hCG Diet Menu Plan

As they say, changes are good for you, but they are sometimes hard to embrace, therefore many people often have problems in forming their hCG diet menu. This is particularly true during the second phase of the course, due to the multiple restrictions and overall calorie count of 500 per day.

There are some easy rules to follow when you’re creating your hCG diet eating plan menu. Easy and quick as counting to three, so let’s start right now! (Before that you nee know what exactly HCG diet)

Rule Number One: Numbers DO Matter.

You should eat not less than three times per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), with an optional fourth meal (a snack between the main meals). Do not skip meals, even if you’re not hungry, because eventually that will make your cravings greater, but your energy levels and mood – lower. Moreover, the total calorie count of all your meals in a single day needs to be strictly in the allowed amount – that’s 500 calories daily for phase 2 and 800 calorie diet for phase 3, and 1500 calories daily on phase 4.

Rule Number Two: Eat the Same Choices – But at Different Times!

Remember that your choice of two vegetables, two fruits, two protein sources and two breads must be the same throughout the day. You shouldn’t eat an apple for breakfast and an orange for dinner – instead, eat either an apple for both breakfast and dinner, or an orange the same way. This works for protein sources, vegetables and breads as well. The hCG diet works the best way when you’re restricting yourself to a less quantity of food options. This rule can be neglected only during phase 3, when you start introducing new products from the recommended list into your menu, because you should add only one new product at a time.

Also, never eat two products of the same category at once (for example, two fruits in one meal, or two protein sources, or two vegetables). Instead, split them throughout the day – this will help you to maintain a stable level of energy and keep hunger at bay.

Rule Number Three: Stay Creative.

The ingredients of your menu during the hCG menu diet will be strictly limited, but that shouldn’t throw you into a state of sadness or despair. Remember, there’s always a way around every craving.

For example, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and the taboo on sugar makes you weep – try stevia or saccharin instead. These sweeteners do not have any calorific value at all, so they’re free to use on any phase of the hCG diet – and in any quantities. Their taste slightly differs from that of sugar, but it’s easy to get used to it. Even after the end of your hCG diet course, its preferred to keep using stevia or saccharin instead of sugar, because the later has some problematic effects on your health when abused – it may even lead to the development of diabetes! Stevia and saccharin are safe for you.

Note: Different brands have unique HCG diet plans. You must get good consultation from them before you start any HCG diet.

Another problem people experience when sitting on the hCG diet is the ban on most of dressings due to their sugar and fat content. But, actually, there’re plenty of magnificent sauces and dressings out there besides mayonnaise or the similar stuff! Take soy sauce, for example, or just natural lemon juice. Different vinegars are also a sophisticated option.

Bonus Rule: Drink a lot!

When thinking about your food, still don’t forget the drinking. You should intake around 2.5-3 liters daily. The liquids allowed are water, sugar-free coffee, sugar-free tea. If you drink enough, you’ll not only keep your body energetic and fit, but also lessen hunger and spontaneous cravings.

For more detailed information, be sure to check on our diet-related articles or just get in touch with the community to receive recipe ideas and tips to ease up your diet course, while still keeping it highly effective.

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