HCG Diet Phase 2

HCG Diet Phase 2 – Working Phase Of HCG Diet Protocol

HCG diet plan is the creation of Dr, T. W. Simeons. He was a famous endocrinologist. HCG is a hormone which is found in the pregnant women during the first three months of pregnancy. The medical research revealed that this hormone is useful for the fetus and maintaining the pregnancy. The idea of using the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG hormone for curing obesity struck the minds of the Dr. Simeons from his experience of treating poor pregnant women in India. He observed that even if the mothers are ill nourished they used to deliver healthy babies. He found the HCG hormone as the savior for the babies. HCG hormone does this by burning the deposited fats of the mother and nourishing the fetus with the energy obtained by burning the fats. This experience finally led him to create this unique diet plan after doing tons of documentations and observations for years together.

HCG Diet Phase 2

HCG diet plan

The HCG diet plan devised by Dr. Simeons is divided into four phases. The phases are named as Loading Phase, Working Phase, Stabilization Phase and Maintenance Phase. HCG injections or HCG Drops are started right from day one of Loading Phase and continue till the end of the second phase. During the subsequent phases the HCG drops is stopped while the dietary regime is continued. In this article we will talk about phase 2 of the diet plan ie working phase in questions and answer mode so that the viewers can apprehend things in a simplified way.

FAQ for Phase 2 of HCG diet plan

Q1. What are main points of HCG Diet Phase 2?

The phase 2 of HCG diet plan precedes Phase 1 which is known as Loading Phase and succeeds phase 1. In the phase 1 there is no restriction on consumption of food. From phase 2, which starts from the third day of the treatment, very low calorie dietary regime comes in force. We have discussed about low calorie diet. The HCG drops continues daily as per the instructed dose. You have to strictly adhere to the dietary plans as enumerated by Dr. Simeons and no deviation is permitted. There are some other restrictions pertaining to cosmetics and drinks. These restrictions are to be strictly complied. The main emphasis during this phase is on diet.

Q2. How much safe is HCG?

The HCG hormone is a natural hormone occurring in the humans. It is completely compatible to the human body. The way we take thyroid hormone in case of thyroid hormonal imbalances, we can also take this hormone for treating obesity or obesity like symptoms. The only concern lies in the dietary menu plan. HCG diet plan falls under the category of extreme diet. This has been done to quickly shed the extra weight so that we can limit the numbers of HCG doses. Limiting the numbers of doses becomes important due to the fact that prolonged use of the HCG injection has been found to develop immunity to the hormone. Now coming to the very low calorie diet restricting the calorie intake to 500 calories per day while the normal calorie intake for the man happens to be 2000 calories per day (for the women it is 1500 calories per day), there may arise some subjective concerns. Few may be too sensitive and physically as well as mentally weak to endure this extreme diet plan. This HCG diet plan is not for them. Few may have some medical complications, for whom, advice of medical practitioners must be taken prior to starting the treatment. Some other may be allergic to some food recipes. Suitable alteration and modifications can be done by the HCG experts for accommodating them in the process. Barring these few there is no other safety concern or side effects of this dietary plan.

Q3. What are the foods for HCG Diet Phase 2?

As per the diction's of Dr. Simeons you are permitted to take single variety of protein, vegetable, fruit and starch. You could become HCG menu planner by yourself. So keep checking for the detailed food list and recipes by browsing the web site.

Five important points put forward by Dr. Simeons are:

  • Daily diet must be strictly 500 calories.
  • All through the protocol you have to consume only organic foods.
  • Plenty of water intakes daily, gets the maximum emphasis from Dr. Simeons.
  • No starch other than specified and no sweets are allowed during the treatment duration.
  • Restful and uninterrupted sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day.

Drinks as well as seasonings specified by Dr. Simeons in his book “Pounds & Inches” are:

Drinks: Juice made from one lemon per day
Seasoning: Garlic, Pepper, Parsley, Thyme, Vinegar, Sweet Basil, Mustard Powder, Majoram. Butter and oil are strictly prohibited.
Beverages: One and half gallons of water daily. Water can be plain or mineral. Tea and coffee without sugar are allowed.
Fruits: Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape Fruit. Fruits are to be taken between meals and not along with meals.

Q4. What are the restrictions for the personal care items?

Among the personal care items only powder, lipsticks and lotions are allowed. Care is to be taken to see that all the above items are free from fatty or oily substances. Aspirins as well as birth control pills have been permitted.

Q5. What is the duration of HCG Diet Phase 2?

The duration of HCG diet phase 2 shall be of 26 days and there is strict menu plan that you need to follow. But for complicated obese cases the duration can be extended to 43 days. Maximum of 40 injections are permitted in one go.

Q6. If I can shed weight simply by dieting why should I take HCG?

It is true that you can lose your weight by dieting only. Our body has three types of fats namely normal fats, reserve fats and abnormal fats. The abnormal fats are responsible for obesity and overweight. Normal and reserve fats are necessary fats. When we diet we burn these necessary fats. Then the muscles get burnt because the body system refuses to burn the main culprit abnormal fats. The HCG hormone helps in burning the abnormal fats thereby curing the obesity permanently. Also HCG hormone acts on hypothalamus gland remedying its malfunctioning and boosting the metabolism.

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