Do HCG Drops Really Work?

Overweight problems appear to be rampant across the world possibly due to people’s busy and inactive lives coupled up with their unhealthy diet. However, HCG drops seem to be changing all that with their promise to break down unwanted fat fast and safely. As a result, they have elicited a lot of attention, especially from people looking for effective ways to get rid of the extra load of weight. Despite all that, the question remains whether HCG drops really work. Well, to address this query, you must first learn what they are and how they work.

HCG drops are available in either prescription, homeopathic or hormone-free formulas.  The prescription formula contains the actual HCG hormone, which has been praised for its weight loss effects. On the other hand, the homeopathic formulas contain diluted HCG and other ingredients whereas the hormone-free ones do not have any HCG content. Instead, they include a blend of amino acids and lipotropic herbs that aid in stimulating the body’s natural hormone production for maximum weight loss.

How do HCG Drops Really work?

The ingredients contained in HCG drops work in synergy to stimulate the hypothalamus,  part of the brain that not only helps in regulating appetite and mood but also in deciding whether to break down or store fat. As such, the drops can easily suppress food cravings while also triggering the release of stored or excess fat into the bloodstream where it assists in cell nourishment and providing the body with energy.

The unwanted fat or abnormal fat is stored in various parts of the body including the mid-section, hips, buttocks, and thighs. The hypothalamus facilitates its safe release without harming muscle tissue. By targeting such parts of the body, the drops can get your body into the desired shape within a short period. HCG drops also boost metabolism to burn more fat, especially in people with a slow metabolism rate.

Most HCG drops advise users to take them alongside a suggested low-calorie diet plan, preferably 500-calories per day in a bid to get better results. They also provide instructions and recipes, which tell you what, when and how to eat.  Strictly following such a diet plan while taking HCG drops, always affects body weight. 

What’s the Final Verdict?

Judging from the science behind how HCG drops work and the positive feedback that most brands have online, it is highly likely that these supplements work. However, always consult your doctor first before using any brand of HCG drops.

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