Anumed e HCG Drops Review

What are the Anumed e HCG Drops Weight Management Formula?

The e-Drops, created by the international health & nutrition manufacturer Anumed, are a homeopathic HCG product. Or, at least, they once were, as it seems that now they don’t have any form of HCG in them (neither real nor homeopathic). The information on the website was updated, but many internet sellers offer strange versions of this product that still have HCG. They are NOT REAL, so stay alert. Also, this product is not even in top 10 HCG drops list. Feel free to check out our best 10 HCG drops list.

This product is promoted as suitable for “weight management,” but it has no real means to do that effectively. It is impossible to expect great results from Anumed e-Drops in the form they are now, without HCG

Benefits for your health and weight loss

As the company affirms, the e-Drops “support fat loss” and “support metabolism,” whatever that was supposed to mean. The official information provided by the manufacturer is absurdly scarce, and everything we can say about this product comes from a deep analysis of its ingredients.

Although there aren’t many of them present in the formula, they still are able to somewhat improve the effectiveness of your weight loss course. We can’t say they are a life-changing solution, however. The effect is rather mediocre in most of the cases. 

Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula Ingredients

The core of this product is a set of beneficial amino acids, namely L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, and L-Arginine. As of August 2017, Anumed has excluded any form of HCG from their formula, so there is no information about it on their official website.

Although it is possible to find the HCG-containing version of the e-Drops in many places throughout the internet, these are either old unsold bottles or fake products, so we recommend staying away from them and buying something real instead. Don’t waste your time and money. The genuine e-Drops have only those 3 amino acids in their ingredients. 

How the Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula product works

L-Carnitine is a natural fat-burner produced in your own body. In transports fatty acids into the inside of your mitochondria, which are the “power plants” of your cells. Then the fats are burned, providing you with extra energy to exercise, live and be happy. Besides that, Carnitine improves the build-up of muscles and enhances physical performance.

L-Ornithine is another great amino acid, but this one does not take part in the process of building proteins, like most of other amino acids do. Instead, Ornithine plays a crucial role in cleansing your body, as it is essential for the elimination of excess nitrogen. This component improves the function of your liver and kidneys, helping them to better detox your body.

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that takes part in the process of protein synthesis meaning that you won’t be able to build any muscles without having enough L-Arginine. And, actually, the more muscles you build – the better you will bur excess fat, as it will be used as “fuel” to give you energy.

And that’s it. No other ingredients, no other benefits.

Pros of Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula

  • The present ingredients are safe and effective. There are just three of them, but they work (a bit).
  • According to the manufacturer, the product was successfully proved by the American College of Homeopathy. This might be great, but we have no means to confirm whether this is a true.

Cons of Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula

  • The price is rather high – $80 per bottle, with no special offers and bonuses. This is ridiculous, as the best HCG drops on the market (HCG Complex) are sold for $69.95 and you still get a free bottle for each one that you buy.
  • The list of ingredients is absurdly short. Just 3 amino acids, really? HCG Complex has FIVE of them, along with HCG and 13 other fabulous ingredients.
  • The customer satisfaction level is pretty low, somewhere around 637 out of 1000 buyers. Many clients are disappointed by the fact that the instructions say the bottle should be enough for 28 days, while in reality it often ends by the 18th day. The best HCG drops (like HCG Complex) don’t have this problem: you always know how many days you’ll be taking the product, and you even get free bottles in case it ends sooner!

Where to buy Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula

Apparently, the only safe place to buy Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula products is on their official website, as it is the only source of accurate information. Why we are so sure?

Because we’ve checked the ingredients list on Anumed’s website, and there isn’t a single word about HCG in the components list of their e-Drops. Therefore, we believe that they officially excluded any form of HCG from their weight loss formula.

Meanwhile, many websites like Amazon, eBay and Walmart still sell this product as if it contains HCG. That’s not true and should be avoided. Instead, opt for HCG drops products that still have HCG in them, as well as many other beneficial ingredients for your weight loss and health in general. HCG Complex, for example.

Doctor’s Conclusion on Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula

We do not recommend buying Anumed e-Drops if you are determined to lose weight. They are too expensive for the ingredients present in the formula, especially when we keep in mind that there is NO HCG IN THEM. Besides that, the manufacturer does not have any special offers and free bottles for you, so it is hard how many hundreds of dollars you’ll need to burn before burning a single pound of fat. Naturally, the customer satisfaction level of this product is rather low, around 637 of 1000 customers.

Instead, we suggest you’d rather purchase a product that is cost-friendly, highly effective and safe to use. We’ve been researching the market for months now, and we can say for sure that HCG Complex is unbeatable in this matter. 18 fantastic ingredients along with the legendary HCG itself, ad everything at a magnificent price of $69.95 per bottle – and you ALWAYS get one more bottle free!

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