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What are the Your HCG oral drops?

The manufacturers of YourHCG, Daniel and Jaime Edmund, claim that their oral drops were the first HCG diet product to become available online. While this information is impossible to confirm, the couple affirms that they have been in this niche ever since 2009. As they state, they have “extensive experience in the medical field,” but no credentials are available on the website besides a phrase mentioning that both Daniel and Jaime have worked in the Federal school lunch program. Which isn’t that much of a “extensive experience in the medical field,” if you ask me.

Benefits of Your HCG oral drops for your health and weight loss

The Your HCG weight loss oral drops are likely to help you in burning fat and losing weight, thanks to the HCG present in the formula. And… That’s all there is to it. No more ingredients, no more benefits. Can’t say that’s actually bad, but why wouldn’t the manufacturer include any additional components to improve your health?

 YourHCG oral drops ingredients

The one and only ingredient that’s present in the YourHCG oral drops is HCG. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, in 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X conentrations. Nothing else, nothing extra. In a sense, the YourHCG weight loss oral drops are sticking as closely as possible to the original HCG diet protocol published by Dr. Simeos in his work “Pounds and Inches” in 1954. But let’s be frank: thestudy saw the light of day more than half a century ago, and science has made so many leaps forward since then! Why not include anything else in the formula?

According to YourHCG, they abstain from this to not “distract and mislead” from the effect of HCG. Okay, we acknowledge the position, but still: when you CAN give an extra health bonus to your customers, why don’t you do that?

 How the Your HCG oral drops work

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG for short) is one of the most important hormones for a healthy pregnancy, but in terms of losing weight it has a whole different function. Specifically, HCG is believed to promote fat-burning processes in your body under calorie-restriction circumstances. From an evolutionary point of view, this was intended to be a foolproof mechanism of providing the baby of a pregnant woman with all the nutrients and calories needed for development even when the mother is not getting enough of them from her diet. In other words, HCG turns your previously stored fat into energy by (almost) literally burning it in the engine of your boosted metabolism.

Pros of YourHCG oral drops

  • YourHCG stick closely to the original HCG protocol, designed by Dr. Simeons in 1954.
  • The price is quite user-friendly, amounting to $69 per bottle (for the 15-day program).

Cons of YourHCG oral drops

  • Although the absence of any other ingredients in the YourHCG formula is understandable (to a certain extent), when it comes to the cost-benefit ratio, there are quite a few products that easily trump these oral drops. For example, a bottle of HCG Complex costs just a dollar more, and yet they have a few dozens of extra beneficial ingredients BESIDES the HCG that will boost your diet to the next level. Absolutely worth the difference in money.
  • We’ve checked the customer satisfaction level of YourHCG, and it is pretty high, around 800 out of 1000 buyers. However, the customer satisfaction rate of HCG Complex is around 900 per 1000, which is whole 10% more—and for just $1. It is clear and obvious that HCG Complex is better in terms of both cost-benefit expectance and popularity among the customers.

Where to buy YourHCG oral drops

The YourHCG oral drops can be freely purchased from the official YourHCG website. And we strongly recommend doing exactly that if you want to purchase the real product, as there is always a possibility of buying a fraud when you choose to cooperate with any other website claiming it sells YourHCG.

Doctor’s Conclusion on YourHCG oral drops

We do not recommend buying YourHCG if you REALLY want to lose weight. Not that it won’t work (most likely, it will), but you can get so much more for the same price. We don’t live in 1954 anymore: it’s 2017 (a couple months short of being 2018!), and the weight loss niche has progressed significantly since the initial HCG diet protocol.

Please, understand us right: yes, HCG is still effective. But you should aim for more than just losing weight. When you have the possibility to seize a better health, a stronger body, a cleaner liver, why would you focus only on the pounds and inches?

HCG Complex is the perfect alternative. It was designed not only to help you lose weight using HCG, but also to improve your health in general, cleanse your liver and kidneys, help you to build muscle, and improve physical performance. And again, the difference is just $1. Moreover, buy 1 bottle of HCG Complex and get an extra bottle for free!

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