How and when to Take HCG Drops

Before you begin taking HCG drops, it is advisable to first consult a physician to ensure that the weight loss supplement you pick is right for you or that you are fit to embark on a low-calorie diet.  You may also conduct a colon cleanse first, which may take at least 7 days, even though it is not necessary.  Nonetheless, you need to know how to use/take the HCG diet drops,  where to buy the best hcg drops while following a low-calorie diet plan program for 3 weeks and 6 weeks. Take a look at the following rundown before you embark on your weight loss journey.

Phase 1: Start using the HCG Drops (1-2 Days) 

How to Use the Drops?

Here are some instruction on how to take hcg drops:

  • Avoid drinking or eating anything 30 minutes prior to taking the HCG drops
  • Apply the recommended amount of HCG drops underneath your tongue without swallowing. Then, hold the drops with the help of a dropper under the tongue for at least 60 seconds to allow proper absorption into your bloodstream. You can now swallow the remaining fluid, especially after it mixes with saliva.
  • Once you are done taking the drops, wait another 30 minutes before eating or drinking.
  • Repeat this procedure each time you take the drops while still following the diet plan.

During these two days, ensure that you also eat as much food as you can while sticking to calorie-rich and fatty foods. This process not only allows the storage of fat to be broken down later as energy during the subsequent phases but also forces your body to boost metabolism to burn the extra calories. As such, when you begin to take in low calories, the body will shift to burning the stored fat in the reserves.

Phase 2: Begin the Low-Calorie Diet

From day three, continue taking the HCG drops as recommended and start the hcg diet following a 500 calorie diet per day. Carry on with this program for three weeks if you are trying to lose 15-20 pounds or you can continue for six weeks if your aim is losing 34-40 pounds.

Phase 3: Stabilization

After you have completed taking your HCG drops, you are allowed to start eating regular portions of food again. However, keep off starch and sugary foods for the first three weeks.  During this process, take the regular foods back one at a time to assess how your body responds to each item. After your weight is successfully stabilized, you can begin to eat all the normal foods.

Adhering to this program calls for commitment and sacrifice if you want to attain the desired body weight. To motivate yourself, you can keep weighing yourself each morning to see your progress.  In fact, doing so may get you through the low-calorie diet program successfully and with a body to flaunt.

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