PhenRX Drops – Weight Loss Drops From NexGen Biolabs

What is PhenRX Drops?

Besides having a dietary supplement of PhenRX in pill form, you can also have PhenRX drops as an alternative slimming formula. NexGen Biolabs manufactures and also distributes PhenRX weight loss supplement both in pill form and also in drops. Most people who have used PhenRX supplement pills to achieve weight loss can confirm that it works wonders.

Similarly, the drop formula is also known to some people to be working effectively to deliver weight loss results without hassle. Though limited research studies have been carried out on PhenRX drops product, you will still achieve a desirable weight loss result.

NexGen Biolabs is a renowned manufacturer that is in possession of and distributes the weight loss product supplements. Besides manufacturing PhenRX supplements, it is also known for manufacturing HCG Weight Loss Drops.

PhenRX Drops weight loss supplement is delivered to the end users online. PhenRX Drops Supplement is designed in a way that it can effectively work alone. This is because it has a sublingual delivery system which is highly advanced in nature. It can also be combined with PhenRX and PhenRX PM to achieve the best outcome.

How do PhenRX Drops work?

This is how PhenRx diet drops for weight loss works: The product is sublingual in nature and is hormone free drops. It is confirmed that 100 percent of nutrients that are available is absorbed instantly into the body system. The ultra-advanced manufacture of PhenRX Drops works marvelously in boosting metabolism rate in the body system. It also works to improve the energy levels in the body. Its design and the natural ingredients work to effectively promote weight loss.

What ingredients are PhenRX Drops made of?

PhenRX drops supplement consists of both Propriety Lean Complex composition which is 200 mg per serving and inactive ingredients. They help in desired weight loss when used together.

The composition of Propriety Lean Complex

Raspberry ketone. This is one of the best known slimming agents. Its formula is widely used in the market today. It is an ingredient that effectively works to reduce weight. Its weight loss property was confirmed in one rat study where 2 percent of Raspberry ketone was discovered to alter the lipid metabolic actions in mice which were fed on a high-fat diet for six weeks.

The placebo rats did not show any weight changes. Though it worked most effectively in rodents, the same is applied in humans and it works exemplarily too.

Aloe Vera. It is a well-known plant extract that works effectively in treating various body diseases. Besides, it has been scientifically proven to reduce Body Mass Index (BMI). It works by stimulating the production of collagen protein that enables muscle development.

Carbohydrates and fats are converted into energy instead of storing them in the adipose tissue. Energy expenditure in this instance helps in the loss of body weight.

Acai berry extract.  Acai berry extract is a powerful antioxidant. Because of this property, it has become a popularly marketed weight loss supplement in the United States. Besides being used as a weight loss ingredient, it is also used by many for it has anti-ageing effects.

The acai products are made available in powder form, juices, capsules or tablets. In a preliminary study that was carried out, people who were overweight had their cholesterol and blood sugar levels reduced after consuming acai berry extract.

Its antioxidant properties have been confirmed by laboratory studies. Though it has limited information about its safety when used as a weight loss supplement, people still consume in juice form or edible fruit.

African mango. It is scientifically called Irvingia gabonensis. It is a fruit extract that perfectly works well in the weight loss industry. Once it is consumed, there is no more food craving. It is known to reduce appetite and also ensures the loss of body fat.

In a published study, it was observed that obese patients who were on Irvingia gabonensis treatment had their cholesterol levels decreased significantly. The placebo group did not record any changes in the lipid levels of their blood components.

Green tea extract. This extract is popularly known to manifest thermogenic properties. Because of its thermogenic effects, more body fats are burnt through increased metabolism rate. It works effectively in ensuring weight loss.

NexGen Biolabs therefore includes the extract in the slimming products to work most effectively.

Caffeine anhydrous. Because of its stimulating properties, the compound is able to improve your body's metabolism, alertness, and also its energy levels. It is also said to feature some antioxidant properties and is thermogenic in nature. This is why it is popularly used by the weight loss industry.

Resveratrol. It exhibits potent antioxidant properties. This will help in improving the overall health of your body by increasing your immunity.

Kelp and Apple cider vinegar (powder). Though not scientifically proven to reduce body weight, they are believed to have slimming properties. NexGen uses them in combination with other compounds to work effectively well.

The inactive ingredients of the PhenRX Drops include; Purified water, citric acid, vegetable glycerin USP, natural flavoring, xanthan gum, stevia leaf extract, potassium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

How PhenRX Drops is administered

In order to work most effectively, NexGen Biolabs recommends the serving size to be 1ml, which is approximately 20 drops twice in a day. You can also take it according to the directions provided by your doctor.

How safe are PhenRX Drops?

The product contains caffeine component, which is a stimulating agent. Adult dieters can use it without having substantial effects. It cannot be harmful when taken under the direction of a physician. Those who are allergic to stimulants should not take this drop before consulting with a doctor.

Just like any other product, PhenRX Drops have both advantages and disadvantages.

PhenRX Drops – Weight Loss Drops Pros

  • It contains pure natural ingredients
  • It provides effective measures to reduce weight
  • It ensures healthy body because it has powerful antioxidant ingredients
  • It improves metabolism rate in the body cells
  • It increases body energy
  • NexGen Biolabs guarantees money back

PhenRX Drops – Weight Loss Drops Cons

  • The purchase is quite expensive, a bottle is sold at $3
  • Though the formula effective, it is not that potent
  • No customer reviews yet
  • Information about PhenRX Drops is limited

Where to Buy PhenRX Drops – Weight Loss Drops?

You can buy this Diet Drops supplement from NexGen Biolabs online. Aside from the manufacturer’s official website, you can buy it from trusted vendor sites like eBay, Walmart and Amazon.

Final thoughts

Though not confirmed to be the most powerful weight loss formula, PhenRX Drops still manifests slimming properties. It contains African mango, raspberry ketone, green tea extracts, and caffeine which helps in weight loss.

Doctor’s Conclusion on Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Drops

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this brand. The customer satisfaction rate is ridiculously low across all platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), the manufacturer does not offer and discounts, and does not look professional or proficient in matters of nutrition.

If you are looking for a safe alternative with an effect confirmed by countless happy customers, we strongly recommend trying HCG Complex. It has 25 fabulous ingredients that were proven to be effective by hundreds of serious scientific studies. Besides that, there are always a couple of special offers and several discount waiting for you. For example, you can buy a bottle and get one for free!

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