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NiGen Biotech HCG SolutionWhat is the NiGen Biotech HCG Solution?

The HCG Solution, created by NiGen Biotech, is a weight-loss product claiming to be a formula containing the full spectrum of HCG amino acid isolates (whatever that was supposed to mean) derived from the purest materials available on the market.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? However, the truth is much more controversial, as both the components of the formula and their specific actions are not available on NiGen Biotech’s official website.

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Benefits of the NiGen Biotech HCG Solution  for your health and weight loss

The one and only benefit that NiGen Biotech affirm that their HCG solution may impose on your health is weight loss support and prevention of eventual weight gain after the successful ending of your HCG diet.

Allegedly, this is done through the action of a proprietary set of amino acids and appetite suppressants, although this claim can’t be confirmed using the information available on the manufacturer’s official website. 

NiGen Biotech HCG Solution Ingredients

As said above, the official list of ingredients present in the HCG Solution formula is unavailable to the general public (at least not from NiGen Biotech’s website). One other website lists the following ingredients as present in this weight loss product: cissus quadrangularis extract, green tea extract, caffeine, D-ribose, L-aspartic acid, L-glutamic acid, L-proline, L-arginine, L-glycine, L-isoleucine, L-asparagine, L-leucine, L-histidine, L-valine, L-cysteine, L-threonine, L-methionine, L-serine, L-glutamine, L-phenylalanine, L-lysine, L-tyrosine, L-alanine.

23 ingredients? Yes, that’s right. Well, at least that’s the idea. The formula is nice (although pretty much one-sided, with scarce plant extracts and purely homeopathic components), but again: it’s not present on the official website.

How can a manufacturer with similar attitude be trusted? Even if all of these ingredients are clearly printed on the physical product’s label and you’ll be able to find and read them once you get your product delivered, all the previous steps you go through amount to dwelling in the dark. Why should you consider buying something that you don’t know what was made of?

In our age of chemicals and artificial compounds, it is essential to know the ingredients of everything you are taking, especially for health-related reasons (and excess weight is surely one). 

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How the NiGen Biotech HCG Solution product works

This is a question impossible to answer. Theoretically, the amino acids present in the formula should impose roughly the same effect than HCG itself (human chorionic gonadotropin), but again: we don’t know for sure what ingredients and what amino acids constitute the NiGen Biotech’s HCG Solution.

If the official website would have mentioned any more details on this matter, we could at least guess with a considerable amount of accuracy. However, right now we are left only with vague statements of “fat-burners” and “powerful appetite suppressants.”

Pros of NiGen Biotech HCG Solution

NONE. A single bottle of the stuff costs almost 40 bucks ($39.99 to be precise), but is it really worth the risk? What is the point in buying something you are not sure about? Why would anyone buy something that could possibly put at risk his or her health (or life, even)?

Honest manufacturers always mention the full spectrum of compounds present in their product, because this is the only way to ensure a clear and transparent relationship with their customers. This is NOT the case with NiGen Biotech and their HCG Solution.

Cons of NiGen Biotech HCG Solution

  • Unrevealed official list of ingredients, which could be non-effective at least and dangerous at most.
  • A price of $40 for a single bottle of unverified components which could be pretty much equal to your usual water.

All in all, the manufacturer’s attitude to its customers is a shady and strange one, and we cannot explain it in any way. This is not how serious business should be done.

Where to buy NiGen Biotech HCG Solution

Just to be clear, we see no reason for someone in their sane mind to buy NiGen Biotech HCG Solution. No, even a single bottle could be dangerous for your health. No, it does not matter that it has a certain amount of positive customer reviews. If you don’t know the compounds of a product, why should you consider buying it at all? What if you are allergic to some of the ingredients present?

However, if you still believe (God only knows why) that NiGen Biotech HCG Solution might be the right product for you, perhaps it would be wise to buy from it's official website and also follow NiGen Biotech HCG Solution directions of usage. At the very list, this way you’ll have the possibility to sue the manufacturer in case anything goes wrong (but please, carefully read the terms and conditions before placing your order).

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Doctor’s Conclusion on NiGen Biotech HCG Solution

A person should always know what he or she is taking. Every medication, food, or supplement should be a weighed and well-considered decision, because this substance(s) can easily ruin your health—or cure it from all illnesses imaginable. That’s why we DON’T RECOMMEND buying NiGen Biotech’s HCG Solution if you value your body.

Don’t play a dietary Russian roulette, opt for products with a confirmed track record, honest ingredients list, and thousands of positive customer reviews over years of successful business. Consider, for example, trying HCG Complex. This product is one of the best used HCG drops available on the market, and it has been this niche’s leader for years and years already. The compounds present in the formula are clearly stated on the official website, and the customer support team will always be there for you in case you’ll find yourself wondering about anything at all (relate to the product, of course).

Moreover, the company has a lot of special offers and discounts running all-year long. The most pleasant of them is, perhaps, that you ALWAYS receive a free bottle of HCG Complex for every single bottle you buy from them. And that’s all for the fabulous price of $69.95!

The customer and re-order rate are both higher than 90% (and have been, for many years), so you can be sure you’ll receive a product of top-level quality.

Don’t put your health at risk. Lose weight safely and effectively—with HCG Complex!

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