Why Is Hcg Complex Better Than Hcg 1234 And Hcg Triumph?

Summary: This article explains how HCG Complex is superior than HCG1234 and HCG Triumph. We did some ingredients comparison, price, Quality check and customer feedback between these three brands to find out the best one.

Many people can’t decide which HCG product is best for them, therefore, we have decided to conduct a research in order to help them pick the right thing. All of these products are effective in their own way. Still, in order to decide what the right thing is for you, you must consider all the facts related to these products. All you have to do is to take a look at this research and find out which product is the best for you.

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Let’s start with the quality of these products:

HCG 1234 is known to be pure HCG product. All the drops that you can find in this product are verified HCG drops and their effectiveness is guaranteed. HCG Triumph is known as pharmaceutical grade HCG because of the high concentration of pure HCG in these drops. They also produce hormone-free drops that don’t contain pure HCG. Versatile and reliable, this provider is praised by its customers. HCG Complex doesn’t sell pure HCG drops. Instead, they take more “natural” approach. Their drops will still help you achieve the desired results in the safest way possible. HCG Complex is known as a manufacturer that cares about its customers and its products are safe and effective to consume. Compared to the other two, HCG Complex may be the safest choice.

Recently, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a federal US agency responsible for the control and supervision of food and drug safety, demanded Triu Naturals and Creative Bioscience to remove the hCG component from the original hCG  formula. Three months after the change in ingredients, the value of hCG Triumph and hCG 1234 dropped significantly – 3800 out of 5000 customers left negative reviews after buying hCG Triumph. This is the main reason why HCG Complex came in Top#1. And many customers started moving to HCG Complex after this FDA demand on these 2 HCG Brands.

What about the support?

HCG 1234 has a live support. This means that you can contact their specialists whenever you want. HCG Triumph will also allow you to ask whatever you want, plus they will assign you a personal coach too. HCG Complex has a live support too, something like HCG 1234.

What about the shipping and free delivery?

HCG 1234 will only grant free shipping to those who order their product within the USA. Deliveries are ordered within 3 to 7 days. Unfortunately, they don’t work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. HCG Triumph will grant you free shipping no matter where you are, but the delivery time period is not defined, so it may take you some time to get your HCG product. When it comes to shipping, HCG Complex is definitely the best choice. They deliver this product worldwide, they will grant you free shipping and they work from Monday to Saturday, which is the best offer that you can find.

Can I get my money back somehow?

HCG 1234 say that they will provide you with a money back guarantee, but the information about this process is nowhere to be found on their website, which means that you need to learn about this yourself by talking to their customer support. HCG Triumph doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, unfortunately. On the other hand, HCG Complex offers a 30-day money back guarantee and you can even learn more about this on their website. There are requirements that you need to meet in order to do this, but everything is explained on their website, plus you can always contact their customer support.

Offers and promotions

HCG 1234 is known to run rare promotions, mostly during holidays. This means that you need to really “pick the right moment” in order to get a discount or some extra bottle of their product. HCG Triumph is much more “friendlier” than HCG 1234. Their “20% off” promotion lasts for a very long time throughout the year, plus there are some extra offers during holidays. HCG Complex literally ALWAYS offers this or that promotion. Every few months there is something new, and their “1 for 1” offer has proven to be quite successful and highly praised by their customers. There are so many promotions that it would be better if you visit their site and see for yourself.


None of these companies will sell you a bad product. Thing is, HCG Complex is simply better when it comes to handling customers. They go a long way to keep their customers safe and pleased, and that reflects on their rapidly increasing reputation. And that is why we can say they are the best choice for you.

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