By now, you might have heard about HCG diet plans, HCG drops and HCG actual role. Now are you going to learn about how to use HCG Injections in this article. Diets are defined as extreme ways of losing excessive fat molecules. It involves injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a primary hormone, produced by women after they turn pregnant. Previously, this diet plan was defined by following 500 calorie diet, paired with daily HCG injections.

Dramatic weight loss with hcg injections :


HCG Injections are responsible for dramatic weight loss regime. It has the capability to help users lose weight up to 1 pound, per day. Even though, the exact working procedure is not clear, but critic states that calorie restriction might be one major reason.

Some restrictions made while using hCG Injections :

According to HCG Injections, users are not supposed to intake more than one vegetable, per day. They are prohibited to intake oil, hygiene and body lotions to cycles of 23 or 46 days. With HCG Injections, you are free from exercise routines, yet; maintain a healthy body. For the right dosage of injection, doctor’s recommendation is a must. Random dosing of prescribed hormone might lead to negative results.

Need To Remember These Facts On weight loss HCG Injections:

HCG is primarily given as an injection for faster results. If you are using the product at home, take the advice of a nurse or pharmacist for practical guidance. It is better to avoid self-injecting HCG. You need to understand the real meaning of proper disposition of syringes and needles. Call doctors immediately, if you face any of these signs, mentioned below:

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Tingling feeling in legs or arm
  • Confusion
  • Severe headache
  • Extreme signs of dizziness

Before using these weight loss Injections:


You are asked not to use this medication while suffering from allergic reaction towards HCG. If you are suffering from early puberty, hormone related cancer, ovarian cyst or adrenal gland disorder, it is better to avoid HCG Injections. The product is FDA approved and known for helping people with speedy weight loss movement. If you are breastfeeding a baby, you should not use these kinds of injections.

Is HCG weight loss injections better than other supplements?

If you are looking for a faster reaction, HCG injections are best. As the hormone gets pushed inside the blood directly, therefore; it will not take much time before starting the function. Where else; for HCG pills or drops, the procedure will take longer time. but hcg homeopathic drops vs injections is quite non contrary. As you all know that injections are faster way. In case, you are looking for a weight loss program, which reset the metabolism of your body, this product is best. It even helps in permanent loss of unsightly fat from specified body parts.

Risks and Dangers of HCG Injections:


Some effects of HCG Injections might be potentially serious and must not be taken lightly. Well, the side effects of injections are not same as homeopathic HCG diet or HCG drops. Even if it helps in protecting baby and mother from calorie deficits, but there are some risks involved. Most common negative effects:

  • Swelling of breast or tenderness
  • Feeling empty or sad
  • Discouragement
  • Irritable behavior and severe headache without any reason
  • Anorexia or loss or appetite
  • Loss of pleasure or interest
  • Irritation, pain, and swelling at some injected spots
  • Trouble sleeping, leading to insomniac tendency
  • Trouble concentrating on anything you do
  • Sense of tiredness within few minutes

Rare side effects:

  • Allergic reaction: Some warning signs include difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of lips, face, throat or tongue.
  • OHSS in women: Here, warning signs are severe pelvic pain, swelling of legs or hands, stomach swelling or pain, weight gain, breath shortness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea or urinating less than the proper count.
  • Blood clot: Some special warning signs are redness, warmth, pain, tingling in leg or arm, numbness, extreme dizziness, confusion, and headache.

What to eat and what not during injections:

As HCG injection is a form of the hormone, it means you have to incorporate few items in your diet chart and exclude some. Following the same routine on a daily basis, will help you to lose 1 to 3 pounds, daily. Some of the preferred ingredients in your diet are:

  • Meat: Meat lovers will enjoy their meat dishes, cooked in less oil and spicy mixtures. Boiled in the best option and the meat is restricted to beef, chicken, and some fishes. Ensure to cut off visible fat. For the fishes, you can have crab, lobster or shrimp.
  • Vegetables: There is a huge collection of vegetables, which are associated with HCG injection. However, some important options like potatoes and corn need to be restricted to their fat content. These products have carb content or high starch level. You can always opt for a green salad, with fresh vegetables and leaves.
  • Fruits: HCG injection goes hand in hand with fresh fruits. Unlike vegetables, this diet also restricts some sweet fruits from entering the list. Apart from that, some fruits to be incorporated are oranges, apples, strawberries and even grapefruits.
  • Melba toast or Grissini: While on a diet, you can either have melba toast or bang on grissini. Indulge one grissini breadstick for dinner and lunch, which is equivalent to 2 melba toast.

