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About Better Than HCG Diet Drops

better than hcg diet drops

Better Then HCG is a homeopathic HCG weight loss product allegedly manufactured by Ultra6 (as stated at the bottom of the official BetterThanHCG website), although no such drops are listed on the Ultra6 Nutrition website. This is an alarming sign from the very beginning, because it creates the impression that the Better Than HCG creators are trying to piggyback on another company’s success.

Benefits of Better Than HCG Diet Drops for your health and weight loss

The manufacturers claim that Better Than HCG helps its users in losing weight and “keeping it off,” as well as “flushing harmful toxins from their bodies.” No additional benefits are mentioned on the official website. 

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Better Than HCG Diet Drops ingredients

The official Better Than HCG website does not feature a comprehensive list of ingredients of their weight loss drops, which is also an alarming sign. We could not find the official concentration of HCG present in their drops (if it is present at all).

The only data regarding ingredients of Better Than HCG available on the official website mentions that the proprietary formula contains Thyroidinum, Nux Vomica, Calcarea Carbonica, and Ammonium Bromatum. Although these components are not bad, it is hard to tell why the manufacturers decided to stop on that and abstain from adding more beneficial compounds to their product AND to the information present on their website. That’s not a very friendly approach to their customers, as it lacks the transparency and clarity which are essential for making a sound and well-though purchase online.

Anyway, let’s see how the abovementioned ingredients could help you in losing weight in the next section. 

How the Better Than HCG Diet Drops work

We did not include HCG in the list of verified Better Than HCG Diet Drops ingredients review, because there is no clear statement that this substance, even in its homeopathic form, is present in the proprietary formula. Other components that were added into the product include:

Thyroidinum is a homeopathic compound derived from the fresh thyroid gland (triturate) of a sheep or calf. It is thought to boost metabolism and used to treat excess weight and obesity, among other conditions. It is likely that thyroidinum is one of the Better Than HCG Diet Drops’ main fat burners beside HCG (taken that it is present in the product, which is questionable).

Nux Vomica, as a homeopathic ingredient, is made from the poison nut (scientific name Strychnos nux-vomica) and included in different blends and mixes to combat hypersensitivity, irritability, and impatience. It is likely that this component is part of the Better Than HCG diet drops formula to increase the dieter’s chance of sticking close to his or her weight loss course by means of alleviating sensitivity to hunger and sugar cravings.

Calcarea Carbonica is created from oyster shells and used to treat a vast array of medical conditions such as sweet cravings, easily gained weight, increased appetite, and dependency (addictions) of any kind including dietary ones. Calcarea Carbonica could be one of the main appetite suppressants in the Better Than HCG proprietary formula.

Ammonium Bromatum, as the name implies, is derived from ammonium bromide (NH4Br)—the ammonium salt of hydrobromic acid. Some of the most common applications of ammonium bromatum in the homeopathic doctrine include weakness, restlessness, fatigue. Theoretically, this ingredient could help the dieter to feel less hunger and more energy throughout his or her diet, thus be more likely to successfully finish the designed weight loss course.

Pros of Better Than HCG Diet Drops:

  • Better Than HCG HCG has a few beneficial components that are likely to help any dieter in losing weight, according to traditional homeopathic indications.
  • The price is quite user-friendly, amounting to $79.99 per bottle (for the 15-day program).

Cons of Better Than HCG Diet Drops:

  • There is no clear statement about the presence or absence of HCG in the proprietary formula. If the hormone is in the product, its dose and/or concentration should have been mentioned. Yes, it is mentioned that these diet drops are “homeopathic” by nature, but was HCG used as a component to create it on some of the stages of preparation?
  • The company does not offer any discounts and special offers for smaller purchase (for example, you don’t get anything extra for buying a single bottle which should suffice for 15 days), although they have some for bigger orders (starting from 2 bottles).
  • Although the initial price per bottle seems quite affordable, it might be too high for a product which has only 5 components officially mentioned. For example, HCG Complex (one of the best HCG products on the modern market) has 19 major components—and for just $69.95.
  • The customer satisfaction level for Better Than HCG is around 770 per thousand, according to hundreds of reviews left on Amazon, eBay and Walmart by verified customers. For comparison: the same rate for HCG Complex is as high as 900 per thousand, which means that 90% of buyers were absolutely satisfied with their purchase. Clearly, Better Than HCG Diet Drops are not exactly the best option for someone longing to lose weight effectively.

Where to buy Better Than HCG Diet Drops

As always, if you have made up your mind and decided to purchase the Better Than HCG Diet Drops, we recommend placing your order on the official website. However, take into account that these homeopathic HCG drops are by far not the best option for you to go with.

Doctor’s Conclusion on Better Than HCG Diet Drops

Although the Better Than HCG Diet Drops may seem to be a viable option for someone determined to lose weight, we DO NOT RECOMMEND this product for those who want the best possible results. The reasons for such a verdict are quite simple:

  • No verified information about the manufacturer
  • No verified information about the presence or absence of HCG in the formula
  • An exceptionally short list of verified ingredients
  • Relatively low (compared to that of the top products in the niche) customer satisfaction rate
  • Absence of special offers for customers purchasing just a single bottle of the product

As an alternative, we strongly recommend opting for HCG Complex instead. This product has 19 verified components, top-grade HCG, and a lot of special offers for you—everything for a starting price of just $69.95. The most pleasant detail, perhaps, is that you always get free HCG Complex bottles equal to the amount you’ve decided to buy. Purchase one, get one free; purchase four—that’s four free bottles for you!

Besides the said, HCG Complex has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the HCG dieting niche, with more than 900 happy reviews out of each thousand analyzed. The re-order rate is also extremely high (more than 90%). All of these factors are powerful arguments in favor of recommending HCG Complex as the best HCG drops available on the modern market.

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