate’s comment on eBay, among many other HCG drops reviews (for HCG Complex): “Yo gurls don’t listen to NOBODY when they try to tell you that something is IMPOSSIBLE. Yall just need to find the right stuff, and this is one is just RIGHT. I’m taking it for 2 years 3 months now and feeling fantastic. I RECOMMEND.”

Pedro, 37, Buenos Aires, Argentina

customer review on hcg diet drops

Men usually don’t worry much about their weight, and Pedro wasn’t an exception. He was happy with his flabby body, often telling he felt just like a “soft and warm teddy bear.” And, actually, the ladies loved him too! All except one. One day Pedro met Anita, the love of his life, and wanted to impress the girl with an outstanding physique. But there just wasn’t time to go slow! Pedro did not want to go for years to the gym, he needed to conquer her heart as FAST as possible! Luckily, Pedro’s friend told him about HCG drops, so Pedro went and searched for “HCG drops reviews.” Guess what he found?

Pedro’s review on Amazon has caught our eye, so we asked him to tell us his story personally: “I owe my marriage to this product, no jokes. I met a girl who didn’t like my fatty body, and I didn’t have time for the “love me for who I am” kind of bullshit, I wanted her bad. HCG helped me to get fit in like 2 months.

Constance, 26, Rome, Italy

best hcg drops

It’s hard to be fit when you live in the capital of pizza & pasta. It’s just almost impossible, especially when you are a professional chef! Constance has always loved a good meal, and who can blame her for that? But she also has always dreamed of a beautiful body, and did everything she could to achieve it, with little success. Dieting was really not her stuff – the hunger was unbearable. Until Constance had found a diet that does NOT give you hunger and STILL helps you to lose weight: the famous HCG diet!

We found Constance review on Amazon in the buyers’ comments on HCG Complex. We contacted her and this is what she told us personally: “God, I really wish I’d find this thing a couple of years ago. So many nerves wasted on BAD diets when I could just try this one from the beginning!”

Kevin, 49, Albuquerque, USA

hcg drops

Kevin is a professional truck driver. Over the last 15 years he travelled thousands of kilometers across the United States, and saw all kinds of cool and beautiful things. The only problem with his job is that it is a sedentary one, and it’s easy to gain some extra pounds because of that. Also, truck drivers usually don’t have the possibility to eat just healthy food while they travel, so all that hamburgers and hot dogs on the roadside get “deposited” in the form of belly fat. Not that Kevin was too concerned with it, but his doctor insisted that he should lose weight to keep his heart healthy. Gym was not an option because of Kevin’s work, dieting would be almost impossible too. The solution? Kevin searched for HCG drops reviews, picked the best product that he could find, and here’s the result!

We found Kevin’s comment in the reviews for HCG Complex, and asked him for a personal testimonial. He wasn’t very talkative, but here’s his message: “It works. This is my photo picture.”