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What is Nu Image Medical? 

Nu Image Medical is a Tampa, Florida-based telemedicine provider that has carved a name for itself in wellness, anti-aging, and weight loss consultations. Aside from telemedicine services, the company provides on-site services through its physical offices. Its telemedicine services involve online telephony and video, which allows the company to overcome geographical barriers.

The company is fueled by the need to offer not only superior medical assistance but also patient access to high-quality prescription supplements and medication more conveniently without having to visit a doctor’s office.  Aside from delivering a futuristic approach to attaining wellness and health, Nu Image Medical provides premium products including the purest HCG oral pellets, injections, drops.

Why should you opt for Nu Image Medical? 

  • Effective Offerings 

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is highly praised for its ability to help both men and women lose weight. As such, all the products offered by Nu Image Medical including pellets, drops, and injections feature the real HCG hormone as opposed to being diluted or mixed with other agents. This feature makes these products effective for shedding undesired weight. 

  • Provides Useful Resources 

Bear in mind that the recommended HCG diet remains constant whether you are using pellets, drops or even injections.  In fact, any program offered by Nu Image Medical is accompanied by an eBook with information regarding your diet requirements. 

  • Excellent Medical and Customer Support 

The best thing about dealing with Nu Image Medical is that you receive medical support throughout the course of your HCG diet.  Although the company offers on-site consultations through its office, telecommunication is ideal for people or customers who reside in far away. It is a time saving and fast method.  Furthermore, it has reliable customer services, which can be accessed through email or telephone. 

  • Credibility 

Aside from having numerous positive reviews or feedback online, Nu Image Medical has been in operation since 2004, which is no minor feat.  Its experience and time spent in the market help to communicate a sense of trustworthiness to its customers.

The company also has an actual office located in Tampa, Florida, from where they can be accessed physically.  Nevertheless, they provide consultation to customers across the globe through telecommunication. Additionally, the consultation is done by physicians who are certified by Worldlink Medical and A4M.

  • Packages 

Before you decide to be one of Nu Image Medical’s customers, you need to know the two primary programs used by the company to offer its products including oral drops, oral pellets, and injections. The packages include: 

  • The 26-Day Program 

Nu Image Medical offers this package at $297 to help you lose a maximum of 15 pounds. It includes HCG from a certified US pharmacy, unlimited access to the company’s medical staff, doctor tele-consultation services, as well as HCG diet recipes, guidelines, and tips. 

  • The 46-Day Program 

If you want to lose over 15 pounds, then this package is ideal for you. Like the first one, you will receive HCG from a US-licensed pharmacy, unlimited access to the medical staff, physician tele-consultation, as well as HCG Diet tips, recipes, and guidelines.  The only demerit is that this package costs $397.

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What are the Offerings of Nu Image Medical? 

Nu Image Medical prides itself on being a leading weight loss company that has the backing of certified physicians. The company provides several weight loss solutions including:

  • HCG Injections 

If you want to get the purest human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone directly into your bloodstream, then Nu Image Medical’s HCG injections are suitable for you.  When used alongside a calorie deficient diet, HCG shots allow your body to burn the stored fat while retaining your muscular elements. 

  • HCG Oral Drops 

The company also offers   HCG oral drops as an alternative to injections.  They act as a painless and efficient way of getting the HCG hormone into your body. All that you need to do is administer the prescribed number of drops underneath the tongue to promote their fast absorption into the bloodstream. 

  • HCG Oral Pellets 

Nu medical also offers oral pellets as another method for you to get the HCG hormone into your body.  They are ideal for you if you are afraid of injections or shots. The oral pellets are administered by placing them in the mouth and leaving them to dissolve.  Although this delivery method still provides you with HCG, it is slower compared to shots or even oral drops.

  • Others 

Apart from providing you with the purest HCG products to transform your weight loss dreams into reality, Nu Image Medical delivers others supplement options to boost your efforts.

It offers injections that not only prevent the buildup of excess fat in problematic regions of the body.    You can also add the HCG Diet Supplement   Bundle, which includes a combination of the most vital pharmaceutical-quality supplements that are recommended before and during an HCG diet plan.  It contains elements such as VitaBoost XL, Stress Stop, Calcium Pyruvate 1500mg and Digestive Cleanse. They help in combating stress levels, detoxifying the digestive tract and converting starch and sugars into energy.

You can find other products on the company’s website including   HCG Diet protein shakes, vitamins and mineral supplements, appetite suppressants and many others.

How to Order from Nu Image Medical 

To order the preferred program from Nu Image Medical, visit the official website and select either the 26-day or 46-day program. The next step involves selecting the specific product that interests you injections, pellets or drops. However, before you check out, you are required to fill in various details including: 

  • Personal information, i.e., name, date of birth, etc.
  • Contact information
  • Physician details
  • Basic medical examination details like height
  • Products used like alcohol
  • Allergies
  • Past or present medical conditions
  • Family medical history among others.


The Bottom Line 

Based on the above information, Nu Image Medical is the ideal source for pure HCG and other recommended weight loss products on the market. What’s more, you also gain access to certified medical practitioners who you can consult while following an HCG diet program. Nonetheless, the prices of the products and programs offered by the company can be quite high for some people to afford.

Tip: Nu Image Medical in 8th Position with 44% Positive amazon ratings. Where as HCG Complex ranks in Top #1 with 96% Amazon positive ratings. Feel free to Check out HCG Complex review ingredients and Pros.

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