Magnesium Phosphate: It Relieves Muscular Pains, Cramps and Workout Pains

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Mag Phos Cell Salts are also known as Magnesium Phosphate, a homeopathic stable salt made of Magnesium and Phosphorus, just as the name implies. It is involved directly or indirectly in more than 300 chemical reactions in our body. It is used as a laxative during constipation and antacid in acid digestion. However, antacids are not recommended for daily usage. You should follow suggestions from your doctor.

How does Magnesium Phosphate help to lose weight?

In the homeopathic doctrine it is believed that Mag Phos relieves muscular pains and cramps, including post-workout pains. Mag Phos shortens the recovery period after vigorous exercise sessions, helping you to return to the gym as fast as possible without damaging your health. Naturally, you will be able to burn more fat this way.

Is Magnesium Phosphate good to be included in HCG drops?

Yes, Mag Phos is a great component for any HCG product, but most of the manufacturers tend to leave it aside for an unknown reason. However, some of the best HCG drops still add this ingredient into their formula, so stick to them whenever possible.

Other health benefits of Magnesium Phosphate

Professional homeopaths affirm that Mag Phos is a potent pain-killer which is exceptionally effective in dealing with the sore, darting, cramping and radiating pains. Sometimes Magnesium Phosphate is prescribed to women who suffer from menstrual pains and abdominal discomfort. Magnesium is also believed to improve libido and erectile function in men.

Side effects of Magnesium Phosphate

Rarely – diarrhea, vomiting.

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