HCG Diet Phase 1

HCG Diet Phase 1 -Loading Phase Of HCG Diet Protocol

Let me make a short introduction for the benefit of those readers who are not much aware of the HCG and the HCG diet plan before going into the subject. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a naturally occurring human hormone. It is found aplenty in the placenta of the pregnant women. The idea of using this hormone for fast and effective weight loss first occurred to Dr. T. W. Simeons while treating ill fated boys in India who were suffering from a disease called “fat boys”. In this disease the hands and legs become slender while breast, hips, buttock and waist line become heavy. Also their genitals remain underdeveloped. They were treated with HCG. While treating them it struck the mind of Dr. Simeons that the way the hormone thinned away the waist line and heaps can also be gainfully used to fight obesity and similar symptoms. He did a long pain staking research and documentation which resulted in the discovery of his HCG Very Low Calorie Diet.

The HCG VLCD diet plan is divided into four phases namely Loading Phase, Working Phase, Stabilization Phase and Maintenance Phase. Each phase is distinct about its food recipes, amount of calorie intake as well as administering HCG.

HCG Diet Phase 1

The starting torque

Before going in for this extreme dietary regime you have to understand that every instruction given in the diet plan has to be strictly adhered to without the slightest deviation. As such preparing your mind for the ensuing onslaught on your life style and food is very important before you start the treatment which will be 40 days long. In this preparation followings are to be included.

  1. Make arrangement for an accurate scale and keep it in your bathroom. You are to measure your weight daily in the morning after you relieve yourself and record it. This is important to note the trend and also to take steps if necessary. Knowing the reducing weight everyday also encourages you to undergo the strenuous dieting exercise for pretty long period of time.
  2. You shall also need one scale for measuring the protein items raw prior to preparing your meal.
  3. You must buy all the HCG doses so that there is no miss. It is better to wait till all your doses arrive.
  4. Take care to buy genuine items. Fake proteins such as frozen patties etc contain lots of preservatives are to be strictly avoided. Buy fresh chickens or meats.
  5. Avoid all cosmetics and creams containing oily substances. The skin absorbs oil. Use powder and oil free lotions only.
  6. The HCG drops tastes bad. Put the drops under your tongue and you cannot feel the taste. However some tingle sensation shall be felt.
  7. The first two days when you are told to eat anything and everything to your heart’s content, are vital for the success of the weight loss program. Do not undermine these two days and follow the instructions as it is. This is known as Loading Phase.
  8. After the loading phase the very low calorie diet restricting the calorie to 500 calories per day starts.

The above picture is given so that you can set your mind in the struggling mood and allow the treatment to proceed unhindered and uninterrupted.

About the HCG Diet Phase 1 (Loading Phase)


1)What is HCG Diet Phase 1 (Loading Phase)?

This is the phase when the patient is initiated to the dietary program. The phase lasts for two days. The patient is told to eat anything specially fatty and oily high calorie items. There is no restriction for any food recipes. You can eat and drink as many times as you want. Till you are not embarrassing yourself, as much as you eat is ok.

2)Why it is so as it seems contrary to the weight loss aim?

This is designed in such a way so that the body gets ready with fats. When the HCG shall start acting on the fats the patient will not receive any shock. Also the action of the medicine would be smoothened as it quickly starts burning the ready fats.

3)When the HCG medicine starts?

The medicine in the prescribed dose starts from the day one of the loading phase. However the HCG takes two to three days before it starts acting. When the medicine action begins the patient is put on 500 calorie diet from the third day of the treatment. This is also the reason for the two days loading phase when high calorie intake is permitted.

4)Which types of foods are to be taken during HCG Diet Phase 1 (Loading Phase)?

There is no restriction in the HCG diet menu for type of food as well as calorie intake. Oily and fatty foods are preferred. Some examples of recipes are ice creams, cakes, French fry, patties, pasta, bread, candy, deserts, sweet dishes, fried items etc.

5)What is the duration of the HCG Diet Phase 1 (Loading Phase)?

The duration of loading phase is two days.

6)How important is the loading phase? Can it be skipped saving two days?

The loading phase is the most important starting phase. Its successful compliance will lead to the success of the weight loss program. So it can never be skipped if you want fast shedding of your unnecessary weights. Skipping these two days for saving time will speak heavily at the end of the treatment. So you must remove such fanciful ideas from your mind.

7)Should I measure the weight right from the day one?


8)How to buy the HCG drops?

The HCG drops can be purchased online. But selecting the right brand of medicine is important. The internet is full of weight loss medicines with the name of HCG tagged in. So it is not easy to buy the quality medicine. You have to make a good amount of research in the Google search engine and study expert reviews before deciding on the buy. You may also take the help of friends and relatives who might have undergone HCG dietary treatment achieving good results. Many new forms have also come in the market such as homeopathic HCG. The efficacy of such medicines needs to be examined.

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