HCG Drops versus HCG Injections

Hcg Drops Versus Injections:

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is surrounded by controversy, especially regarding its weight loss effects. Nonetheless, it still enjoys a lot of demand from dieters or people dealing with overweight issues. The question about whether the hormone works or not appears to be a non-issue compared to the one regarding HCG drops vs. HCG injections.  In fact, many people do not know what to buy or use between the two.

What is HCG Injections?

HCG Injections are sold only by prescription, unless if you are receiving supply from a doctor or from a local pharmacy or purchase HCG Injection  online. The prescribed HCG is of much price which costs around 400 dollars or more. HCG injections are injected using the syringe. In this case, HCG is directly mix with your blood stream. HCG Injection shots are quick to respond. Also with some customer reviews on HCG injections reveal using the needles for injecting is very painful. This might be the possible hcg injection side effects. But HCG injections are used by men who are athletes for lean muscle gain.

What are HCG Drops?

HCG Drops are the diet drops for weight loss which are used sublingual, under your tongue so that they are absorbed into your blood stream by your body. There are two types of HCG drops.

  • HCG Prescription Drops
  • Homeopathic HCG Drops

HCG Prescription Drops:
These diet drops are to be taken under you tongue, say sublingual. These are drops that can be mixed at your home. As HCG deteriorate after you mix and must be kept under refrigeration to avoid hcg degrading. Like HCG injections you can order HCG prescription drops from your pharmacy, medical stores, or buy online.

Homeopathic HCG Drops:
This is the other form of HCG drops which is homeopathic. This homeopathic HCg Drops are made diluting the pure hcg, but the effects are same. These cannot be bought at drug stores as they do not contain any HCG but increase metabolism and energy boosting ingredients. Some homeopathic hcg drops even contain sugars.

Here is a detailed rundown to address this issue.

Here are some differences between HCG drops and HCG Injections:

1) Administration Technique:

One of the demerits of HCG injections is that they are painful irrespective of whether you administer them yourself or through another person. Aside from the pain, HCG weight loss injections pose the risk of certain side effects like bruising, infection, or irritation, mainly at the injection site. Alternatively, HCG drops are taken sublingually or rather under the tongue, which is a painless technique. They come with a dropper to make it easy for you to administer them without the need to deal with painful needles.

2) Convenience:

HCG injections are available by prescription only. Nevertheless, you can mix and prepare them by yourself through obtaining supplies from a local pharmacy, the doctor’s office or even online. The pitfall, in this case, is that you are responsible for ordering the right supplies and amount as well as mixing them correctly and keeping the entire preparation sterile. What’s more, you need to acquire some vital supplies such as pads, bacteriostatic water, needles, syringes etc.

Unlike HCG injections, HCG drops are more convenient. They are available in a pre-mixed solution. The manufacturer deals with all the hassles involving manufacturing or mixing and storage. All you have to do is buy the drops and you are good to go since the bottle comes with a dropper for administration purposes.

3) Cost:

In terms of cost or budget, HCG drops are relatively cheaper compared to injections.  They do not require supplies for mixing or storage. On the other hand, HCG injections are considered expensive, especially since you have to get supplies for mixing, storing and administering them appropriately and safely.

Although HCG diet drops are more appealing to dieters due to their low budget, they appear to have some challenges. For instance, you are not required to drink or eat 30 minutes before or even after administering the drops. Another challenge is that the drops may not be efficiently absorbed in certain cases, leading to ineffectiveness and derailed weight loss success.

3) Effectiveness: 

Despite being expensive compared to HCG drops, HCG injections are considered to have faster effects since they are injected directly into the bloodstream or through an intravenous technique.   HCG drops also get into the body quickly thanks to the sublingual method.  However, in some cases, only a small amount of the drops may be absorbed. For instance, this situation may happen when you do not wait a couple of minutes for proper absorption to take place. Furthermore, most users who have tried both say that the effectiveness depends on the person taking the HCG weight loss supplement.

As far as ease of use and cost is concerned, HCG drops appear to take the day. They are also convenient to obtain since they are pre-mixed and do not require a prescription. Judging from this information, it is safe to conclude that HCG drops are better alternatives to HCG injections.  However, you can use either depending on what works for you.

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