Who is Dr OZ and Dr OZ HCG Diet?

Dr. OZ Hcg 

Dr oz hcg dietWho does not know the name of the most controversial celebrity of our time, Dr Oz? His full name is Mehmet Cengiz Oz. As the name implies he is born in a Turkey family on 11th of June 1960 at Cleveland Ohio, USA. He received remarkable education; schooling at Tower Hill School of Delaware, receiving degree in biology from Harvard University, obtaining MD as well as MBA degrees from the Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School respectively.

He became famous from his very popular TV shows mostly on health issues. His main emphasis is highlighting alternative medicines which drew criticism from the allopathic doctors’ fraternity. Reputed doctors and famed publications also criticized him for spreading what they call pseudoscience and unscientific advices to the masses. But in spite all these his TV shows continued to be extremely popular making him the most controversial celebrity of the world. He has also authored many books. He is fluent in Turkish and English language and has citizenship of Turkey as well as USA.

In his recent TV shows in the year 2011 he talked on HCG diet. The TV shows were in two parts, part 1 and part 2. Before telling about his TV shows we must tell the readers about HCG, else many may not be able to catch up with his talk.

What is HCG and HCG diet?

The full form of HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone which is found naturally in the humans. The doctors observed that the hormone is found abundantly in the urine of the pregnant women. At the outset it was thought that HCG hormone must be related to sex issues. But later it became known that the hormone is nothing to do with sex issues. It is a kind of pro-hormone which stimulates various glands to secret other hormones. As the hormone is found in plenty only in pregnant women it must be related to the pregnancy and the fetus.

Dr. T. W. Simeons, who was an endocrinologist, was working in India among poor pregnant women. He observed that in spite of the poor and ill-nourished health of the mothers, they used to deliver reasonably healthy babies. This phenomenon made him inquisitive and soon he started to relate this to the HCG hormone. He opined that HCG hormone is responsible for burning the deposited fats of the mother for the sake of maintaining the pregnancy and nourishing the fetus. This is the nature’s unique arrangement for protecting the fetus in spite all odds!

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Dr. Simeons later came up with a very low calorie dietary plan along with small dose of HCG hormone injection daily. He designed this diet plan for treating obese as well as overweight people of the world. His diet plan came to be known as HCG VLCD. This diet plan limits the calorie intake to 500 calorie per day making it the extreme diet plan. It is able to shed one pound weight daily. The course duration is 40 days. Nowadays Dr oz hcg is most popular to lose weight. Dr oz hcg is not a new hcg diet but more simplified and a better one.

Dr OZ HCG Diet?

Part 1 show

Dr. OZ TV show Part 1 Video:

In his TV show part 1, Dr. Oz talked about HCG diet plan (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4). One year back Dr oz hcg challenged weight loss experts to prove the efficacy of the diet plan by working on a group of persons and bringing them in the show for interview. The research doctors present in the show were Dr. Sheri Emma and Dr. Craig Primack. The persons who underwent the diet plan were interviewed. All the persons told that they were greatly benefited and lost weight. The weight loss varied from 10 pounds to 40 pounds within 40 days of treatment. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Emma whether very low calorie diet without HCG also can cause weight loss.

To this Dr. Emma replied that with diet plan without HCG, body muscles are also burnt along with fats which is very harmful for the body. The detail body mechanism is complicated for the lay men to understand. But HCG hormone enables the unnecessary fats only to burn protecting the muscles which are very essential for the metabolism. Dr. Oz beautifully explained the body mechanism constructing two representative structures showing muscles and fats. Dr oz hcg showed how the body mechanism gets disintegrated when dieting without HCG.

Part 2 show

Dr. OZ TV Show Part 2 Video:

In the second part Dr. Oz interviewed the ladies who took part in the research exercise. The ladies lost weight to the tune of 13 to 65 pounds. They never felt hungry nor suffered from any side effects throughout the treatment. They are now on 1500 calories per day diet and doing regular exercise to maintain the benefits gained through the treatment.

He also interviewed Dr. Emma and Dr Craig. Both the doctors narrated about the main differences between the old diet plan of Dr. Simeons and the new diet plan of Dr. Emma. The new diet plan has been made more subjective and customer oriented than before which was rather objective in nature.


Old Plan

  1. Used Lower Dose (Not Customised)
  2. 500 Calories Diet Per Day
  3. No Exercise

New Plan:

  1. Use Higher Customised Doses
  2. Use Higher Customised Doses
  3. Customised Calorie Intake

The HCG diet as designed by Dr. Simeons has been further enriched making it customized. The calorie intake is determined by calculating the exact protein requirement of the patient depending on his weight and body matters. Dose of the medicine is also decided looking at the body status of the patients. Importance of exercises has been emphasized and encouraged all along the treatment with HCG injection. The increased protein in the diet and exercise help in building and toning the muscles which are very important for the metabolism and wellness of the patients.

When asked by Dr. Oz how this HCG diet plan for weight loss evaluates itself compared to other weight loss alternative, Dr. Emma told that there are alternatives such as extreme dieting and gastric bypass surgery which are quite invasive. But she insisted that the patients should try the HCG diet plan prior to going in for major surgery.

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