What Is An Apple Day And How To Do An Apple Day on the HCG Diet

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Having you been struggling to lose weight for 3 consecutive days while following all the principles recommended in your HCG diet course? This is called a “plateau,” meaning a temporary period of stable weight on the VLC (very low calorie) HCG diet. Although quite rare, this happens to some people but the solution is incredibly simple: do an Apple Day HCG hack!

Apple Day HCG

If you don’t do anything, your body will eventually deal with the plateau itself, but this could take up to a week or more. If you want to correct the condition in a single day, the apple hack is your best friend.

The directions are quite simple. Here’s how you do an apple day on the HCG diet:

  • Give up on all the allowed food of your specific HCG diet phase (phase 2 or Phase 3 of the HCG diet)
  • Eat 6 apples evenly spread over a period of 24 hours (no other food, that’s why it’s called “apple day”!)
  • Drink only water during this period, no other beverages are good to take (even coffee and tea are forbidden during this 24-hour period)
  • The water you drink should be just enough to quench your thirst: do not drink it to fight food craves or silence possible hunger
  • IT IS IMPORTANT to take your HCG oral drops (You can find best drops here) as usual during the apple day.

Here’s an example of what your daily menu could look like during an apple day HCG Diet:

Breakfast (8 AM): 1 medium red apple

Snack #1 (11 AM): 1 medium green apple

Lunch (2 PM): 1 medium red apple (baked, for example)

Snack #2 (4 PM): 1 medium green apple

Dinner (6 PM): 1 medium red apple

Breakfast (8 AM the next day): 1 medium red apple.

After the next day’s breakfast, proceed with your HCG diet as usual, taking the foods that are allowed on the phase you’re in (and in the allotted amounts). DO NOT EAT ANY FRUITS the day after your hcg apple day, because its sixth apple should be taken for the next day’s breakfast. Vegetables and proteins are still good to go, and all beverages are allowed again.

IMPORTANT: if you are a woman, your plateau could be explained by natural weight fluctuations during your menstrual cycle, so it’s important to keep track of it. As a apple day hcg rule, up to 5 pounds of water can be retained a day or two before your menses. If that’s your case, you shouldn’t do an apple day: just wait for your period and stick do your usual HCG diet course, the weight should correct itself pretty soon.

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