HCG level testing is usually carried out to determine a woman's pregnancy health status. Better known as the pregnancy hormone, HCG hormone levels can be confirmed by a clinical test performed on blood and urine samples. This beta or HCG levels has always been shown to have a doubling effect on the next faces of a pregnancy. However, to many women, the HCG anomalous level stir anxiety questioning what should be the (normal HCG level).

For many doctors, such questions over normal HDG level should not be a cause for alarm. It should be realized that there are an array of factors, which causes this variation in HCG levels chart. Probably, following the length of menstrual period among other factors have been established to vary this beta level. HCG normal levels in different women range from min to max. One should be wondering what should hcg levels be at least 2 weeks pregnant. The range in HCG is commonly triggered by the length of the pregnancy, regularly dating from the last menstrual action.


Specialists have also discovered that the HCG level can exist in a large amount even on the first day of missing periods. Therefore, it is expectable that any irregular cycle will undergo these variations. For instance, at eight weeks after last menstrual a woman with six-week menstrual cycle should range roughly at same level with that of a woman at four weeks. The calculation might be overwhelming. You might consider the use of this online calculator for easier computation. Here is one sampled for you http://www.babymed.com/tools/hcg-calculator. However, for anyone in doubt, it is advisable to seek the various pregnancy tests in evaluating the particular cause of panic.

Preferably, a blood test is always considered the ultimate over the urine test. This is because, at earlier stages of conception, traces of this pregnancy hormone can be found in a substantial amount within the blood as opposed to urine, which may go undetected. During the earlier stages of pregnancy, studies have shown that as some women may have a zero level of HCG, others can have even up to 400 mlU/ml. Therefore, how normal should an HCG be considered fluctuates, and always very challenging to tell at any point in pregnancy. Nevertheless, according to the America Pregnancy Association (APA) a normal HCG level should range from,


  • 5-50 mlU/ml at three weeks after last menstruation
  • 5-426 mlU/ml at four weeks after last menstrual
  • 18-7,340 mlU/ml at five weeks after last menstrual
  • 1,080-56,500 mlU/ml at 6 weeks after last menstrual
  • 7,650-229,000 mlU/ml at an estimated 7-8 weeks after last menstrual
  • 25,700-288,000 mlU/ml from 9-12 weeks after last menstrual
  • 13,300-254,000 mlU/ml from 13-16 weeks after last menstrual
  • 4,060-165,400 mlU/ml from 17-24 weeks after last menstrual
  • 3,640-117,000 mlU/ml from 25-40 weeks after last menstrual

For non-pregnant women, the HCG should be average to 5 mlU/ml at maximum. For the menopausal women, HCG does not exceed 9.5 mlU/ml at maximum.

If it happens you do not range between this figures, there is no need to create a fuss. Perhaps your due dates were just off. However, for any reasonable doubt, you are likely to be normal. Just to ensure you are safe, make it a routine to take regular checkups. Preferably, after two to three weeks would not be much in measuring up to a normal HCG level.

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