How braised balsamic chicken recipe is made

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Directions for preparing braised balsamic chicken recipe:

Braised balsamic chicken recipe is a healthy food which can be made using ingredients that are regularly available in your kitchen store. You will need no preplanning and you can just get into the cooking, the total cooking time for which is significantly low, only 30 minutes.

Balsamic vinegar is exclusively an Italian preparation. The vinegar is made from reduced grapes. The taste of this splendid vinegar comes from aging for several years (minimum 12 years) in numbers of wooden barrels. The balsamic vinegar is available in the market in various grades. The grades are determined by a group of expert tasters and age of the vinegar is not mentioned in the bottles. This dark brown, viscous and glossy vinegar has a velvety texture when you put the vinegar on your tongue. I tell so much about balsamic vinegar because the taste of braised balsamic chicken recipe will depend to a great extent on the quality of the balsamic vinegar. So try to get the best grade of Italian balsamic vinegar and enjoy the super taste of the recipe.

Ingredients sufficient for 6 servings:

      • Chicken breasts, fatless, skinless, boneless and halved
      • Black pepper ground to taste
      • Olive oil 2 table spoon
      • Garlic salt 1 tea spoon
      • Thinly sliced onion 1 no.
      • Balsamic vinegar ½ cup
      • Tomatoes diced 1 can
      • Basil dried 1 tea spoon
      • Oregano dried 1 tea spoon
      • Rosemary dried 1 tea spoon
      • Thyme dried 1 tea spoon
      • Take a medium sized bowl and put the chicken breast in the bowl. Season the chicken breast with garlic salt and black pepper. Leave aside for some time for soaking.
      • Take a medium sized skillet and place it on medium heat. Pour olive oil and allow the olive oil to heat. Place the onion and seasoned chicken breasts in the hot olive oil and brown the onions as well as the chicken breast. Flip in the midway so that both sides of the chicken breasts are browned.
      • Get the balsamic vinegar and ripe tomatoes and pour the ingredients on to the browned chicken and onion.
      • Season the chicken preparation with basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme.
      • Continue simmering the chicken preparation till the chicken loses its pink color. Within 15 minutes you will find the juices coming clear.
      • The braised balsamic chicken recipe is ready for serving.
      • The balsamic chicken can be taken along with pasta or rice. As a side dish you can go for green peas.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes

Nutritional information of braised balsamic chicken recipe:

      • Calories per serving: 216 calories
      • Total fat content: 5.5 gm
      • Saturated fat content: 1.4 gm
      • Unsaturated fat content: 4.1 gm
      • Cholesterol content: 114.9 mg
      • Sodium content: 668.5 mg
      • Carbohydrate content: 11 gm
      • Fiber content: 2.7 gm
      • Sugar content: 5.9 gm
      • Protein content: 29.5 gm

Note: In case garlic salt is not available, you can use salt and garlic powder as alternative.

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