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Adele Weight Loss Diet Interview:

This article is all about Adele Adkins Weight Loss diet. She has lost almost 30 pounds in just few weeks. Below we have added Adele before and after weight loss pics.

The world famous British singer Adele has lost over 30 pounds in the last few years. One of the most prominent vocals today reviled that she danced, got on energy, and she admitted that excessive weight loss did not take too much effort. The singer said she wanted to get off few pounds, but not to be skinny. Weight loss was inspired by giving birth to her son, for who she wanted to maintain her health.

Adele Weight Loss Before After Pics:

Adele weight loss diet

The fascinating transformation of Adele’s weight

Facts about Adele weight loss diet:

Although still in her 20-ties, Adele has been in the top of the music industry for almost a decade. She made her breakthrough on the music charts as a teenager with fantastic vocal performances. Despite her overweight and an “ideal” appearance, Adele became one of the most successful female artists in Great Britain. So far, Adele released three albums, each of them was named after her current age (19, 21 and 25).

Besides being very popular among global public and selling millions of copies of her albums, Adele is also a multiple music awards winner.

Her life story wouldn’t be completely successful if she couldn’t manage her private life-Adele accomplished herself as a mother as well. Back in 2012 she gave birth to her son, Angelo, with her partner Simon Konecki whom she’s been dating since 2011.

She is also famous for her charity work and philanthropy.

Adele decision to lose weight Using Diet:

From the very beginning of her music carrier we used to see Adele’s appearance as grumpy, overweight young woman, in loose clothes and with very little make-up. Over the years, Adele grown in diva, looking very sophisticated.

The birth of her son was breakpoint in her life. As she stated in several interviews, she was a slave of unhealthy habit which led to obesity. She also was heavily addicted to tobacco smoking. In order to stay healthy as long as it is possible and be responsible mother, she decided to change her lifestyles. Adele admitted that it wasn’t so hard, so-if she could lose more than 30 lbs in just one year, why shouldn’t you try too?

How did Adele lose weight?

Adele lost weight at the 2013 Grammy Awards just 4 months after giving birth to son Angelo in October 2012. Adele weight loss diet mainly emphasized on counting every calorie that she took. Instead, you should do it one step at the time by changing your attitude and habits. That will also help you maintain your reduced weight and prevent relapsing.

There are a few tips that were successful for Adele to substantially lose her weight:

  1. Forget on instant solutions like excessive coffee intake; instead, drink green herbal tea with no sugar (or with low calorie sweetener).
  2. Eat colorful foods-it is very attractive to eat interesting and colorful food on your plate, instead of boring piles of, for instance, yellow fried potatoes. Which foods are colorful and vivid? Veggies and fruits, of course! Besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, both vegetables and fruits contain fibers which are proved to be very helpful in weight loss. On the other hand, they also contain natural sugars which prevent cravings for industrial sugars that we are used to. Fibers improve your digestion, create the sense of satiety and prevent various diseases. Veggies can also replace eating snacks rich in calories between meals. For instance, row carrot can be very tasteful snack, isn’t it? Nuts can also be taken every time you feel hunger.
  3. Drinking water-this is essential for every weight loss plan. Every time you feel hunger, you have to drink at least a glass of water (200 ml). That will expand your stomach and send the information in the brain, which will be recoded in sense of satiety. Very clever and easy trick to overcome the instant hunger and craving for snacks, chocolate or cigarette (more about that later).
  4. Every cessation or weight loss plan has to have very important point-how to find healthy alternatives instead of unhealthy old habits. It would be extremely stressful to completely give up eating sweets. In stores you can look for dark chocolates with high percentage of cocoa. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants. At first you might find dark chocolate bitter due to low percentage of sugar, but remembering the advantages of this product on your health, you will soon get used to that new taste.
  5. Regular physical activity-there is no successful weight loss plan without having workouts at least a few days a week. Adele’s workout plan was based on lower body resistance. She trains four times a week and according to her personal trainer, all exercises are aimed at lower body muscles groups.

One workout is aimed at muscles of her legs and butt. She usually performs three sets of each exercise and rests 60 seconds between each one. She combines swings, lifts, squats and walking. Next day Adele practice lower muscles resistance exercises which is very efficient in burning fat. Those two types of workouts Adele performs alternately and under close supervision of her personal trainer.

Quitting smoking as part of changing habits

Most of the people believe that quitting smoking leads to weight gain. Adele is the living proof that it isn’t necessarily so. In previous years she was a heavy smoker; she smoked more than 25 cigarettes a day. There are lots of ways to quit smoking, but she did it cold turkey-this means she just stopped smoking.

Let just talk about tobacco addiction. Using tobacco products leads to both behavioral and physical addiction. That means that we get used to rituals that involve smoking cigarettes (for instance, usual place where we sit and smoke, smoking after meal, smoking while alcohol drinking etc). Physical addiction refers to biochemical processes in our brain. It takes only 2-3 seconds after inhaling first cigarette smoke for nicotine to travel to the brain where it stimulates our nerve cells to produce endorphin; this powerful hormone and the sense of pleasure and happiness is what we get addicted to. Scientists claim that there are over 6,000 harmful substances in tobacco smoke, but only one of them is highly addictive-nicotine.

For quitting smoking motivation is crucial. For famous British singer it was her son; some other people are being motivated by health improvement, the cost of cigarettes, bans of smoking in public places or becoming a role model for their family members and friends. Therefore, smoking cessation is basically tailor-made procedure with unique motivation, but with common tips how to trick craving.

Everything previously mentioned in the diet plan can be applied to smoking cessation as well. Low-calorie food, physical activity and early night sleep are some of the tips that have to be applied. Every time you feel craving for cigarette, you should drink at least one glass of water (200 ml), not too cold, it is advised to be moderate temperature, with a few drops of lemon. Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day and taking showers several times during day will enhance the process of detoxication.

There are lots of advantages of quitting smoking. Besides saving significant money over time, the main advantages are for our health and the health of people who inhaled smoke coming from our cigarettes (second-hand smokers). Two days after quitting your heart rate will decrease; three days after quitting you will regain sense of smell and taste; one year after quitting smoking the risk of stroke will drop as you never smoked; 5 years after quitting the risk of heart attack will be equal to non smokers; 10 years after quitting the risk of lung cancer will be reduced for 50%.

Those are just some of the reasons to quit this ugly habit. However, if you are smoker, we would like to motivate you to try. Adele was successful, even though she smoked more than pack a day. So, it isn’t impossible, isn’t it?

The role of HCG Diet in Adele’s weight loss process

Adele Weight loss product:

A revolutionary trend in weight loss programs is use of HCG dietary supplements. In fact, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is usually produced in female body during pregnancy. Adele weight loss product mainly consists of Combining HCG products with strict diet by limiting  calorie intake to 500 per day, which will very soon lead to burning excessive fat deposits in our body and therefore to weight loss.

The advantage of HCG Diet is losing weight in short period of time. This is why this supplement appeared to be very embraced by celebrities worldwide. However, whenever we have to lose weight, due to obesity or just esthetic reasons, it is very important to find a way to maintain reduced weight. That is the main reason why you have to follow very strict HCG Diet plan and use HCG drops regularly.

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