An Encompassing Review of the HCG Diet Pellets

Do you know what overweight can do to you?  Your favorite dresses don’t fit you anymore? Your bed seems to have less space for you than before. You pant for breathe even you walk ten steps. Last but not the least, your shoes often breaks being unable to bear the weight on them. With so much trouble in day to day life, looking as plump and round like a pumpkin is really the most unpleasant thing in today’s life. But the beacon of hope for the over healthy people is the HCG diet with whose help they can lose weight quickly, easily with little or no effort. People from every corner of the world are trying out the HCG Diet and the results are simply outstanding.

The HCG diet plan- one of the most talked about in weight loss and healthy living fraternity progressively helps you to reduce weight and stay energetic as well. The HCG diet program comprises of numerous phases and should be continued for about 40 days to see an appreciable difference. Along with 500 calorie diet plan, you need to consume HCG pills with it which are the actual reason for weight loss.  The HCG diet pellets or pills as they are known are instrumental in keeping hunger pangs subsided and aiding in quick weight loss. Here is a quick review of the HCG diet pellets, their usage, dosage, their full strength and how to procure them.

The hype around Real HCG diet pellets

Less carbohydrate, more protein and plenty of water is what HCG diet is all about. But the HCG pellet kits are the most important part of this diet. Pure HCG pills are the most effective form of the Human Gonadotropin hormone which is instrumental to make one lose weight by increasing fat metabolism. There is homeopathic HCG as well as diet pellets but the former is not helpful in effective weight loss. The pure HCG pellet contains concentrated HCG hormone that has hunger reducing properties and helps you to lose the extra calories within short span of time. In contrast to the homeopathic pellets of HCG, these diet pills are very effective as these directly attack the fat reserves and donot burn the muscle mass.

User reviews on the HCG Pellet protocol

Shedding weight is a really tough job if you are not aware of the Pure HCG diet pellet protocol. Along with the different phases of HCG pellets diet, the pellets can be consumed before food. These pellets work in reducing hunger pangs and increase your starvation times so that the body can metabolize the stored fat and burn all the fat into useful energy. Plenty of users who have used the HCG pellet protocol have experienced effective weight loss and are satisfied with the results. Also they have reported no side effects or allergy with the regular consumption of the HCG pellets. With such awesome features, the HCG pellet protocol is ideal for weight loss formula – this is what claimed by many happy users.

How to use them?

The pure form of HCG hormone is available in the form of small sized HCG pellets for easy usage, better transportability and great shelf life. These instructed pills are easy to use and needs to be taken sub-lingually. These should be placed under your tongue and the coating takes about 1 minute to dissolve. Let the medicine to dissolve and get absorbed into the blood stream. Also it is not advisable to swallow these pellets as pure HCG can react with the stomach acids.

What are the dosage levels?

The pure form of HCG hormone is available in the form of HCG diet pellets. This weight loss protocol is ideal for those who need to shed 50 pounds or more quickly. Mostly it is advised to have one pellet before every meal orally by placing the pellet under the tongue there by leading to its absorption. The dosage is fixed more or less and if one has to do any adjustments (increase or decrease) to the dose levels then it is an unnecessary complication.

How will you buy them?

The HCG diet pellets can be bought through trusted online dealers only as these are not over the counter medication. After consulting with your physician, you can place order for your ideal HCG diet pellet protocol from the trusted online dealers. Since the dose level is high, you need to undergo a tele-medical review and checkup before you will be approved to buy your pellets. These dealers have HCG pellets that are enriched with healthy supplements like vitamin B12 as well. There is quite difference between pellets vs drops. As a word of caution, you need to thoroughly check on the authenticity of your dealer as many dealers send homeopathic HCG products under the skin of HCG diet pellets which is highly ineffective in immediate weight loss. (One of the most sold product is HCG Compex. Click here to checkout why they are most sold.)

Losing weight and staying fit is not a herculean task if you know how to plan your weight loss protocol. With the HCG diet pellets, all you need to do is to strictly follow the diet when you are consuming the pills and the result will be super awesome. These pills are organic and non-reactive and hence you need not worry about any harmful side effects. Yes! For some the result might take a longer time than expected but this could solely be because of the fact that their body metabolic rates are different. Thus, you can tell that the HCG diet pellet is one of the quickest and effective way to burn all the extra fat and grow super slim forever!

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