How to make Italian Ham and Melon with low calorie ingredients

Making Italian Ham and Melon with low calorie ingredients:

This is one of the famous summer appetizers popular in Europe which is so simple that you could almost laugh at it. However it is very mouth watering deliciously refreshing snack in a hot summer day. But you must be wondering whether you have read it right “Ham and Melon”! Yes, you have read it absolutely right, it is ham and melon, and this might sound so incompatible, however it is very delicious combination. It is very easy to make at home in just a snap of a finger. The ham that is used here is Parma Ham and it is one of the best hams in the world, which is famous for its amazing flavor and total absence of artificial additives or preservatives. It is made using simple ingredients such as salt and lard that has been perfectly melted. It is further interesting to note that the ham is left to cure for almost one year and it ages in a well ventilated and airy cure house. It takes 12 kilos or 26 pounds of unprocessed ham to prepare 7 kilos or 15 pounds of Parma ham that is cured till it’s perfectly dry. Since the Parma ham does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives, therefore, it qualifies as healthy dietary product, needless to mention here that it contains fewer calories.

Ingredients for making the low calorie Italian Ham and Melon

  1. Parma ham/Prosciutto, 100g, thinly sliced, approximately 9 slices
  2. ½ sweet melons, or other cantaloupe, remove the seeds and cut into long slices.


This is a very simple preparation where you just need to peel and cut the melon. It is needless to say that the seeds are to be removed. Once the melons are nicely peeled and deseeded, slice it. You need to make cuts along the length of the melon which will give you nice boat shaped pieces that will look really nice on the platter. These days, presentation is a very important aspect of preparing healthy food. Next, start by placing thinly sliced ham and the soothing melon pieces on a salad plate. Garnish with your favorite herbs such as parsley, so that not only is your food healthy but also great to look at!

Overall Ham and Melon recipe calorie:

One serving of Italian ham and melon starter contains 78 calories.


Remember to get the ham sliced very thin, almost paper thin, as this makes it taste the best. You will also be able to have more numbers of slices for the same price.

Use breadsticks to add more to this simple dish. Decorate it by wrapping the Italian ham over the breadsticks and some ham slices shaped into flowers.

Always make sure that the melon is very fresh and cooled, otherwise it will not taste as good as it will do otherwise. Fresh fruits are always so much healthier than frozen fruits.

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