Losing weight is not going to be easy, but there are healthy techniques you can use to speed up the process. Two of the most popular ways of losing weight are calorie cycling and the HCG diet. It is therefore important to know the better choice between calorie cycling diet plan and the HCG diet before one chooses which way to go.

HCG DietCalorie cycling is the weight loss method where one varies the calories he/she takes each day in order to manipulate the metabolism. This method is preferred by most people because it preserves the muscles as it burns away the fat by lossing the fat. One takes in fewer carbs than needed to force the body to work on the fat tissues to produce the energy it needs. The calories intake is alternated between high and low intake in specific days to prevent the body from adjusting and working on the muscles. This method is meant to trick the body into thinking that nothing has changed and as a result, the body will work on the fat leaving the muscles.

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HCG diet on the other hand involves two stages, which are the product itself followed by the diet. The diet stage has three phases that involves the loading phase, the shedding phase and the maintenance phase. The second phase is when weight loss meal plan is done and it involves limiting the amount of calories taken to not more than 500 calories daily which can be calculated by a zig zag calorie calculator. During the first stage, one takes the HCG drugs either orally or by injection. The HCG product is a hormone produced during pregnancy and there is evidence suggesting that it helps in keeping the hunger level down.

Though the HCG diet has been scientifically proven more effective in the weight loss process, it comes with a bigger share of side effects, which are not good. These side effects include depression, fatigue, feeling irritable and edema. There is also the risk of formation of blood clots, which could block blood vessels and cause serious problems. The low calorie intake on a daily basis also has its fare share of side effects. These include irregular heartbeat and electrolytes in the body being imbalanced.

The side effects of carb cycling calories on the other hand are not severe since one prevents homeostasis by the alternating low and high calorie intake. Calorie cycling may take longer to yield the desired results, especially with people who find it hard to maintain the diet discipline, and does not have scientifically proven results but it is still the safer method. Those who have used this method stand by their word that it works. Calorie cycling is also associated with some psychological effect in that some people find that it lets them adapt to their diet more easily by alternating the calorie intake.

Comparing the two methods, I’d say the better choice between calorie cycling and HCG diet is one with fewer side effects. Both of the methods above require a tremendous amount of discipline to get the best result. So for me, [the better choice between calorie cycling diet and the HCG diet] is the calorie recycling diet.