What Is 500 Calorie HCG Diet?

The world is talking about the hcg diet chart that is said to assist greatly in reducing the extra weight from the human body. The credit for the discovery of this miracle medicine goes to one British researcher Mr. A. T. W. Simeon. After his innovative findings during his work with the Indian pregnant women in India he observed the spectacular property of one naturally occurring hormone that is found in the female body during the onslaught of pregnancy. Observing that this hormone functions in a unique way by stopping the extra production of fat in the female body during the period of pregnancy in order to concentrate totally for the development of the fetus as well as the baby, the idea clicked in his mind to use the natural hormone for assisting in the jobs of shedding extra weights from the body of the people affected by obesity or for the people who desires to lose extra fats for being trimmed. He wrote his book named “Pounds & Inches” in the year 1954. In this book he provided the details of a dietary program along with the prescription of low doses of hcg hormone. This dietary program is known as eating 500 calorie low diet . Millions of people all over the world are benefited by following this dietary program.

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The HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet prescribed by Mr. Simeon is one quite strict dietary regime and the people using it have to undergo strenuous treatment period abhorring most of his choice able food items from his dish. The diet has to be very rich in protein and very low in fats and carbohydrates. You can access the elaborated list of food items from the internet.

The HCG shots and the timings

The treatment as well the doses of the HCG would depend on the weight loss plan and the individual characteristics of the patient. The treatment recommends not more than 34 pounds loss of weight in a single course. A maximum of 40 injection shots are permitted per course. The patient will experience fast loss of weight when the weight loss plan is less than 15 pounds. But if the weight loss plan is more than 15 pounds then it would take much longer time. The treatment is to be terminated when the weight loss reaches 34 pounds or when the HCG shot of 40 injections are given to the patient. But in some exceptional cases such as in the cases of highly obese patient the weight loss limit may be extended further 5 to 6 pounds provided that the weight loss occurs within 40 shots of HCG injections.

The protocol of Dr. Simeon Hcg Diet

The HCG injections are to be administered daily and the dose of the hcg shot will be 125 iu daily limited to not more than 40 days.

For the patients who have a weight loss plan more than 15 pounds will need 26 days’ of treatment in which he will be administered 23 injections of hcg. The low calorie diet is to be continued for three more days after the end of the injection course in order to avoid any possible weight gains. Know more on hcg diet recipes phase 1, 500 calorie breakfast, hcg weight loss injections on later pages.

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