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The Problem: Excess Weight and Obesity 

According to multiple sources, obesity has already become a modern pandemic. The World Health Organization affirms that around 39% adults worldwide were overweight in 2014 and 13% were obese. That’s the numbers of just a couple of years ago, and they keep growing in 2015 and 2016.

The majority of cases of excess weight and obesity are not associated with any kind of organic disease. That means that the sole reason of such a condition is, most likely, an unhealthy lifestyle: deprivation of physical exercise, fast food or just a very unbalanced diet, overall laziness and a crying lack of enthusiasm to change things. In any case, one thing is for sure: excess weight is a very common problem, but also one very hard to deal with. As such, experts have been seeking methods to combat weight gain without compromising on the health of the person. These ‘methods’ need to be safe, risk free and should achieve the objective with minimal effort.

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The Solution: HCG drops!

If you’re overweight, you know for yourself how hard it can be to get rid of every single pound. And usually there are dozens of them, so the problem looks almost impossible to deal with. You go through intensive workout sessions, sit on a diet that’s not even close of being tasty, and all that gives a mediocre result. A mediocre result that’s not very solid too, with a great risk of seeing those extra pounds back.

But modern medicine is constantly evolving, so every couple of years the market is blessed by new solutions that could help you in any matter, including excess weight. One of such products is HCG drops. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is basically a hormone which is naturally omnipresent among pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. Dr. Albert Simeons, a British doctor, had projected HCG as a weight loss method! He claimed that taking an ultra low calorie diet (of around 5000 calories per day) coupled with the HCG hormone would contribute towards weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds per day! Furthermore, you do not feel hunger pangs in the process. Sounds unrealistic, but that’s how the HCG diet plan is supposed to work. HCG is sold in many variants, the most popular of them being oral drops, tablets and even sprays.

This is a review dedicated to one of the greatest HCG drops on the modern market: HCG Triumph. We’ll give you a detailed insight on its effect, components and proper usage recommendations.

What are the HCG Triumph drops?

The HCG Triumph Drops are oral drops produced by Triu Naturals. The product is composed of many bioactive ingredients that altogether help you to boost your metabolism, thus burning excess fat. Contrary to many other similar products on the market, this particular HCG drops contain real HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) – a hormone that’s the essential part of the original HCG diet protocol crated by Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago. Time proved this approach to be very effective and easy for everyone to implement, so it’s fair to say that HCG Triumph are sticking to golden standards of the field.

If you’re of the kind that’s easily frightened by the “hormone” word, relax. The HCG protocol is safe, effective and almost completely painless to those who decide of trying it. Triu Naturals provides its customers with detailed instructions on how to use the HCG Triumph drops properly, giving you a risk-free experience that surely won’t do any harm to your health, but effectively get rid of the loathsome excess fat with a minimal diet and workout regime.

How do the HCG Triumph drops work?

Your body undergoes countless chemical reactions throughout the course of the day. These chemical reactions serve as the fuel and the driving force behind the functioning of your body, and are termed as metabolism. Metabolism is also called as metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn. It seems logical as the higher the magnitude of chemical reactions in your body, the more calories your body would burn. As a result, you feel more energetic and active. In a crux, a higher metabolism is directly linked to weight loss.

The main component of HCG Triumph is, as said before, HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is supposed to improve the metabolism in your body, and hence contribute towards weight loss. An added effect is a significant reduction in hunger. Less hunger automatically translates to less food intake, and gradually you end up losing weight.

This hotmone is naturally produced by the placenta – the organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall. Speaking simple, placenta is the structure that binds together mother to child and ensures the nutrition of the latter. And one of the ways the placenta helps in the nutrition of the future baby is by means of HCG.

The main function of HCG during pregnancy is to ensure that the developing baby will receive enough nutrients to form properly and healthy. One of the means by which that’s done is the mobilization of nutrient resources stored in the mother’s body, in case she does not receive these nutrients in her food.

