Having extra fat in our bellies can lower our self-esteem. Fat bellies make us feel like we are not beautiful and cannot wear certain clothes, clothes like bathing suits. The extra weight also brings certain health risks that can be fatal if not taken care of. Many methods of losing weight have been invented with an intention of making the weight loss process simpler. Most of these ways involve using pills or medical procedures that come with their own share of risks. The best ways to shed off the extra pounds is by using natural methods. With the natural ways of losing weight, you will not put your body in harm’s way; you will only achieve the benefits of weight loss. Below are the 7 natural ways to lose belly fat in a week.

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Start drinking plenty of plain water


Water will keep your body hydrated and at the same time help your body in detoxification. It will also help your body to release unnecessary fluids, thereby reducing stomach bloat. The recommended quantity is 2 liters in a day. If you cannot take plain water, you can add mint to give it some flavor. Do not add sugar or any artificial sweetener. You should also avoid taking sodas or other soft drinks.  Once you consume these drinks, the sugar gets stored in the fat cells around the belly.

Unfortunately, not so many people drink water. In fact, failure to drink 6 ounces of water per day is almost everyone’s habit; even the most successful athletes fail at this, multiple time. The best thing to do is to break this habit. If you are really sure about losing weight, water should be the number one diet option on your list.

If you are not a water type of person, you might find it difficult to switch to drinking exactly 2 liters of water every day. So, the best thing is to start slow.

  • You can take one glass of water in the morning before you leave for work and one glass in the evening before you go to bed.
  • The best option, though, would be to buy a 250 ml bottle of water from a supermarket of nearby café. You can buy two in the morning when you go to work, and buy two in the evening to use at home when you leave work.

Drinking lemon water


Lemon water will help your liver in carrying out its functions effectively. It releases enzymes that detoxify your liver therefore increasing the metabolism rate. This in turn ensures that your body does not deposit the extra fat in your stomach area. Alternatively, you can also take ginger tea or garlic water to help you lose the belly fat. As a digestive aid, ginger helps your body in burning calories more effectively. It also reduces the production of the cortisol hormone that can lead to weight gain. Garlic helps in stopping the pre fat cells from turning into fat cells. It also reduces blood pressure and increases the absorption of the good cholesterol. Mixing raw garlic with lemon and water every morning before breakfast will help reduce the belly fat in a week.

Sleep well


One of the 7 natural ways to lose belly fat in a week is getting adequate sleep. A good sleep is said to be between 8 hours to 11 hours every day. Lack of enough sleep reduces the metabolism rate, which leaves fat to be deposited on your mid section. Getting enough sleep on a daily basis ensures that your body functions properly and at a high speed. This ensures that the hormone production stays at its peak, including the hormones that are responsible for burning off fat. Ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.

Avoid stress


Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol. This hormone is responsible for increasing the metabolism rate of fats and carbohydrates thus making you feel hungry all the time. This is why people who are stressed up tend to eat frequently. As a result, you end up eating more food than your body needs and the extra fat is stored in the belly. Avoiding stress means that this hormone will not be released thus reducing the extra fat in your belly.

Eat the right food


Avoid eating processed foods that have high calories. You should avoid eating foods such as chips and pizza as they have high cholesterol level and low nutrition level. Avoid taking food that has high sugar level as well. You should not consume food that have high sugar content like cake and candy if you want to lose your belly fat in a short period. The right foods are the ones that provide proteins and healthy nutrients for the body. An example of good food is lean meat.  It provides lean proteins for the body. These proteins are converted to energy immediately after consumption, reducing the possibility of their conversion to fat. You can also use cayenne pepper to increase the blood flow in the stomach thereby increasing the digestion rate. Choose natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil whenever you are preparing your meals.

Healthy Diet Food Suggestion:

Food is the fuel that drives the human and animal life. When you eat the right amount of food and follow other healthy living habits, you not only reduce chances of getting sick but also avoid unnecessary fatigue and boredom. If you are looking for the best diet to lose weight naturally and keep a healthy life, here are the components you must put on the table:


Carbohydrates are powerful energy stores. They are plenty in foods like rice, bread, corn and other starch- based foods.  Active people should take more carbs than inactive people. This is because the former will use up most of what they consume. Less active individuals like ones who work in offices however might risk getting overweight if they take a lot of this class of foods.


Also known as amino acids, they form part of your cell structure. Proteins are mainly available in meaty foods and some plants like beans, nuts and soya. Eating plenty of proteins will help to facilitate growth, repair damaged tissues and provide you with energy. Nutritionists however frown upon meat protein as they can cause other complications when you consume too much of them.

Fatty acids

There are healthy fats and oils that supply the body with instant energy and also protect it from gaining or losing excess heat.  Coconut, olive oil and cod liver oil are some of these. Ensure that your diet has a small portion of these healthy oils.

Vitamins and antioxidants

Vitamins assist in promoting various bodily functions including digestion and metabolism. Antioxidants are good for minimizing cell damage from by radicals as they do their various functions, thereby reducing the body’s burden of reproducing new cells.

You can get plenty of these from most fruits, especially fresh ones.  At times people also take vitamin supplements to get more of these nutrients.



Working out is one of the 7 natural ways to lose belly fat in a week. It helps increase the metabolism rate and keeps your entire body in shape. You can exercise in several ways. You can take yoga classes or just do sit-ups. You could also decide to go swimming or jogging in the park. Dedicate at least half an hour every day for exercising. It does not matter which exercise you do so long as it increases the rate at which your body burns the extra calories.

Increase your fiber intake


Fiber helps the digestive system by minimizing the amount of fat that is absorbed in the stomach area. Replace your starch intake with high fiber food like whole grain cereals for breakfast. Other high fiber foods are chia seeds and green vegetables. Green vegetables like kale and spinach are good for your health. Other than the high fiber content, they contain high proteins and vitamins, iron and zinc which gives them the power to increase the rate at which your body burns off calories. Chia seeds also contain minerals and proteins making them one of the healthiest foods that can help your body burn off the excess belly fat.


Weight loss process requires the utmost self-discipline one can have. You cannot stop midway once you begin, and unless you are willing to exercise patience, you may never really lose the weight you want to lose. You have to resist the temptation to give up if you want to achieve your desired results within the shortest period possible. It will not be easy, especially the first few days, but it will be worth it. Stay on track, work out, eat right, and drink up. You will achieve your weight loss goals in no time. Remember to be patient. It may take longer than you anticipated but that does not mean it is not working. Don’t forget that hard work pays.