HCG Diet Phase 4

HCG Diet Phase 4 – Maintenance Phase Of HCG Diet Protocol

What is HCG diet phase 4?

HCG diet plan is the most extreme dietary plan for weight loss. The original diet plan was formulated by Dr. T. W. Simeons way back in fifty’s. The diet plan became very popular among the persons desiring to shed extra weights. Seeing the popularity and success of the diet plan many more diet plans have come in the internet in the name of HCG. Some diet plans are improved version of the original HCG diet plan. Many diet plans with the name HCG are fakes. Phase 4 of HCG diet is the final phase of the original HCG diet plan propounded by Dr. Simeons, which consists of four phases. The other three phases are Loading Phase, Working Phase and Stabilization Phase. The fourth phase is known as Maintenance Phase.

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hcg diet phase 4

The FAQs regarding HCG diet phase 4

Q1. Now that I have already achieved the weight loss and stabilization period is over, may I get back to my normal diet?

Ans. The maintenance phase is only for leading you back to normal diet. But skipping this phase will be highly detrimental. It is like landing of the airplane. See how much care the pilot takes before landing and the smooth landing is a skilled and slow process. Similarly your body has to be slowly accustomed to the new diet else it will get shock disturbing the metabolism. Passing through Phase 1, 2 and 3 your body has turned itself to low calorie diet. If you suddenly increase the calorie intake, it may go back to storing mood thereby increasing the weight again. This phase is also lesson to maintain the discipline in the healthy food habits and living style so that you continue with the same for the coming days. After all there is no alternative to healthy life style and healthy foods for wellness.

Q2. How much calorie intake is permitted in HCG diet phase 4?

Ans. Your calorie intake will be gradually increased to 800 to 1000 calories per day introducing new food recipes along with carbohydrates and starches. You must follow the instructions given in your diet plan provided with the medicine. We have already discussed about 800 calorie diet.

Q3. How should I know when to stop increasing the calorie?

Ans. In the phase 4 also you have to maintain the habit of measuring your weight daily in the morning after relieving yourself. With the increase of calorie intake the metabolism starts boosting up. At some optimum point, which may be different for different persons, the weight will show increasing trend. At this point of time you have to stop increasing your calorie intake. Every person is unique. Each is unique with respect to body structure, metabolism, energy requirement, activity level both physical and mental, efficiencies of various systems such as digestive system, respiratory system etc. So you have to find out the best suiting calorie for your body so as to maintain the desired weight.

Q4. Is it compulsory to increase calorie intake during phase 4?

Ans. The 500 calorie diet was forced upon the body for a definite purpose supported by HCG medicine. Once we achieve our purpose there is no further need to burn fats. Dieting beyond some reasonable limit will start eating away necessary fats and muscles which can be dangerous for your health. Secondly during the phase 4, HCG medicinal supports is also withdrawn. HCG helps the body to burn abnormal fats. So it is very important to increase your calorie intake during phase 4. We have told about balanced diet which may enlighten you.

Q5. Should I continue with my food diary once I get back to normal diet?

Ans. Maintaining food diary is a good disciplinary approach for healthy living. It should be continued. This will give you an insight regarding the food items which may be giving you issues such as indigestion, weight fluctuations, allergies etc. By continuing with food diary you are also able to count the calorie intake and take corrective actions in case there are signs of weight increase.

Q6. Which foods need to be avoided during HCG Diet Phase 4?

Ans. Some foods must be avoided for healthy living. Once you have gone through such a wonderful dietary plan, you must take back some long term habits regarding foods. All processed foods should be avoided. These foods contain chemical preservatives and sugars which are not good for the body metabolism making it confused. You should also keep a check on unhealthy foods and sweets.  If you think that you have done some cheating with your meals, then no need to worry. You can do corrections in Phase 4 by lowering your daily carbs for 1 or 2 days.

Q7. Is it required to repeat the HCG diet plan?

Ans. For moderately overweight persons who need to shed weight below 15 pounds, one round of HCG regime which has been followed strictly as per instructions will be sufficient. But one point must be kept in mind that this treatment is not a guarantee for reverting back to unrestricted and damaging living style immersed in junk foods and unlimited alcohols. This treatment not only helps you shed extra weights and disciplines you to a meaningful healthy life style. Maintaining this trend is your responsibility. After all it is your body and your life. As you sow so you reap. But for obese persons it may require more rounds of treatments. Please consult your HCG expert for more subjective advices.

Q8. May I start exercises during phase 4?

Ans. Phase 4 is aimed to get you back to your normal rhythm. You practice the best way in which you would like to mould your future life after the completion of the dietary regime. Exercise is an important part of our daily life. This is particularly so in view of the sedentary nature of our work after the arrival of computers and advanced technologies such as robots and mechanized working protocols. The human body system has been evolved through intake as well as burning of the calories. Start the exercises gradually under the supervision of gym trainer apprising him of your HCG treatment. In phase 4 you frame the guideline how you are to spend your coming days deciding upon your optimum calorie intake level, choice of right foods, right cosmetics, extent of exercises suiting your physique and requirements and so on.

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