How Fast Can You Lose Weight With Homeopathic HCG Drops?

What are homeopathic HCG drops?

First of all, you should know that HCG drops are made of human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that both males and females have in their bodies. This hormone is produced in abundance by female body during a pregnancy. Besides other very useful perks, this hormone is known to help people lose weight. This is one of the main reasons why HCG drops were made. Homeopathic HCG drops were carefully made to help you improve your body and health. Unlike regular HCG drops that are filled with this hormone, homeopathic HCG drops are made out of natural ingredients that will “motivate” your body to produce human chorionic gonadotropin. Also, these drops can serve you as a metabolic booster which will transform your body into a machine designed to burn fat.

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  • Almost 70% customers used HCG Complex homeopathy drops.

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How to consume Homeopathy hCG drops?

The good thing with homeopathic HCG drops is that these are consumed orally. Which means that you can consume them often (but don’t get carried away, always follow the prescription and guides). Unlike the injections, homeopathic HCG drops won’t inflict any pain upon you. You can use them even three times a day, and some users and expert alike say that this is quite effective because it will also suppress your appetite. Also, many types of these drop s will have some additional benefits. These will suppress your appetite, regulate your blood sugar levels, support thyroid function or even grant you more energy.

You should take 8-10 drops three times a day (this is a common method of consumption, at least for some drops such as HCG Complex) and place them under your tongue. Let them dissolve there, do not swallow. It will usually take around a minute or less to dissolve. The first dose should be consumed in the morning, before breakfast. The second dose should be taken during lunch and third should be consumed in the evening, before dinner. The best way to make this drops work perfectly is to combine them with a low-calorie diet.

Let see the potential results from Homeopathic HCG Drops:

First, you need to make sure that you bought a real package of homeopathic HCG drops. Then, you should know how to consume these. In the end, you should start using them, but only as it is advised. The best way to consume these drops is to combine them with 500 calories a day diet. This way, you will see the results for sure. If you use these drops for 6 weeks (with 500 calories a day consumed), you can lose between 25-30 pounds for that time. If you need to lose the lesser amount of fat, such as 10 (or even 12) pounds, you can increase your calorie intake up to 1000. In that case, use homeopathic HCG for 25 days only. There are some useful tips that you should know. Some consumer that used homeopathic HCG drops avoided drinking coffee, tea or large amounts of water for breakfast. They are had low-calorie lunch and dinner, usually made out of healthy foods. These consumers lost a pound or even two per day. After six weeks, you should stop using these drops. You will notice that your appetite is not as strong as it was before you started this diet. This means that you should start eating a bit more, but you should be careful. Don’t start overeating and consume only healthy foods. After some 40 days, you may go back consuming homeopathic HCG drops in the same manner as we explained before. And after 6 weeks make another pause and repeat the process. You may do this (but only as advised above) until you reach your goal.