Frequently Asked Questions on hCG Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions on HCG Weight Loss Video:

There are so many reasons why people gain weight. Genetics, pregnancy, physical impassiveness and unhealthy diet are some. Regardless of the reason, it can never be denied that obesity is everybody’s concern. No one wants to be heavy and bloated. Thus, not one person desires to be in a situation where physical difficulties are deterrents in the performance day-to-day tasks. Nobody wants to be put into the limelight of maltreatment and discrimination.

Furthermore, it is nobody’s dream to experience the challenge in finding genuine acceptance from the society. Aside from these previously mentioned psychological toils, obesity makes a person short-lived. Obesity- related diseases and ailments are surprisingly increasing nowadays. Few of which are heart problems and stroke leading to premature death. It is undeniable as well that not all people is born with a voluptuous curve and perfect body. More than 50% of the world population suffers from obesity. Having this in mind, weight loss diets and programs are hailed significant.

1)What are Effective and Safe HCG Weight Loss Plans and Products Today?

There are so many weight loss plans and products that promise safe and effective weight loss results in just a matter of weeks. However, not all of these products hold on to their promise. Some of the most popular weight loss products today are crash diets, Pure HCG diet drops and HCG injections. Specifically, crash diets work best when you desire to look sexier in a week time. However, this is designed for strong- willed people only. Crash diets demands an austere adherence to an extremely strict diet program.

However, people who took crash diets tend to go back to their normal lifestyle. No one can starve herself forever. HCG drops and HCG injections for weight loss are most popular name in weight loss industry. HCG drops works best with a 500- calorie a day HCG diet. As the body regulates the amount of calorie intake, HCG drops acts on the excess or stored body fats. These fats are used up by the body in a form of energy. In this regard, as your body eliminates the stored fats in your system, you won’t have to be lifeless and dull even though you are on HCG diet. You need to go through our hcg reviews before you finalize any hcg drops.

2)How to Use HCG Weight Loss Drops?

“How to use HCG Weight Loss diet drops”, is the most common question on the web.
Using HCG drops is practically easy. All you need to do is drip some real HCG drops at the back of your tongue and you’ll start getting the advantage of its weight loss promises.

3)Is HCG Drops Safe?

Indeed it is safe! In fact, HCG drops are over-the- counter medicines. Buying Pure HCG drops does not require a doctor’s prescription. Just read our reviews to select best product.In addition, these drugs are made available in leading drugstores. That my friend is a manifestation of how safe HCG drops is.

4)Is HCG diet Drops Effective in Weight Loss?

The effectiveness of real HCG drops depend on how dedicated and consistent weight loss aspirant follows the given routines. As mentioned above, HCG drops work perfectly with HCG diet. Therefore it is safe to say that discipline and honest adherence to the pre-arranged weight loss schemes can reveal more desirable and visible effects. The effectiveness of HCG drops vary from one person to another. With constant exercise, results can already be seen in just a matter of weeks. However, HCG diet drops promise great results in eight weeks of religious intake.

5)How Can I Maintain Weight after a Successful HCG Diet?

As you get your desired weight after taking HCG Weight Loss drops for eight consecutive weeks, there are a couple of things you can do to maintain the way your body looks. Don’t starve yourself. This is the first rule of the thumb. Never skip meals. Start the day with a good breakfast, a palatable high protein lunch and an appetizing bowl of vegetable salad for dinner. Fill your starving tummy with an apple or orange in- between meals. Stay away from junk foods, high dairy products and sweets. Say no to butter, jam or cheese please. Make it a habit to eat more vegetables and have less cereals. Take some steps every day to sweat out fats. Lastly, do monitor your weight regularly.

6) Where can i buy real hcg drops or which is the Best place to buy real hcg drops?

Already we had explained you why these 3 HCG drops are best in market. Click here to read reasons why these 3 products are the real hcg drops in the market. You can buy these drops online. Just go through our brand comparison table and find the best drops and checkout online.

7) What is the hCG diet?

