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Since you have enquired about HCG Phase 1 foods, I presume that you have sufficient knowledge regarding HCG diet loss regime. In the dietary plan of Dr. T. W. Simeons, phase 1 is also known as the Loading Phase. As the name signifies the participants of the diet plan are supposed to heavily load their body with more than enough of fats, starch and oils along with other essential food items. For two days you are given fullest liberty to eat. These must the remarkably enjoying days for the foodies. But you must take this phase seriously. The success of the total program depends largely on this first phase. It stimulates the hypothalamus to secrete all necessary hormones for burning the excess fats. It also prepares the body to face the ensuing very low calorie dietary regime.

The most preferred during HCG Diet Phase 1 Food list.

Though there is no restriction about choosing any food of your choice, yet emphasis is given for fried, creamy, fatty and starchy foods. We have described various HCG diet in our web site. However I give below the preferred list of various food items below:

  1. You can select any type of fried meats. But preference should be given to fatty meats such fried pork. Other sources of proteins which are recommended in HCG Diet Phase 1 Food list are Hamburgers, fast foods like pizza, hot dogs, bacon etc.
  2. In this category of food there is no restriction. You are at your liberty to select vegetables of your own choice and eat as many servings as you want. Prefer vegetables with high amount of starch such as potatoes, red potatoes etc.
  3. Though you are allowed to take all types of fruits yet preferences are given for fruits having high sugar content such as mangoes, lychees, cherries, berries, grapes, bananas and figs.
  4. This is the most sought after food during phase 1. Consume more amounts of creamy foods such as ice creams, pastries full of creams, cookies, candies, creamy chocolates, all kind sweets with high amount of sugars, cheese, butter etc.

It is this phase when the diet plan begins and the HCG injection or drops starts. It lasts for two days only. Though the action of the HCG medicine takes about three days, yet some may not feel hungry. For them loading with HCG Diet Phase 1 Food list specially with oily and creamy foods can be somewhat a compulsion. But you must comply with the instructions. Upon the successful compliance of phase 1, the whole weight loss program is built up.

If by chance you happen to miss the HCG doses during these two days consider as if the treatment is yet to start. The treatment only starts when you start HCG injection along with high calorie oily, fatty and creamy food recipes as given below. You are free to choose more varieties of food recipes with the sole aim to include fats. It is quite possible that you may gain some weight during the first two days of the plan.

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