In other words, if you sit on a low-fat diet and you’ve got some extra HCG in your body, you’ll trick your organism into thinking that its pregnant and make it mobilize your body fat in order to provide your “baby” with the fat it need to develop. That may be somehow hard to imagine if you’re not too familiar with physiology or medicine, so here are some bullet-points:

  • HCG is absolutely safe: this hormone is naturally produced in pregnant women.
  • When you sit on a low-fat diet, HCG will mobilize and use up your excess fat.
  • HCG does not have terrible side effects you could be afraid of. Besides the “magic” HCG component, the HCG Triumph drops contain some natural ingredients that will help you build up more energy in order to go through moderate exercises and feel lively, boost your immune system, enhance sleep and diminish possible fatigue. Let’s go through the main components.
  • L-Arginine. This is an amino acid popular among athletes and bodybuilders, because it increases muscle nutrition, thus helping you to exercise more effectively and without having to feel like a wreck after that. It also takes part in cell division processes, stimulates healing of wounds and helps you to remove bodily waste products from your organism.
  • Another amino acid that works mostly as a “building block” for protein synthesis. It also improves quality of sleep and works as a neurotransmitter in your brain, moderately enhancing your cognitive function.
  • L-Carnitine is another bodybuilders favorite. They love it for its ability to mobilize fatty acids and use them up to produce energy. Carnitine also has anabolic features, helping you to build up healthy mass. Another great effect of carnitine is that it lowers blood cholesterol levels, thus protecting your heart and vessels and lowering you risk for cardiovascular incidents and diseases.
  • An essential amino acid that’s also used as a substrate to build up other proteins in your body, including enzymes and structural proteins.
  • An amino acid that’s a precursor of many hormones in your body, essential for a healthy living. It also has analgesic (painkiller) and stimulating effects, giving you some extra energy to keep on with your exercise program.
  • L-Ornithine plays a crucial role in the process of bodily wastes excretion. Some say that L-ornithine also stimulates your immune system, lessens possible fatigue, reduces stress and improves quality of sleep.
  • Another essential amino acid used mostly as a substrate for building other proteins. Having this in your dietary supplement is a great way not only to get rid of useless fat, but also to build up healthy mass your body will be thankful for.
  • A very important element that will keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Calcarea carbonica. A homeopathic component made from seashells. It is known for its ability to boost metabolism, stimulate the immune system and effectively help you to deal with such natural nuisances as, for example, a cold weather. Calcarea carbonica is a great adaptogen.
  • Ammonium carbonicum. Another homeopathic component that will give you some extra energy and help your immune system to deal more effectively with minor diseases like common cold.
  • USP Purified Water, USP Kosher Grain Alcohol – these components serve as a base that binds together all the previous ingredients.

How to use your HCG Triumph drops properly?

Using the HCG Triumph Drops is a downright disciplined and rigorous process. It is not as simple as taking the drops alone, but also tagging a healthy and well-crafted food intake plan along with it.

As most of other HCG drops out there, the HCG Triumph drops work on 3 consecutive stages:

Loading stage:  For a course of two days, consume high fat and high calorie foods, and start administrating HCG to yourself while you are at it.

Weight loss stage: Continue with the HCG drops and strictly consume only 500 calories per day for the next 3 to 6 weeks. With 3 weeks, you can achieve a decent amount of weight loss but if you have set the aim for a pretty significant amount of weight loss, you should clock the process up to 6 weeks. During this stage, you are supposed to only have two square meals per day, preferably lunch and breakfast. These meals should ideally consist of a vegetable, a fruit, piece of bread and a single portion of lean protein. Chug it all down with loads of water as you are supposed to stay hydrated throughout your tryst with the HCG Triumph Drops.

Maintenance stage: In the last stage, you can stop taking the HCG Triumph Drops and then slowly increase your consumption of food, while avoiding sugar and starch. This stage should ideally last for around 3 weeks.

It is worth noting that these stages may be repeated as per your feasibility and weight loss goals. You should always keep in mind that the HCG Triumph Drops prescription is quite literally a starvation mode calorie intake. So you should make sure you do not compromise on your health. You cannot eat like a bird and expect to lose weight and be healthy. One of the primary side effects of weight loss is decreased muscle mass. You end up losing your basic body strength along with your weight. What even is the point of the entire diet plan if you end up becoming weak? Hence, a diet plan is not essentially starving, but just constraining your calorie intake. This is the chief driving force behind a proper and meticulously crafted HCG diet plan. Health and weight loss should always go side by side. Hence, you should carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to know the intricacies and nuances of every stage. This way, you will get achieve your long held weight loss goals and “triumph” with both health and happiness.

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