11 Natural Ways To Lose Belly Fat:

Being overweight does not always mean unhealthy. Many people have extra belly fat that they would like to get rid of, and that is understandable. Looking in from the perspective of cosmetics, you would like for your waistline and abdomen to be in shape. There are ways for you to lose belly fat naturally and easily  and to help you feel better about the size of your waist. Fitting your clothes better and getting peace of mind from losing a rounded belly is right around the corner.

#1 Ditch the Added Sugars :

A simple and easy step to begin losing belly fat is to forgo sugary foods and added sugars. One of the biggest contributors to excess sugar in your body is soda. Sodas contain so many added sugars in them that by just drinking a small can, you will be well over your limit for the day. Soda is very tasty, but there are healthy alternatives like fruit. Fruits will help you fight off cravings and enjoy the sweet tastes that you like without contributing to the belly fat. Also be on the lookout for added sugars which may be processed foods and packaged foods.

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#2 Protect Your Liver:

When the liver is overloaded with refined sugars it is forced to turn them into fat. Many refined sugars are found in refined pastas and also processed foods like candy that contain artificial flavoring. Sugar is half glucose and half fructose. Excess sugar mostly due to fructose can lead to large amounts of fat accumulation in the body. According to some studies, liquid sugar can be more harmful than solid sugar. It may cause up to a 60% higher chance of obesity in those who consume it regularly. Completely eliminating sugary drinks from your diet would be a simple yet effective decision in regards to losing more belly fat. Sugary drinks can be fruit juices, soda, and sports drinks.

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#3 Fruits are a Healthy Alternative :

Fruits are a great option for people who are cutting down on sugary foods and drinks. This is because the natural sugars will be healthy for you and the fiber in fruits helps to mitigate any negative effects of fructose on the body. Eat plenty of whole fruits like apples, bananas, blueberries, and strawberries. Remember that natural whole foods are in all cases good for you, with the exception of allergies. By carefully reading what you see on food labels, even products marked as health foods, you can avoid eating any extra refined sugars. What you actually can eat to decrease belly fat is protein.

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#4 Eating Protein Helps You Lose Weight :

Proteins are likely the number one food you can consume in order to lose weight. Proteins have been researched and found to reduce cravings by about 60%. They are the most important macronutrient in losing weight. Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will also help you to avoid regaining any fat that you have lost. A study showed that people who consumed more and better protein had less belly fat than those who didn’t. Also a study in Denmark showed that protein significantly reduced the amount of weight gain over a period of 5 years. Refined carbs and oils will contribute to belly fat, while fruits and vegetables will not. Many of these studies were based on about 25 to 30 percent of protein in the diet. As you make an effort to increase your intake of high protein foods, you can look to fish, nuts, eggs, legumes, and dairy products.

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#5 Carbohydrate Restriction :

Carbohydrate restriction is yet another way that you can lose fat. Cutting down on pastas and refined grains is proven to be three times as effective as cutting down on foods high in fat. Low carb diets lead to more weight loss than low-fat diets, even if more food is eaten. In fact, it is okay for people on a low carb diet to eat as much as they want, while those on a low-fat diet can be restricted and hungry. Just avoiding refined carbs including pasta and white breads would be sufficient along with a high protein diet. Low-carb diets lead to a quick reduction in water weight, so you would see results within a few days. The fat will be targeted around the belly, organs, and liver. Low-carb diets will allow your body to enter ketosis, which is the burning of fats for fuel. Lowering the amount of carbs in your diet also has been proven to help with type 2 diabetes.

#6 Eat More Fibrous Foods :

Eat foods with a high amount of fiber, especially viscous fiber, to lose more belly fat. Fiber keeps things moving along the digestive system. The increase in soluble fibers that you eat will help you to decrease your calorie intake and eventually lead to weight loss. The best way to get fiber is again, through vegetables and fruits. Fiber will also feed the friendly bacteria in the gut which will help your body digest food more efficiently and easily. Some cereals and oats are also a great source of fiber. Better being able to digest your food will mean that you will not have much bloating, which can make your abdomen appear larger than it actually is.

#7 Lose Belly Fat by Keeping Your Digestive System up to Speed :

Slow movement of food in the stomach can lead to a decreased appetite and an increased feeling of fullness. Chances are you want to have a healthy appetite and a vigorous body that is digesting food effectively. This way you can enjoy the more positive pleasures in dieting rather than feeling like you are starving. For example, by following the high-protein diet where you consume about 25 to 30 percent protein out of your whole diet, you will be left feeling satisfied as well as a step closer to lowering your belly fat. Remember, protein is the most important macronutrient you can eat for your weight loss, so consuming protein-dense foods will surely be an easy yet effective way to lose more belly fat. If you have successfully chosen a diet that suits you, then you can look into exercises to further increase your effectiveness in losing more belly fat.

