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We are no longer recommending this product to our visitors. In a recent survey, held in 2016, this product’s conversion rate dropped to 8% and the quantity of negative feedbacks on major retail websites (like Amazon and Ebay) increased significantly. Besides that, according to Google Trends, the popularity of this product also dropped to 60%.

Also, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a federal US agency responsible for the control and supervision of food and drug safety, demanded Creative Bioscience to remove the hCG component from the original hCG1234 formula. Three months after the change in ingredients, the value of hCG1234 dropped significantly – 3000 out of 5000 customers left negative reviews after buying hCG1234.

As you know, customer reviews and Google Trends tendencies are among the most important factors that we compare when recommending products to our visitors. Therefore, we are updating our information and no longer recommending hCG1234. Instead, you should consider hCG Complex, which remains highly effective, popular and safe. This product still holds the same level of positive ratings and a significant percent of satisfied happy customers. We strongly recommend using hCG Complex instead of any fraudulent product.

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The Problem: Excess Weight. 

Losing excess weight can be a hard task. Not only because the world around us is full of tempting fast food and opportunities to lie back and chill, but also because the process of burning fat is far more difficult than building it. Exhausting training sessions, harsh diets made entirely of ingredients you’d never want to eat on a regular basis and the general feeling that life is not a very pleasant thing: altogether this stuff sums up to a burden not everyone can carry out.

The Solution: hCG drops!


Good news is the times are changing. Now, in the XXI century, we live blessed with the possibility to accomplish results that once were borderline impossible or at least insanely hard to achieve. And losing excess was one of such things. But that’s a problem of the past now. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with a safe, effective and fairly easy method to get rid of those extra pounds for good: hCG drops.

We know that health-related issues are of the kind that no one would possibly want to mess with, so your choice should be review-oriented and checked multiple times for credibility. We’ve done that for you and selected the best hCG drops products on the market, with a detailed insight of their properties, ingredients, effects and possible side effects too. One of such top-quality products are the hCG 1234 oral drops – one of the best options on the modern market.

What are the hCG 1234 drops? 

hCG 1234 is a dietary supplement produced by Creative Bioscience. Contrary to what the name of the product may imply, it does not contain any hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin), but offers a healthy approximate of the latter. This is achieved by mixing a complex of natural ingredients that, combined together, have a similar to the hCG’s effect. While some reports claim this formula to be less effective than those including real hCG, other confirm significant weight loss.

One thing is for sure: the hCG 1234 oral drops are safe to use and based on natural ingredients, making them a good option for those who do not really approve the usage of hormones in their diet, weight loss program or general lifestyle.

How do the hCG 1234 drops work?

According to Creative Bioscience, the hCG 1234 drops dietary supplement induce weight loss by boosting the natural metabolism of your body. Speaking simple, it makes your “inner engine” go faster, thus burning more “fuel” in form of stored body fat.

If used properly together with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, such a combination can bring amazing results. The hCG 1234 dietary supplement comes with all the necessary information for you to start shaking off that unwanted fatty masses right today.

Below are the current HCG1234 drops packages from Creative Bioscience Labs.

hcg1234 drops

What are the ingredients of the hCG 1234 drops?

As said, the hCG 1234 drops consist of natural ingredients that are safe to use on an everyday basis. Combined together, they boost metabolism and promote body fat burning. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them and their effect on the human body.

  • Also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, niacin is one of the essential human nutrients. It is commonly used to treat hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) and lower the rate of cardiovascular diseases. Niacin also dilates microvessels in the muscles, thus enhancing their blood supply and overall nutrition, and that’s the reason why niacin is sometimes used by athletes and bodybuilders as a dietary supplement.
  • L-Ornithine is an amino acid that plays a crucial role in the process of bodily wastes excretion. Some reports inform that L-ornithine has also immunomodulatory properties, lessens exercise-induced fatigue, reduces stress and improves quality of sleep.
  • L-Carnitine is another amino acid often used by bodybuilders for its ability to mobilize the flow of fatty acids into mitochondrial matrices of the cells and use them up to produce energy. Besides that, it had anabolic features. In other words, L-Carnitine not only increases the burning of fat, but also helps you building up muscle. Some researchers also affirm that carnitine has detoxifying properties and lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • L-Arginine is one another great amino acid. It increases muscle nutrition, takes part in cell division processes, enhances healing of wounds and promotes the removal of ammonia from the human body. It also moderately increases the levels of biosynthesis and release of growth hormone (somatotropin).
  • L-Glutamine. One of the 20 standard amino acids that proteins are made of in the human body. Basically, glutamine is a cellular building block. It also plays a great role in the processes of nucleic acids synthesis, works as a neurotransmitter, enhances recovery after training sessions and boosts up your immune system.
  • Beta-alanine is well known for its ability to increase the level of carnosine in muscle tissue, allowing it to perform more high-intensity work. It also works as an antioxidant and lessens muscle fatigue after workouts. For you, this means that beta-alanine helps you to exercise more effectively and don’t feel like a wreck afterwards.
  • Maca root. Also known as “Peruvian ginseng”, maca is a natural adaptogen, brought to you straight from the Andes heights. This root works is thought to be a great source of energy, calcium and iron. Some reports affirm that maca root also livens up the immune system.
  • Astragalus root. Another herbal component, astragalus works as an antioxidant and adaptogen, boosts your immune system, has some anti-inflammatory properties and even helps to control blood glucose levels, which is of particular importance for those suffering from diabetes.
  • Rhodiola extract. A well-known component in Chinese and Scandinavian medicine, rhodiola is believed to be a natural neuroprotector that promotes physical and cognitive functions of your body. For athletes and people on diets, rhodiola is useful to lower fatigue levels and give you some extra natural energy.
  • Purified water and USP grain alcohol – this components work together as a base to keep together all beforementioned components of the hCG 1234 drops.

How to use your hCG 1234 drops properly?

Every hCG drops have some peculiar properties regarding their usage, so you should follow carefully the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to achieve best results. That’s the way to use hCG 1234 drops too.

As stated in the product’s name, the course consists of four consecutive stages – loading, diet, stabilization and maintenance. Depending on the term you choose (3 or 6 week program), the amount and frequency of hCG 1234 drops you should take may be different, as well as your diet and exercise program. But, in general, you should take about 10 drops of hCG 1234 under your tongue three times a day.

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