L-Arginine: Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Get Slim & Ripped!

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Arginine is an amino acid  that plays a great role in the processes of protein synthesis in the human body. The “L” in the “L-Arginine” means that it is a levorotatory molecule in its free state (not bound to any kind of other protein).

How does L-Arginine help to lose weight?

You won’t be able to properly build muscles without taking enough of L-Arginine, as it takes part in the processes of protein synthesis. And, naturally, the more muscles you have, the more fats you will burn during your exercises. Why? Because every muscle needs energy to work, and your body will be burning previously stored fat to supple your muscles’ needs.

Is L-Arginine good to be included in HCG drops?

Yes, it is. This absolutely safe (because it is synthetized in small amounts in your body too) component will help you to build healthy mass and thus lose excess weight much more effectively.

Other health benefits of L-Arginine

L-Arginine enhances the healing of injuries and wounds, helps to maintain blood pressure at healthy levels, and takes part in the process of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis, which is a systemic vasodilator (meaning that it widens your blood vessels) that helps to improve cardiovascular health, prevent stroke and heart attack.

Side effects of L-Arginine

None, as it is produced in your own body. It is almost impossible to take L-Arginine in an amount that would do the slightest harm to your body.

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