#8 Exercise is Key to Losing Belly Fat :

Exercising, and not necessarily abdomen exercises, are one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat. Not only will you be getting into better shape, but you will be among people who will be avoiding disease and prolonging their life. Even 15-30 minute daily activities can truly make a big impact in your life. In numerous studies, walking, swimming, and running have all been proven to drastically reduce the size of your belly. Another study proved that exercise also assisted in preventing weight gain in the waist area. Among the metabolic abnormalities, exercise is a must in order to keep them away. Your metabolism is very important, and exercise will help to keep it in good shape. A slow or dysfunctional metabolism due to poor lifestyle choices will cause you to gain more weight which will lead to more belly fat.

#10 Crunches:

Crunch Away Your Belly Fat :

Crunches are a helpful exercise that will help you cut down your belly fat. You would lie down on a mat with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Alternatively, you can also lift your legs off the floor at a 90-degree angle. Then lift your hand and place them behind your head, or keep them crossed on your chest. Inhale deeply, and as you lift your torso off of the floor, exhale. These are also known as sit-ups. You may find it more comfortable to place your feet under something sturdy, just be aware that you are not using your leg muscles to lift yourself up. If you are a beginner, do this 10 times and repeat it two or three times. You should begin to feel your stomach muscles tighten up. Do these every day if you like, but be careful not to strain to the point of feeling pain.

  • Twist Crunches

Once you have normal crunches down, you then have the option to do twist crunches. If you are not familiar with these, they are like normal crunches except you twist your abdomen to the left and right as you are lifting your torso up and down. So you would bend your knees as you would do crunches, keeping your feet on the floor. Then you lift just your right shoulder towards the left, keeping the left side of your torso on the ground. Then you will do it again, this time with your left shoulder. There is also another variation of this exercise called the side crunch.

  • The Side Crunch :

The twist crunch will target different areas of your abdomen, and this variation of the crunch called the side crunch will target an even broader area of your muscles. The side crunch is very similar to the twist crunch, except you will also be lifting your leg to meet the shoulder that you are turning. So if you are lifting your right leg up, you would also be turning to left shoulder to meet it. You will surely feel more of the sides of your torso being activated. Then you will do the same with the right shoulder, meeting the left knee as it is being lifted up. Make sure to keep your movements steady and slow. The midsection is a complex area and can be damaged or hurt if you perform these exercises too fast.

  • Reverse Crunch :

Another variation of the crunch is a bit harder, but it can be fun and very rewarding. Trying it out will lead you to more confidence in yourself doing exercises, and making progress on losing belly fat. This variation is called the reverse crunch. In this one all you will have to do it lift your legs behind your shoulders. Now this sounds like it can be difficult, but to make it easy all you will have to do is keep a firm balance with your hands on the ground. You will be laying on your back, and should see your knees touch your shoulders (or as close as you can get to there). Don’t forget to slowly bring your knees to your shoulders and back down again, as your abdomen muscles are very delicate. Also keep your back straight during this exercise, as arching it can result in pain.

  • Vertical Leg Crunch :

The next exercise, which is yet another variation of the crunch, is probably the most logical one to learn next. It is called the vertical leg crunch. With the vertical leg crunch you will be lying flat on the floor or mat with your legs extended upwards with one knee crossed over the other. You will keep your legs like this at a 90 degree angle while you lift your upper body off of the floor towards the pelvis. You will basically be doing the same thing as a normal crunch, except with your legs lifted up at 90 degrees. When you cross them it will make it more comfortable for you to perform the exercise. Breathe in as you lift your upper body from the floor, and breathe out slowly as you bring yourself down. Repeat this for three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

  • Bicycle Exercise :

The next fun exercise is the bicycle exercise. If you have ever ridden a bicycle before, then you surely will have a good time doing this exercise. It is simple because you will be imagining yourself riding a bicycle, only you will be lying on the floor. You may lie on the floor and place your hands either by your sides or behind your head as you would in crunches. Then lift both of your legs off of the ground and bend them at the knees. Bring your right knee close to your chest, keeping your left leg away. Now take your right leg away and bring your left knee close to your chest. You’ll keep doing this as if you’re peddling a bicycle. Pedal away!

#11 Exercise on Your Feet to Burn Fat

Now that we’ve been through a number of crunch exercises for you to do to trim belly fat, we can go through some of the ones you’ll do on your feet. These are likely the most common exercises that you are familiar with – walking, running, and jogging. All three of these offer you the advantage of being able to sight-see as you desire or on a treadmill at the gym. Walking for just 30-45 minutes each day will make a gradual decrease in your weight. Also follow a healthy diet. Walking is not only a fat burner, but an excellent fat burner. It will prove to be a very useful tool for you to get rid of any unwanted belly fat. Fortunately, it is one of the most natural exercises that we do, and you probably are walking as a part of your daily activities.

#12 The Benefits of Low-impact Exercise

Low-impact exercise increases your metabolism as well as your heart rate, which may burn away calories at a faster pace. Of course, running and jogging will burn calories at an even faster rate since they are more intense forms of walking. It sure is a relief to know that you can achieve such great results with such simple and light workouts. If you would like to take it up a notch then there are intense exercises available to you as well. Just practice running or jogging for about a half hour each day and enjoy the weather or natural high you will get from working out. Whether you are walking, running, or doing crunches, you will be well on your way to trimming your body into shape.