Crucial Realities of HCG Doubling Calculator

What is HCG doubling calculator?

The use of HCG doubling calculator has been a very popular topic for many people these days. The virtual community seems to be overwhelmed with the things that such tool is potential from doing. Of course this includes the beautiful and negative truths about it. Regardless of what is the purpose of using HCG doubling calculator, rest assured that the aforementioned HCG assessment tool has something to offer.

Understanding HCG doubling calculator, how it works and how is it utilized are highly relevant things that everybody must pay attention to.

Well- listed below are the most relevant truths of HCG doubling calculator.

Reality #1: HCG doubling calculator can help you closely monitor your HCG level during pregnancy. This tool can be used as a guide. This aforementioned HCG doubling calculator lets you to type in and enter your blood tests values and calculates your doubling time in an instant.

During the first month of pregnancy, the doubling of hCG level happens in every 2 days. As the fetus continues to grow and develop inside a mother’s womb, the doubling time also increases. This means that when the baby is six to seven weeks old, the HCG level of a mom’s body may double in 3 and a half days. Only 15% of the normal pregnancies have a doubling time of two or three days. On the contrary, only 83% of ectopic pregnancies have abnormal or unusual HCg level doubling time. For ectopic pregnancies, hCg doubling calculator can be best helpful.

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Reality #2: HCG doubling calculator is also known as beta HCG doubling calculator. This calculator is designed to gauge the doubling time of two HCG samples through putting in the blood test values along with the time and date of the two tests. The tool is very useful among pregnant women with low hcg levels who desire to check whether or not their HCG levels during conception increases normally.

Speaking of normal pregnancy, HCG levels that are below 1,200 mIU/ml. is expected to double in every 48 to 72 hours. On the other hand, an HCG level that goes under six thousand mIU/ml. is projected to rise in at least 50% to 60% in every 72 hours. Normal pregnancy falls at such HCG doubling rate.

Reality #3: HCG doubling calculator can compute your exact HCG level that is dependent on gestational or fetal age as well as the pregnancy due date. HCG doubling calculator can strictly and consistently monitor the fluctuations of the HCG level in the body during and after pregnancy. Thus, HCG doubling rate that is said to be slower than the standard rate signifies abnormal pregnancies in a form of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. When HCG doubling calculator shows decrease or cease in doubling rate, it means failed or chemical pregnancies.

Practically; in the early part of the normal pregnancies, HCG level is expected to double in every 72 hours maximum time. Basically, HCG doubling rate increases proportionally with the fetal age. With the given results of the two consecutive blood tests, it can be apparent that HCG doubling calculator is expected to illustrate a doubling rate that is within the approximate doubliand ng time or rate. When this happens, normal pregnancy is to be expected. However, as made mentioned above, when the doubling rate goes beyond or under the usual doubling rate, it signifies an abnormal pregnancy.

Reality #4: HCG doubling calculator works through the following steps. First, a medical professional takes a sample of your blood in an HCG test. After collecting enough blood sample, the beta- HCG result is then forwarded to the doctor for result interpretation. Based on the given result, the doctor may suggest a pregnant woman to undergo the same procedure or test a month after or months after that. Of course, this depends on the physician’s recommendation. As advised, another beta- HCG blood test is performed to the same patient. The result is interpreted by the physician. So, having the two beta- blood test results in hand, HCG doubling calculator can now perform its job. Such tool calculates the rate of HCG doubling of the two consecutive blood sample results. Utilizing the aforementioned tool is very easy. All you need to do is key in the results of the two samples and the number of days in between the performance of the two beta- HCG blood tests. With that, the HCG doubling calculator can simply give you a hint as to the condition of your pregnancy based on the pre- calculated doubling rate.

Reality #5: Using HCG doubling calculator at the later part of the pregnancy or when the HCG level reaches an approximately 60,000 does not make sense anymore. This tool is best suited for early stage of pregnancy. This is for a reason that the HCG level stops doubling as it stretches to the so-called pregnancy plateau. More particularly; when pregnancy is at this stage, the HCG level and doubling rate will not anymore provide a more accurate and consistent information regarding the pregnancy. Rather, it is sonogram that can proffer a valid, clear and accurate pregnancy findings.

Reality #6: In spite of the fact that one particular HCG value cannot provide us with the pregnancy viability or condition simple because pregnancy entails a wide range of HCG level, it is strongly believed that the best manifestation and indication of a healthy conception is through good fetal heartbeat and normal HCG doubling rate. When it comes to doubling rate, the only tool that pregnant women can rely on is no other than HCG doubling calculator.

Reality #7: Through HCG doubling calculator, you will be able to compare the two IVF beta values to closely and quickly see  if they have increased (hopefully) or down (hope not). Here’s a piece of advice for you though. Never ever compare your IVF beta values with others. It does not matter whether your HCG level is practically higher or lower than others. Just focus on whether or not your beta levels double or increase in concurrence with the fetal age.

After knowing some aspects and realities of HCG doubling calculator, allow me to talk about how HCG doubling calculator works.

HCG doubling calculator is sometimes called as IVF beta- calculator that provides result in a “number of days” form. Of course, such results vary from one person to another and from one pregnancy to the next. In most cases, doctors look forward to see that a pregnant mom’s beta values double in 48 to 72 hours. However, as made mentioned above, there are scenarios and circumstances that the doubling rate is a little higher or lower than the expected and normal rate. Through this beta calculator, you will be able to see that your doubling rate or time falls at the rate of 2 and 3. This value is for normal pregnancies alone. Let’s say for instance; your beta level is 150 on Tuesday. You then conducted another test on Friday. With the given span in between tests, you can expect of getting at least 300 HCG level on Friday. When these two results are being entered in the beta calculator, it will surely show 2 or 3 value since it successfully doubled in 48 hours. It is safe to conclude that having such result that has gone doubled signifies that you have something to be thankful for simply because you are getting a healthy pregnancy.

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