To explore and adopt something which matches your personality well is the best way to zero in on a workout routine. Your stars may come to your rescue here, as zodiac sign is known to relate which type of exercise is beneficial for your body.

Zodiac signs are not just about your career, love life, relationships and marriage; they are intimately connected with your characteristics and therefore reflect what exercises are good or bad for your health and well-being.

Find out more about the exercises which will best suit your personality based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (Birthday March 21-April 20)

Personality Traits: Aries are known to be bold, competitive and adventurous by nature. Your attractive and entertaining personality instantly makes you everyone’s favorite.

Exercise Routine: As you are quite determined and competitive in nature you should opt for metric based cycling, where you set your targets and achieve them through sheer hard work. You can also try flywheel sports in which a flat screen in the room records your performance data. This is more compelling to your competitive spirit as it will keep you inspired by monitoring progress on a real time basis.

Adventure and thrill being your cup of tea, you can also try some fast paced sports like basketball, football and tennis to keep your exercise regime interesting.

Taurus (Birthday April 21-May 21)

Personality Traits: Taurus is known to be calm and comfort-loving. They look forward to a workout routine, but usually prefer routines which they can indulge into at a relaxed pace. An intense exercise tires them out instead of acting as an energy booster.

Exercise Routine: To stay committed, you are advised to mingle some fun elements in your fitness regime. Being a keen observer, the sports which you will enjoy the most include archery, golf or swimming. Also, a combination of dance and aerobics in the form of Zumba or ballet will prove to be great for you as they are the best options to enjoy your workout without sticking to any strict rules.

Gemini (Birthday May 22-June 20)

Personality Traits: Gemini is known to be a deep thinker, who enjoy being focused and flexible. But you are also known to have a double-minded personality and therefore your likes and dislikes change frequently.

Exercise Routine: We advise you to try Pilates to make sure your mind is also engaged with the regular flow of movements. At the same time Pilates will help you build that much longed for combination of strength and flexibility. It helps to do away with back problems, which is an everyday complaint with growing age.

Also try Yoga sometimes to strengthen your body and sooth your soul. As you thrive on variety, try and adopt a flexible routine and keep changing it after every few days to further explore your capabilities.

Cancer (Birthday June 21-July 22)

Personality Traits: You are an emotional and sensitive lot, who prefer spending time with your family as much as you can. The sensitive side of your personality makes you a little emotionally vulnerable and short-tempered at times. But with loving and caring nature you manage to attract the attention of others.

Exercise Routine: Yoga being an all-inclusive body workout, where you get in touch with your body as well as soul, is perfect for you. As you are a water sign, go for swimming on a regular basis and try some other water-based exercises to experience fluidity.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Personality Traits: You attract a lot of attention because of your frank nature and vitality. You are known for being a creatively expressive entertainer and your high determination and confidence makes you a great leader.

Exercise Routine: Gym would be the best place for you as you love to be the centre of attraction. We advise you to start with cardio exercises, and then you can switch probably to Pilates workout. A dance or Zumba class, where every workout feels like a performance, is another good option for you.

Virgo (Birthday: August 23-September 22)

Personality Traits: A perfectionist at heart, you are a good observer and like to analyze things deeply. You are helpful and honest, but at the same time shy and modest too.

Exercise Routine: You understand the need to exercise and like to keep yourself fit, without adopting a very intense workout. For Virgos, Pilates is a great form of workout, Tai chi or martial arts being the other good options for you. Crunches will also impact your body in a positive way.

Libra (Birthday September 23-October 22)

Personality Traits: You are very impulsive and live in your own fantasy world of love. People with this sign are very friendly and prefer making new friends all the time (even during workout sessions!).

Exercise Routine: You will enjoy games like badminton, golf, tennis or table tennis as it will help you stay fit as well as connected with your friends. Working out at the gym where you can try strength training sections and stretch sections will also prove to be beneficial for you.

Scorpio (Birthday October 23-November 21)

Personality Traits: Scorpions are known for their extreme commitment and dedication for something till they manage to accomplish it. They are the most passionate and reliable ones, but get jealous and possessive easily.

Exercise Routine: Intense workout sessions will suit your personality type the best as it will help you channelize your anger and frustrations. Go for boxing, martial arts and running to reinforce your muscles along with an enjoyable exercise regime. Ensure that you go slow to begin with else be ready for an aching arm or a leg muscle.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Personality Traits: You are known for your athletic qualities among all the signs. Sagittarians are capable of multitasking and possess an amazing stamina. You are straightforward, optimistic and dedicated in your life.

Exercise Routine: Fitness classes will be best for you as they offer variety by combining a lot of different techniques, burn huge amount of calories and also reduce stress. A combination of martial arts, yoga, gymnastics and cardio will strengthen you and allow you to push your mental and physical limits. Adventure sports training or trekking are other interesting options at your disposal.

Capricorn (Birthday December 22-January 21)

Personality Traits: Being the disciplined and committed type, you go for workouts that require patience and precision. Sense of achievement is something which you value the most and therefore a workout plan which offers you that will be the best for you.

Exercise Routine: Try slowing down your workout and force your muscles to work at a slower pace to be more precise with your movements. Discipline and routine is a must for you, which make Pilates a great option.

Aquarius (Birthday January 20-February 18)

Personality Traits: You like to maintain a sense of individuality, even when surrounded by a group of people, and at the same time you inherit a receptive outlook and like to fuse new thoughts in your schedule.

Exercise Routine: Go for team fitness classes as it will push you to work harder. Martial arts or push up workouts will be good for you to accept as a challenge and pursue successfully. But the most enjoyable workouts for you are the ones which involve friends or integrate teamwork.

Pisces (Birthday February 19-March 20)

Personality Traits: You are exceptionally instinctive and highly emotional; and relate well to strenuous exercises. Try to stay focused and get rid of all that anxiety by meditating.

Exercise Routine: Being a water sign, Pisces love water and enjoy fluid movements. Make swimming a routine part of your day. Aqua cycling is also perfect for you as it offers a natural detoxifying massage while pedaling. Zumba or any other dance form that helps you stay fit is also a great idea.