Quick Weight Loss but What are the Risk With HCG Diet

It would be nice to just work out one week and fit in that 10 years old (whatever you saved to keep you motivated) clothing. Is there something out there that I can do without working out? Well there is! No workout but that doesn’t mean you can eat anything your little heart desires.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Hormone has been hitting the streets pretty hot lately. It is promised to see an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day. So can you imagine? … Sunday want to fit in those 2 sizes smaller pants, by next Monday you can! This is some serious result. Yeah, so that’s about 10 lbs. You need to loose by next week?… go ahead procrastinate on those workouts because you just need 5-7 days to melt that baby right off.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is and it isn’t. It is true that people who have tried the HCG Diet reported an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day.  What isn’t true is that it is risk free. Like all things in life has a cause and effect. Give or take…balance. Here are some things to consider before starting the diet.

So what are the risks associated with such a rapid weight loss? Well let’s start with making sure you have the spare fat to loose in the first place. This weight loss plan is only for people with greater Body Mass Index of 24 or above.  You can Google your BMI online by your weight and height. It should come up pretty easily.

Here are some risks: when taking this hormone along with the diet plan, some people reported dizziness, fatigue, irritability, and muscle cramps.

Yikes! not something I want to feel either while trying to juggle daily life and dieting.

Some people avoid this by drinking plenty of fluids during the diet regime and keeping up with tea and coffee. There are no restrictions of how much tea or coffee you can consume while on this intermittent diet. Just as long as you don’t add sugar. Stevia and non-sweeteners are okay too. That’s not too bad right?

A more serious side effect is shortness of breath, wheezing, and itchy tongue or at the injection side, hives, and body rash. These are all signs of a serious allergic; get medical attention quickly if you or someone you know is experiencing such a reaction.

So now you know the risk involved but what exactly are we doing during this diet.

Your body must maintain a diet intake of 500 calories per day. Yeah that’s pretty much one meal divided throughout the day. You think you won’t be able to make it but this is why the HCG hormone is taken throughout the diet. The hormone will prevent side effects from the low calorie diet mentioned above.

For women, we have a little more restrictions, as always.  Women are suggested not to do the diet regimen during their menstrual cycle and especially not while pregnant or nursing. For men, they might have a different side effects. This hormone is naturally occurring in pregnant women, so for men, some may report to feel tenderness on their breast. This can be a small-unwanted side effect from the HCG hormone. But everything in life can either be half full or half empty. You know if you have tender breasts that the HCG is actually working!

Now that you know the risk involved please make sure to confirm with your physician before starting the HCG Diet. Happy Dieting!