Rejuvi Medical HCG Review

Rejuvi Medical HCG Review:

Before reviewing this product first we learn what is Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections.

What are the Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections?

Rejuvi Medical is a company that has decided to follow a somewhat revolutionary approach to the usual HCG, offering it in the form of oral troches and traditional injections. Although such a fresh attempt at a well-known matter is interesting at the very least, it’s effectiveness is rather dubious.


Benefits of Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections for your health and weight loss

The idea of Rejuvi Medical’s products is that HCG prevents wasting of muscle through a boost in testosterone. As a result, the customer would be able to stick to a strict VLCD (very low calorie diet) without suffering too much. Although such an effect is real, it would be wrong to affirm that this is the only effect that HCG imposes on the dieter’s body. This may indicate that the manufacturer does not have profound knowledge of the subject.

Besides losing weight, Rejuvi Medical affirms that other components present in the formula help the customer to boost energy and build useful muscle, but we will get to this matter a bit later (in the ingredients section).

 Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, the HCG troches also contain vitamin B12, Carnitine and Arginine. HCG injections from Rejuvi Medical do not have anything else except HCG. 

How the Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections work

The information on Rejuvi Medical website states that B12 “improves energy and drive,” which is an absolute lie. Almost 10 years ago, Susan B. Shurin, MD, deputy director of the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute testified before the Congress that vitamin B12 improves energy, memory and concentration only in those people who lack B12. We do not say that this is a bad ingredient, not at all, it’s a GREAT ingredient. In fact, the best HCG drops ever (HCG Complex) also have B12 in their formula. But it is shameful for a self-respecting manufacturer to affirm such things like “B12 boosts energy,” and this speaks of a rather low quality of their services. The real function of B12 is in ensuring a proper production of red blood cells and supporting the health of your skin, nails, and hair.

Carnitine is an amino acid known for its confirmed fat-burning properties. One of its major effects is in carrying fatty acids into the mitochondria (special parts of your cell that produce energy) so that they would be used up as fuel. Additionally, Carnitine is a weak anabolic (improves build-up of muscle) and somewhat improves physical performance.

Arginine is another crucial amino acid for keeping up with proper muscle building, as it takes part in protein synthesis.

Pros of Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections

Rejuvi Medical offers a “Tele-Med” consultation with an (allegedly) professional doctor for all clients who would like to enroll in their weight loss systems. We cannot confirm the quality and professionalism of said consultations, and warn you that there is always a chance that the person you would be talking to won’t be even close to a doctor. Stay alert and be careful, as this might be dangerous to your health.

Cons of Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections

The ingredients list is absurdly short, although not bad. B12, Carnitine, Arginine – those are just 3 components, while the market leader (HCG Complex) has 18 of them besides HCG and for a much more democratic price.

Yes, the price is another problem. Rejuvi Medical sells their “30 days HCG Troche Kit” for a monstrous $250, and the 60 Day kit for $450. As we understand, the price is so pumped up because of the “Tele-Med” consultation, but we emphasize once again: it is impossible to confirm its quality. False doctors are quite common on the internet, and they can seriously damage your health (and your wallet) by giving you terrible advice. And even if it’s good, $250 for ONE bottle is still terrible. You can buy a bottle of HCG Complex for $69.95 and get one absolutely free. Moreover, most of other manufacturers have similar special offers, so the approach of Rejuvi Medical is a rather greedy one.

Another reason why we are so suspicious of Rejuvi Medical’s services is due to the reviews that can be found on their products. They are drastically controversial, with around 50% of them being negative. The top-manufacturers, like HCG Complex, steadily maintain a level of 90-95% positive reviews.

Where to buy Rejuvi Medical HCG Troches and HCG Injections

Both HCG Troches and HCG Injections can be bought on Rejuvi Medical’s official website. As the company affirms, they sell their products only after a Tele-Med consultation to be sure that the client is in good health and has no additional diseases to worry about. This is a good idea, but we can’t guarantee that the consultation will be worth your time, money, and health.

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