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Dr Simeons hcg diet Research And Study On HCG Diet

dr siemons hcg dietThe best things out there live through the years and still remain effective, demanded and loved – and the Dr Simeons hCG Diet plan is surely one of such things. You’ve may already heard or read about it, but let’s take another quick review through the main points to see what it’s all about and why it’s one of the best options to effectively lose abnormal weight. Also, his hcg book is very famous. You can actually find on web using this query : dr simeons hcg diet pounds and inches.

Pounds & Inches

Compiling all his research materials and observation Dr. Simeons wrote an extraordinary book named “Pounds & Inches”. In this book he came out with his fundamental conclusion that obesity and overweight are the symptoms of a disease and not the diseases by itself. For getting rid of these maladies we have to strike at the root cause of these syndromes. The compulsions which the patients feel such as over eating, craving for sugar and inactive style of living which aggravate the condition are all the result of something deeper ailment.

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About Dr. Simeons:

Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons was born in 1900 in London – and had a passion for medicine from his very teenage years. This led him to enter, study in, and successfully graduate from the Medical University of Heidelberg (Germany), one of the most prestigious institutes in the field at those times.

After that, Dr. Simeons started post-graduate studies and practice in several European countries including Switzerland and eventually settled up in Dresden to work in the field of endocrinology. While practicing there, Simeons noticed in himself a gradually growing interest towards such exotic diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue. This made him move Hamburg and join The School of Tropical Medicine.

Going on from theory straight to field practice after studying enough in Hamburg, Dr Simeons worked for 2 years in Africa, treating tropical diseases, and then moved to India in 1931. That’s where he settled for the next 18 years – helping hundreds of people to achieve stronger health and lead better lives.

Did you know that the brilliant idea of using HCG hormone for weight loss was born in the fertile mind of Dr. T. W. Simeons HCG research in India? Dr. Simeons himself a very reputed endocrinologist was working among the poor pregnant women in India. A keen observer as he was, he noticed that though the poor pregnant women were ill-nourished yet the babies that they were giving birth to were healthy. He started doing intense research and documented tons of information.

After co-relating all the information as well as clinically examining the pregnant women he could know that the trick lies with a wonder hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. He found out that this hormone is responsible for the birth of healthy babies. The hormone activates many other glands and enables the body to burn deposited fats of the mother for supplying the energy required for the development of the fetus. The result was that the baby could get all the nutrition at the cost of mother’s health.

The world was already in the grip of obesity and overweight syndrome and the problem also moved sensible mind of the famous doctor. He thought why not use this hormone for remedying the syndromes which attained an epidemic proportion as per the study of WHO. He then devised a unique diet plan which came to be known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Very Low Calorie Diet or HCG VLCD.

Understanding the fat

types of body fat

The fats which get deposited in different areas of our body can be termed as a necessary evil. As described in his book mentioned above there are three types of fats.

  • Structural fat fill in the gaps in between various organs of the body. It works as a smooth seat for the kidneys, coronary arteries, cushioning the feet so that the bones of the feet remain unhurt. It also helps our skin to become smooth.
  • Normal reserve fats are spread all over the body. These fats are used whenever we fail to get sufficient supply of nutrients from our intestinal tract. The fats are the store house of energy so that we get large amount of energy packed in small spaces. These fats help in muscular activities as well as maintaining the optimum temperature of the body.
  • The structural and normal reserve fats are therefore necessary fats. There is no harm if we store huge quantity of such fats. It is not obesity.
  • The third type of fat is called the abnormal fat. The body tends to store such fats which it does not burn in cases of necessities. So this reserve of fats is kept in safe deposit fault away from the systems. When you fast or diet, all the fat from the first two types are spent up making the patient sick and lacking of energy. But the abnormal fat store remains intact.

Dr Simeons HCG Diet Research:

During his stay, Dr Simeons treated all sorts of diseases, amongst which was one of particular interest – the “fat boys”. They were young men suffering from unbelievable obesity and a delay in reaching puberty. Having a bright mind, Simeons assumed that the issue had something to do with the patients’ pituitary gland (also known as hypophysis) – an important structure in the human brain that regulates multiple processes in the body, especially those related to metabolism. These patients were treated with hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) – a hormone that regulates the activity of the pituitary gland.

Dr simeons hcg diet also noticed that pregnant women, in the body of whom hCG was synthesized naturally (being one of the most important hormones during pregnancy), tended to burn body fat more actively while being on a low-calorie diet. Having a bright mind, our doctor quickly established the common element between these two groups – and proposed hCG to be used as an option to treat excess weight, not just pituitary disorders.

The success was enormous. In fact, it was enough to make Simeons write a whole book dedicated to his hCG weight loss protocol – “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”, published in 1954. The base of Dr simeons hcg diet theory is the hCG – assisted VLCD (very low calorie diet) – a special and thoroughly researched regime that made possible the loss of excess weight for hundreds and thousands of people from all around the globe. Having a history of more than 60 years already, this amazing diet is still highly effective and absolutely safe.

Throughout the years, Dr simeons hcg diet underwent some slight changes that adapted it to the flow of time. But one thing remained the same: the effects. Even nowadays, this particular diet has no real competitors in the field, taking into account its convenience, safety, effectiveness and speed of weight reduction. Sounds like magic, right? But it’s real and verified by countless customers throughout the years.

Discovery of HCG hormone as medicine for weight loss

The medical research has revealed the influence of various glands in the normal working of the body such as thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, hypothalamus gland etc. Among these glands hypothalamus gland has been found to control and regulate all other glands. It is located deep inside the brain and is a small gland. As per Dr. Simeons this malfunctioning hypothalamus gland is responsible for the deposition of the abnormal fats.

While treating patients with a disease called “fat boy” in India he first observed the effects of HCG. Such patients used to have slender legs and hand but large buttocks, hips and thighs along with underdeveloped genitals. They were cured by providing HCG hormone collected from the urine of pregnant women. When Dr simeons hcg diet prescribed small dose of HCG, he found that the waist line was decreasing rapidly. This signified that small dose of HCG hormone is capable of moving the abnormal fats. He then put the fat boys on restricted calorie of 500 calories per day. They achieved 1 pound weight loss per day. Their skins were as smooth as before indicating that the normal and reserve fats remained as it is. Their cravings for food were also minimal and they wanted only two meals of 225 calories per day.

The duration of the treatment

For those patients who need to shed up to 7 kg would need 26 days of treatment out of which HCG injections were given for 23 days. Diet restriction limiting to 500 calories per day is to continue. The HCG hormone lasts in the body for three more days after it is stopped. It is dangerous to increase calorie intake during this period as the patients would put up weight rapidly.

When the patients achieve normal weight they are gradually given 800 to 1000 calories per day. The total duration of the treatment is of 40 days.

For patients who need more than 7 kg weight loss the duration may extend but the maximum numbers of injections are limited to 40. More than this will develop immunity to HCG.

The four phases of  Dr simeons hcg diet VLCD:

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