Pure Slim 1000 Drops (PS1000)

What is Pure Slim 1000?

Pure Slim 1000 Drops is short-named as PS1000 is a complete weight loss supplement in a liquid diet drops form that is ideal for your slimming goals. It is well supported by a dieting program that has three phases. Because you want the best weight loss outcome, Pure Slim 1000 is your brand.

The drop is herbal based and is an all-natural slimming supplement. The dieting program for Pure Slim 1000 drops is the same as that of HCG dieting supplement. The dieting plan has many restrictions to achieve the desirable slimming outcome. Read the review till the end before searching for any queries.

The dieting program hereby requires that you only take food with very low calories. You must be keen on your diet  to have the best weight loss result.

Pure slim drops, has a refund guarantee within a period of 180 days. When compared to other products, it has the longest guarantee services. The weight loss industry prides itself to have this weight loss drops in the market.

There are specific rules that you must only adhere to in order to have the money back guarantee.

The return policy of the Pure Slim Drop requires that;

  • For a customer to have the money back guarantee, he/she must be on the Pure Slim 1000 for 30 days or more.
  • During the time of application, the customer must have a comprehensive journal of all the drinks and the foods that were taken within the 30 days he/she was on the program.
  • The refund guarantee is only allowed once the slimming product is returned. It is until they have their product back, which is when you will have your refund.
  • You will only have your money back after payment of return shipping cost for the Pure Slim Drop supplement provided to you by the manufacturer.
  • The customer must follow the set given dietary rules and protocols as far as food type and the period in which you are to have Pure Slim 1000 is concerned.

The above refund policy requires that you meet all the stipulated requirements before you start claiming your money back. The one year guarantee will still help in covering your health investments.

PS1000 Drops Pros

  • Pure Slim 1000 drop is purely made from natural ingredients
  • Weight loss is experienced in the major areas
  • Side effects not yet established
  • There is assurance that you can have your money back

PS1000 Drops Cons

  • It is a bit expensive. Not everyone will afford it.
  • The dieting plan is very strict
  • The percentage of the ingredient constituents is not recorded.

Pure Slim 1000, also called PS1000 is a dietary weight loss supplement that ensures your slimming goals faster than you expected. It majorly relies on the Pure Slim 1000 dietary plan that should be strictly followed.

There is no information about the manufacturer of the drop supplement online. The official websites are two. Many customers have posted their testimonials on both websites. In order to confirm that it is an enticing weight loss product, find the time and go through the testimonials. You will find out that the product has worked effectively for most customers.

To work most effectively, PS1000 drop supplement is used together with patented three-phased Pure Slim 1000 diet. The weight loss program has different menus which are balanced for every dieter.

The design of the menu is such that the foods and the drinks have taken increases the rate of metabolism and body energy. As a result, speedy weight loss is triggered. There is a claim that you can lose over 100 pounds while on the Pure Slim 1000 diet.

The diet is simple to maintain. As long as you are still on the diet, you will not gain extra pounds. Extra weight will be shed off completely.

The overview of the PS1000 diet plan

In combination with Pure Slim 1000 drop supplement, the Pure Slim 1000 protocol is designed with strict meal plan program to ensure that you meet your overall weight loss goals. The stubborn body fat layer that has made you lose your self-image will finally be shed when on this diet program. PS1000 dieting program will help you lose pounds of fats relatively fast. For more queries on PS1000 meal plan and recipes list to be included in your diet, you can now search online for best results. Here in this section we will explain how does Pure Slim 1000 Really Work.

It will also increase your body energy levels without feeling the urge to eat more food. The very low-calorie diet provided in the program is easy to adhere to.

The three-phased Diet Program of the Pure Slim 1000 includes;

Phase 1

The phase takes a period of 90 days. A clean diet is strictly followed. This is the time you will start taking the Pure Slim Drop.

It is recommended that you reduce your daily calorie intake to 1000. At this phase, it is expected that you have your calories reduced between half to one pound daily.

Phase 2

The period of this phase is 21 days. The major objective of this phase is that a dieter gets a new set point of the body weight that is easy to maintain. It is expected that you add 500 calories daily to reach 1500 calories as the calorie limit by the end of phase 2.

You are to stop Pure Slim 1000 drop. At this point, you are allowed to eat any food. This phase is also known as the maintenance or a follow-up stage.

Phase 3

At this phase, your new style of dieting is highly encouraged as you slowly reintroduce sugars and starchy foods in your diet.

Ingredients of the Pure Slim Drops

The drop is made of propriety formula which is purely natural with effective weight loss agents. They include; Beta Alanine, African mango, Rhodiola, Arginine, Maca, Tyrosine, Valine, Serine, Vitamin B* and E, Methyl B12, among others. The amount of ingredients per serving is not given on the internet.

How safe it the Product?

Adult dieters can safely use the product. This is because it has pure natural ingredients. The manufacturer of the product requires that you follow strictly the rules of the dieting plan for you to achieve your weight loss goals.


Effective weight loss is ensured when you strictly adhere to the dieting program that is provided in the three aforementioned phases. Otherwise, you will not find it working for you. This program depends on your effort in order to be successful.

What makes some customers unhappy about this product is the fact that it is quite expensive. People who find it difficult to follow the diet protocols will not find the product helpful.

Doctor’s Conclusion on Pure Slim Drops

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this brand. The customer satisfaction rate is ridiculously low across all platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), the manufacturer does not offer and discounts, and does not look professional or proficient in matters of nutrition.

If you are looking for a safe alternative with an effect confirmed by countless happy customers, we strongly recommend trying HCG Complex. It has 25 fabulous ingredients that were proven to be effective by hundreds of serious scientific studies. Besides that, there are always a couple of special offers and several discount waiting for you. For example, you can buy a bottle and get one for free!

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