Cholesterol is an important fatty substance made by the liver and distributed throughout the body via bloodstreams. The body cannot make vitamin D, bile acids and hormones without cholesterol, which means that our bodies need a good amount of cholesterol to function properly. We get close to 25% of or bodies’ total cholesterol from the food we eat – a good amount of cholesterol often comes from animal fat.

High cholesterol can be dangerous to your health, which is why you need to take action now if your blood has more cholesterol than the body really needs. In fact, some of the most common heart diseases are actually as a result of high cholesterol levels in your blood. Note that it isn’t easy to tell whether or not you have high amount of cholesterol in your blood, because the symptoms of high cholesterol amount in the blood are often invisible. So, only a sample a sample blood test can tell the exact amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Don’t worry if you have high cholesterol, because dietary changes, necessary medications and exercise can help you optimize your cholesterol levels, helping you to significantly reduce the risks of developing heart diseases. Let’s look at a number of low cholesterol healthy foods that can help you lower cholesterol naturally.


BeansOur knowledge on beans is somewhat narrow. So narrow, in fact, we only know beans as high protein foods necessary for weight loss only. But beans are good for the heart too. In fact, only half a cup of beans’ soup can help lower bad cholesterol by up to at least 8%. Beans are rich in fiber. When consumed regularly, beans will help slow the absorption of cholesterol in some foods. Remember, beans will supply the body with sufficient fiber for your daily needs.


Margarinedoes margarine have cholesterol? Is cholesterol lowering with margarine possible? Have you tried margarine just yet? It could help lower your cholesterol to an optimum level. According to published studies, women who include margarine in their diet are able to reduce their cholesterol absorption; we are talking about being able to lower total cholesterol by at least 3.5 percent.


Garlic is garlic good for cholesterol? Does garlic lower cholesterol levels ?Yes, indeed. Garlic is a spicy foodstuff with tons of health benefits. And apart from adding a sweet aroma to any meal that won’t taste great without it, garlic can help reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and prevent blot clots. Eating garlic daily can help optimize your cholesterol level, so don’t be afraid to try a clove or two per day every day. You can also buy garlic pills if you are feeling difficulty in having raw garlic.



SpinachSpinach a day in your dish keeps the bad cholesterol away. It’s actually one of the most popular meals in the world, and everyone, except for non-veggies, eats spinach every week. Spinach contains a high amount of Lutein. Aside from protecting the body against macular degeneration, Lutein can lower cholesterol naturally, leaving no room for artery clotting, heart attacks and high blood pressure. Try the best you can to include spinach in your diet at least three times a week, or you could just eat it every day but in small quantity.