Adults with a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher are overweight. To be honest, too many are prone to adding extra unnecessary weight, and another lot is already struggling with weight problems. However, there are several safe ways of keeping away from overweight problems.


Healthy Eating Habits


First is promoting healthy eating habits. Changes in technology and lifestyles have increased the tendency by people to eat more than is necessary for their systems. Thanks to technology, processed foodstuff is always within arm’s reach. In addition, the mushrooming eatery joints are pushing many people into consuming fatty junk food. Individuals, therefore, need to eat healthy low-fat foodstuff. It is a sure and safe way of preventing oneself from becoming (overweight).


Regular exercise


Secondly, people should exercise regularly to avoid gathering excess weight. Current trends have seen many people exercising less than is necessary. A good number of people drive to work, or take buses. Others sit behind computers the whole day. Such a lifestyle denies the body the much-needed exercise to burn excess fats and calories. Jogging for an hour or so will greatly reduce the tendency to become (overweight). Alternatively, people should resort to walking rather than driving. Taking a walking the evening after work can give the body the exercise it requires to keep fit. Therefore, exercising regularly is one of the safe ways of keeping away from overweight related complications.


Vegetable oils consumption


Thirdly, there is need to shift from animal-based fats to vegetable oils. This is because animal fats play a great role in adding weight due to the presence of cholesterol in them. Animal fats are ingested in various forms: through meat products and commercial cooking fats that abound. Where vegetable oils are in limited supply, it is advisable to minimize the ingestion of animal fats as much as possible. Today, due to increasing consumption of animal fats, even children are no longer free from (overweight) problems. They consume fatty foods at home, school and in between. Children are increasingly using their pocket money to buy junk food either from school canteens or food shops on their way to school. Turning to vegetable oils is a safe way of keeping away from overweight nightmare.


Be part of a public awareness program

Another safe way of keeping away from overweight snares is carrying out massive public awareness programs. Many people fail to lead healthy lifestyles out of ignorance. They simply do not know what is good for them and what is not. Popular belief and widespread misconceptions are the driving forces behind their dietary decisions. The government, together with all stakeholders, need to disseminate information on how to live healthy to the public.


They should ensure schools provide enough time for children to engage in physical exercises rather than allow them to spend their free time playing computer games. In essence, people should appreciate the rationale in the statement that prevention is better than cure. It is easier to avoid becoming overweight than try to reduce weight. In some cases, it is not possible to cut down on one’s weight at all.