Administration of HCG has developed from the use of injections only to drops and finally, it is found in form of pills. You might want to know more about HCG drops vs. HCG Pills since, although they are equally effective, they have unique advantages, disadvantages and features. Keep reading to learn more.

The physical structure of the HCG hormone pills and drops is the main difference between the different forms of HCG. As their names suggest, the truth behind the hcg diet pills are administered in form of pellets while the drops are taken in liquid form. Usually, the pills come in a container packed with around 480 pellets that should be dissolved beneath your tongue. On the other hand, to use the drops, you will have to measure the correct dosage in your dropper and take it.

In addition, you might be interested to (know more about HCG weight loss clinic drops vs. HCG Pills) since they vary in the final amount of drugs that you will consume during the plan. For example, although it is averagely meant to be a 26- day plan, you will require 30 days to finish the drop plan. On the other hand, it will take you 40 days before completing the pellet medication.

There are variations on the manner, which you will have to take the two forms of HCG. It is vital to note that whereas some sellers provide synthetic HCG Pills, others give you the real HCG. Both forms of the drug also contain amino acids, vitamin B-12 and Cell salts. If you opt for the drops or pills, then you will need to take between 10 and 12 drops or 4 pellets respectively thrice daily. In both cases, you must hold the drug beneath your tongue for 3-5 minutes before swallowing. Additionally, you will be restricted from eating or drinking for the initial 15 minutes of taking the medicine.

You should also (know more about HCG drops vs. HCG Pills) especially with respect to their absorption rates. It is unquestionable that since it comes in its liquid form, HCG drop(s) is absorbed faster into your bloodstream when compared to pills. Remember that the 3-5 minutes are insufficient for pills’ coating to be taken off. Hence, most of the HCG in pills in digested. This implies that it takes longer for it to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

When comparing their other merits and demerits, you might prefer pills to HCG chorionic gonadotropin diet drops. This is because; pellets are more convenient when you are in a rush. They are easier to take since you only have to place all your pills on the cap after which you can put them in your mouth. However, when taking the drops, it will take you more time since you should take a drop at a time. Furthermore, the pellet container is of a smaller size when compared to that of the HCG drops. Hence, it will fit easily in your purse or pocket.

Additionally, while the drops cannot allow you to talk when they are in your mouth, you can talk with the hcg pills under your mouth. Even so, both forms will help you to lose the weight that you desperately yearn to lose. If you wanted to know what is hcg pills? what is hcg pills?Here is answer, it is just another substitute of the hcg drops.