When it comes to the beverage, coffee, tea and water are the three major components to provide. There is no limitation placed on drinks. It is suggested to drink minimum 2 liters of water, each day. Dieters can season their food with only salt, pepper, mustard powder, vinegar, and sweet basil,  but in restricted amount. However, the food needs to be clear from butter, clarified butter, and any dressing. HCG dieters can also incorporate lemon juice for a tangy taste.

Foods to avoid now:

When you are dedicatedly following HCG diet plan, why not curb down some unwanted food items? There is no extra room for chocolates, cookies or ice creams. Avoid eating pasta or any junk items. Some natural food items like artichokes, Pimiento peppers, okra, and pears will also hamper your HCG diet. Even though, it might seem difficult primarily, but you will get used to it.

Benefits to go with Gonadotropin injections:

With the proper amount of HCG hormone, your body will receive a steady and constant energy support. It will keep you from feeling tired, hungry, irritable and weak. Some additional benefits are listed below:

  • HCG helps in improving metabolism rate. It speeds up the otherwise slow metabolism rate, as you are inviting less amount of food.
  • It helps in satisfying your nutritional needs. It is a natural hormone and helps in mobilizing and utilizing your reserves.
  • HCG fills up your blood stream with constant nutrients and energy. This helps you to diet safely, without falling sick.

The kind of HCG to avail:

There are two types of HCG sold in the market – Homeopathic HCG and Pharmaceutical HCG. Homeopathic HCG does not indulge into actual HCG hormone. It might not be that effective while dealing with other natural items. Manufacturers mainly dilute this hormone and add some filters to it, for making it effective and harmless.

With pharmaceutical HCG, you will receive 100% Authentic  HCG. These products are effective and more potent when compared with homeopathic HCG. This pharmaceutical HCG hormone is 100% legal to use, and FDA approved.

Working out with HCG:

Unfortunately, you cannot afford to continue exercise, while under HCG shots. It is better to keep a track of your calorie intake in a proper check. By hitting the gym regularly, you might risk yourself and eat more than what is required. It might results in binge eating, and forces you to lose focus.

Places where you can purchase HCG injections online:

As the importance of HCG injections has a far-fetching result, therefore; retail outlets and online stores are offering great deals. For OTC injections, you need to show prescriptions every time. In case of online purchasing, you do not have to show any. Just place your booking online at reliable pharmaceutical stores.

Here, the HCG service is practically divided into two major packages; 25 days package and 50 days package. The injections and shots are medically prescribed by practitioners. Each HCG package comprises of medicine consultation, HCG diet instructions and booklet and 5000 iu’s for HCG and supplies for 25 days service. Moreover, for 50 days HCG service, everything remains the same, except iu’s count, which hikes from 5000 to 10,000. Some recommended services are:

25 day B12 Kit:

  • It helps in elevating mood and supports immune system
  • Comes handy with pre-mixed medication with HCG
  • It increases calorie burning

25-day lip tropics kit:

  • It reduces the amount of body fat tissues
  • Comprises of inositol, methionine, and choline
  • Enhances metabolism rate and energy
  • Preserves the leaner body tissues or muscles

The kit will only be available after a thorough medical consultation and approval for doctors. These methods are followed for the new buyers, and not implemented on existing ones. Medications are likely to get shipped directory from licensed pharmacy stores after the prescription is sent. Reputed online pharmaceutical stores offer free shipping. It helps you to save lucrative bucks and pay only for the medicine chosen.

The points mentioned above clearly state that even if HCG injections have some flaws, but the number of advantages is more. It helps in speeding up calorie burning procedure, with faster metabolism rate. Each one of the injections is thoroughly checked before final deployment.