10 alternative HCG diet plans for losing weight (INTERESTING)

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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that has been used for the last sixty years because of its ability to burn fat and it also helps you lose weight and even prevents new fat to appear. It is very effective in its work, but there are some side-effects that you should be aware of. These side-effects are fatigue, dizziness, depression, irritability and even few more. Because its side-effects are mild (more or less), the number of users who consume this hormone is still growing. After all, this is one of the most effective products on the market when it comes to losing weight. There are other alternatives for you to explore. If you are somewhat paranoid about possible side-effects and you are patient enough to wait somewhat longer for positive results to appear, you should take a look at this list that we have made for you.

Here are the alternative HCG diet plans that you could find useful:

    1. LDD (Liquid diet drops):

      Liquid diet drops are first and foremost praised for their safety. This product is branded as a safe and hormone-free alternative HCG diet plans. Comprised of healthy amino acids, LDD will literally “convince” your body to use its fat stores as the primary fuel source. Because of this, your body will burn fat faster and you will start losing weight. It will also suppress your appetite and reduce your craving for sweets and unhealthy foods.

    2. HCG Activator:

      Another good alternative HCG diet plans that doesn’t include injections is HCG activator. Literally speaking, this is a “natural” version of HCG. HCG Activator diet plan is the most suited one who want to lose weight. It is 100% hormone free. Although it is not a “magic pill” that will make all of your worries regarding fat go away, it is healthy, safe and effective in its work. It is also used for treating obesity because of its ability to reduce fat. It will also prevent new fat to appear.

    3. Low dose naltrexone :


      Prescribed by many clinics worldwide, low dose naltrexone (LDN) can replace HCG because it is almost effective as this hormone. Plus, LDN is extremely safe to use. LDN will reduce your appetite and the number hormones that are responsible for that feeling of hunger that many people who combat obesity experience. Also, LDN will improve your sleep, mood and sex drive.

    4. Nutra Pure HCG:

      Nutra Pure HCG is supposed to be a natural version of the HCG drops. The good thing about these is that these come in pills, not injections. Also, these are made out of 100% natural ingredients so the risk for the side-effects to occur is minimal (at least compared to some other products). Nutra Pure HCG will convert your fat into nutrients and it will also reduce your appetite without hunger pains.

    5. Glucomannan:

      Glucomannan (also called Konjac) is a new kid on the block at it has been tested on animals for the last couple of years. Recently, when it was finally tested on humans, it showed very good results. First of all, its biggest side-effect may be a soft stool, although not many people reported that. It is best if you combine glucomannan with a healthy diet because it will accelerate its effectiveness by 100%. Glucomannan absorbs water and makes you feel satiated, thus making you eat less.

    6. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA):
      Found in cheese and butter, this one can be quite alternative HCG diet plans. It will reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. Although healthy, effective and easy to get, this one should not be consumed for long. After many months (6 or more) of consuming some side-effects like inflammation or even insulin resistance might occur. Still, if you use it as recommended (1-3 months), you will be safe and you will start losing fat quite fast.
    7. Miracle Burn 360:


      Miracle Burn is branded as an all-natural diet pill. It has been tested and its results are so-so. For some, it has been proven to be extremely effective. There were those (fewer that those satisfied) who “didn’t feel a thing”. Still, the chances are big that you will feel the change. And if you do, it will be quite big. Miracle Burn is a powerful fat burner, plus it regulates sugar in your blood. It can be your “miracle maker”, but then, be aware that at least 10-20% of those who consumed it wasn't satisfied. The good thing is that its developers are confident in this product and because of that there are lots of programs for sampling this product.

    8. Phen 375:


      This is another natural product with its vast group of customers. This product has been declared as “safe” by the US government and it can be used without a prescription. Phen 375 is a blend of many natural ingredients and all of them excel at helping you lose weight. This product has been approved by FDA and since then the number of its users has doubled. Phen 375 will suppress your appetite, boost your testosterone and energy levels and it will speed up the fat burning process in your body. There are no notable side-effects to mention.

    9. Alli:


      This drug was developed to for overweight adults (18 years or older) to help them shed pounds and lose weight. It is a natural product that has been approved by FDA. It is best combined with a balanced and healthy diet. Alli will block the solid amount of fat that you consume, so it will be easier for you to regulate your intake of fat. It is effective, affordable and easy to find online.

    10. Green coffee bean extract:


      A solid alternative HCG diet plans, green coffee bean extract is 100% natural product whose main purpose is to block fat production in the body. Safe to use, this HCG alternative will also improve your body’s ability to metabolize sugars. This formula doesn’t contain artificial ingredients and it has been properly tested. Proven as effective, its popularity is rising on a daily basis.


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