Excess weight gain is a problem that has continued to boggle the minds of health experts around the world. Every other day, people come up with ideas of possible solutions, most of which turn out to be useless. The problem with even those treatments that work is that they never produce the same results for everyone, and sometimes a person has to try different options before finding the one that fits them.

If you decide to try out natural weight loss techniques (1), here are some of the weird options that your doctor might suggest:

Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis treatment is a non invasive procedure in which the subject only has to relax and focus on themselves and its all about how to motivate.  It’s more like yoga- only that you remain inactive during the whole procedure and answer oral questions from a counselor. They will be teaching you powerful relaxation techniques.

The structured questions are meant to help the subject open up their inside in order to understand the source of their weight problems, and guide them in coming up with practical and firm decisions on way forward. It’s actually that vague but it does work in some people.

Paleo diet


A person observing paleo diet (1) stops eating modern foods and goes natural.  Your diet should match that of caveman, except that you are allowed to cook it. The logic behind this is that the early man lived a healthy life because he ate only healthy stuff. Its something similar to grain free diet which has zero fat and good proteins.

As if it is not enough to abandon processed foods, proponents of this diet expect you to stop eating every food that man discovered late after the agricultural revolution.  This leaves you with slim choice on delicacies; it might work but it needs a stronger than usual heart.


Here, a person drinks one or two glasses of bacterial culture daily. The bacteria are derived from fermented milk. The goal is to restore balance of microorganisms in your body in order to make it function normally.