Fucus Vesiculosus: The Fabulous Seaweed That Makes Your Skin Younger

Fucus vesiculosus is also known as bladderwrack, sea oak, and rockweed. It is a type of seaweed commonly found growing in the waters of the Baltic and North seas, as well as in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

How does Panax Quinquefolius help to lose weight?

Bladderwrack is the first source of iodine that mankind has ever discovered in the beginning of the XIX century. Iodine is an essential element for the proper function of your thyroid gland, which greatly affects your metabolism through the synthesis of thyroxine. If you don’t have enough iodine, you’ll have a hard time burning fat no matter what you do, how much you try, and what exactly you choose to eat.

Is Fucus vesiculosus good to be included in HCG drops?

Of course it is. As said above, iodine is crucial for the production of thyroxine in the human body, and thyroxine is a powerful endogenous (meaning that it is produced in your own organism) fat-burner. Whenever possible, opt for those HCG drops that contain Fucus vesiculosus, or bladderwrack.

Other health benefits of Fucus vesiculosus

This fantastic seaweed is loved all around the world for its skin-caring and anti-aging properties. Recent studies have confirmed that Fucus vesiculosus is able to enhance the skin’s elasticity and decrease its thickness, thus fighting age-related processes.

Side effects of Fucus vesiculosus

Allergies to the iodine present in the extract (rarely)

Other popular ingredients:


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