The hCG diet is a special complex of mostly dietary recommendations that promote significant loss of excess weight with the help of low doses of human chorionic gonadotropin, usually in the form of injections or oral drops. It was first proposed by British endocrinologist Albert T. W. Simeons. The bright idea stroke Dr. Simeons while he was studying pregnant women in India that were on a calorie-deficient diet and boys with diseases of the pituitary gland (Frölich's syndrome, to be specific) that were treated with low doses of hCG. In both cases, a loss of excess fat was noticed, rather than muscle tissue. That was when Simeons assumed that this “pregnancy hormone” was responsible for the mobilization and burning of fat. In 1954 Albert Simeons published a book titled “Pounds and Inches” that aimed to fight excess weight and obesity problems. And so the HCG Weight Loss diet started to earn its popularity. During the following years, there were many people on both sides of the discussion barricade – some were amazed by the hCG diet, others said it was a frau not worthy of any attention. But one thing remains certain: for some people out there, human chorionic gonadotropin has really become a salvation at a certain point in their fight against excess weight.

8) Is the hCG diet a safe option to lose weight?

Anything in the world can be dangerous – even a glass of water can kill you if you try to breathe it. By this I mean that even absolutely harmless objects and substances can impose a certain amount of danger if used the wrong way. For example, if you put oral drops in your eyes (a fairly improper way of administration), you’ll get eye burns, because one of the ingredients of oral hCG drops is alcohol. But generally, if you follow the instructions and recommendations provided by the official manufacturer, the hCG diet supplements are an absolutely safe option to lose excess weight.

9)What are the peculiar details of every stage in the hCG diet?

As you may already know, the HCG Weight Loss diet consists of four different stages, each of them with a special goal and approach. In order to achieve maximum weight loss and effectiveness of your hCG drops, you need to follow the instructions carefully. Let’s take a more detailed look at these four stages. Keep in mind that this will be a brief review of the basics and you’d still want to check on the official instructions because every product has its own peculiarities due to the different components used.

Phase One: Loading. This is the period in which you should eat as much high fat food as you possibly can. We’re talking about milk chocolate, different kinds of meat, lots of butter, sweets and pastry of all kinds, fried products and even some fast food. This is very important because the fat stored during these days will be used as a supplementary energy source during the next stages, and that will ease up the process of adaptation to the new diet. Don’t worry about the weight gained on this stage, as you’ll easily lose it later in the following stages.

Phase Two: Diet. The second stage is designed to lead you through the 500 calorie course with maximum impact and still keeping an enthusiastic mood. Get plenty of proteins in the form of meat (not less than two servings per day, around 100 grams each), eat vegetables (2 servings per day) and a little of bread (also two servings per day). Generally, you’d like to prefer food with a minimal concentration of fat in it, so be sure to restrain yourself from any oil. This is, perhaps, the essence of the hCG diet because this is the stage in which the HCG  will stimulate your body into using the fat stored previously. That’s one of the main functions of human chorionic gonadotropin, after all. Check on the instructions provided by the company producing your HCG Weight Loss drops in order to find a comprehensive list of products that this particular drops work best with.

Phase Three: Stabilization. Because you surely wouldn’t want to get back all those extra pounds burned. On this stage, you’ll gradually start to broaden your menu by adding new kinds of food into it – not just plain meat, vegetables and bread as in Phase Two. Be sure to go through this phase without any hurry and listen carefully to the reaction of your body towards the new types of food. This is essential to stabilize your body weight and ensure a solid result of the hCG drops’ effect.

Phase Four: Maintenance. The grand and glorious finale. If you underwent every previous stage in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, by the time of phase 4 your body will already have regained its natural healthy preferences. Healthy food will taste good and go down easily – making your further living pleasant and your weight stable. The point of Phase Four is, basically, to show you how effective the diet was and how rewarding are the results. While further broadening your menu and expanding your physical activeness, you’ll see that your body weight won’t be increasing.

This is the final touch of the HCG Weight Loss diet (You can go through complete hcg diet article in this page) – ongoing wellness and health. If you go through this stage properly, in the majority of cases you won’t want to go back to the way of living you had before. Of course, if for some reason you’ll start doing nonsensical stuff like eating tons of chocolate or thrice-fried meat – you’ll get your excess weight back. But the trick is that after the hCG diet no one would want to do that. After all, a healthy lifestyle surely can be a pleasant thing. And with HCG Weight Loss drops that really work – you’ll find is out yourself.

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