Crash Diet vs. HCG Diet

The Crash Diet without the Crash!

The popular term of “crash dieting” is a bit too polite to describe such a diet regimen. The term “starving diet” is more accurate. For the many people out there who tried the military diet and juice cleanses will understand where I am coming from. Feeling hungry, being hungry is not fun. Your mind becomes distracted of all the possible things you want to put in your mouth. Forget trying to do anything productive when you’re hungry.  Your mind is a slave to your stomach.

What is considered a “crash diet”?

It is an extremely low calorie intake. The average daily intake of a healthy individual is around 1800-2200 calories per day. Crash diets are considered anything lower than 1000 calories consumed per day, forcing your body to look for internal sources for energy. Every life on this planet is genetically designed to adapt and survive. Your body will do just that if not given enough to survive.

This is the danger with very low calorie intake. You are more at risk of electrolytes imbalance and muscle atrophy. For people who are considering a low calorie intake for weight loss must be careful! Muscle is not the weight you want to loose.

So how can you control this?

This is the beautiful idea of HCG Diet. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone. It is naturally occurring in pregnant women and is the first hormone detected during pregnancy. One might ponder, well how will a pregnancy hormone help me loose weight? Although it is still being tested today, it is one interesting study. People who have been on the diet can’t stop raving on the success they’ve seen in such a short period of time.

It is not a new approach to weight lost; Dr. Albert T. Simeon first studied the hormone in the 50’s. Dr. Simeon believed HCG hormone allowed the body to loose the weight from the “right places” so to speak.  All those stubborn areas that we tend to complain about. This is the argument with HCG therapy over weight loss. The hormone allowed the body to grab stored fat while on the extremely low calorie intake and preventing the body from damaging any break down of muscles.

Saving the muscles help retain your higher metabolism to burn more foods.

The Crash Diet without the Crash!

It is becoming popular in today’s society because people are seeing dramatic weight loss. We live in an instant world, instant noodles, instant movies, quick speed internet…etc. This is the reason why HCG Diet received so much limelight.

Many people have literally seen the numbers falling, patients report from 1-2 pounds per day! Many claims while on the diet combined with HCG hormone supplements that cravings were not experienced nor fatigue or irritability. Sounds good to me! Eating less and burning off the right unwanted fat. Let me further explain what I mean with the “right fat.” There is no magic maker that lets you erase the fat you want to get rid off and keep the ones you like.  This weight loss is a systemic approach, one that will loose the general overall subcutaneous fat. Many have reported to see a change in their face, lower abdomen, inner thighs, and sides.

Anyone willing to try this diet should read this article and get a second opinion. It is not an easy diet and don’t forget that it is a “diet”. It is designed to be taken intermittently with a 6 weeks break in between.

But what makes this an instant win, is that the HCG Hormone makes this “crash diet” successful without the crash!

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